Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes

Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes

The series of games from Lock 'n Load Tactical have been broken up into a phase 1 Band of Heroes and phase 2 Tactical sets of games. 

For those of you who are tired of tactical board games that are long on rules and short on fun, we present Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load: Band of Heroes, the tactical simulation that is “more game, less guff.” Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load: Band of Heroes is the Lock ‘n Load game system.

It’s an easy system to learn and even better, gamers who are familiar with the Lock ‘n Load system can jump right in. As with the original game, each hex is 50 meters and turns are a few moments; counters represent squads, leaders, heroes, medics and even the occasional chaplain or scout. The scenarios play to LnL's strong suit... story telling. 

Forgotten Heroes 1st Ed 2003
Anzac Attack 1st Ed 2004
Band of Heroes 1st Ed 2005
Battle Pack Alpha 1st Ed 2007
Not One Step Back 1st Ed 2007
Swift and Bold 1st Ed 2007
A Day of Heroes 2008
Dark July 1st Ed 2008
Swift and Bold 2nd Ed 2008
A Ring of Hills 2009
Band of Heroes 2nd Ed 2009
Battle Pack Bravo 1st Ed 2009
Heroes of the Blitzkrieg 2009
Noville: Bastogne's Outpost 1st Ed 2009
Dark July 2nd Ed 2010
Not One Step Back 2nd Ed 2010
In Defeat Defiance 2012
Forgotten Heroes 2nd Ed
2012 Anzac Attack 2nd Ed 2013

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Bob's Farm
The 3rd Para Brigade continued to take heavy casualties while aggressively defending the northeastern sector of the invasion bridgehead. The 5th Brigade, who had been placed in reserve after their courageous stand around the canal bridges during the…

No Time For a Spot of Tea
Unlike the confused response to the Normandy landings, some German commanders quickly and correctly appraised the massive airdrop outside of Arnhem and took immediate action. Captain Sepp Krafft, an instructor at the Waffen SS NCO School, did just…

Expected Company
The 12th battalion had landed earlier in the morning and established defensive positions around the strategically important town Ranville. Here, the countryside was more open, and the 5th Para Brigade allocated their small supply of anti-tank guns…

Overlord Begins
After months of rehearsals, D Company of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (familiarly referred to as the "Ox and Bucks") under Major John Howard, lifted off in towed Horsa gliders during the later hours of June the 5th, headed …

Saving Brigadier Hill
The British 3rd Para brigade under Brigadier James Hill had successfully accomplished their D Day objectives, but with heavy casualties. They then established holding positions north of the town of Ranville. Ranviiie was key in defending the British…

The Last Gasp
While Free-French and American troops were liberating Paris, the fatigued and depleted British 6th Airborne division was still inching its way northeast towards the Seine. The village of Beuzeville lay in the 3 Para Brigade's path. General Gale, the…

Men of France, You May Fire First
One of the objectives on D-Day for the British 1st Special Service Brigade was to clear the gun emplacements outside the seaside resort of Ouistreham. Captain Kieffer, in charge of the contingent of Free-French Commandos, asked permission to lead the…

The Best Laid Plans
On the second day of the invasion the British 6th Para Brigade had easily taken its first objective: the town of Longueval. The Brigade commander decided to assault the secondary objective to the southeast: the hamlet of Ste. Honorine. With …

Sniper's Den
The Ox and Bucks had taken the Orne canal bridge and quickly established a perimeter. Now, they had to hold it while facing greater German resistance. Even worse was the incessant sniper fire coming from west of their positions. …

Holding Hell's Highway
Operation Market Garden; Montgomery's plan to shorten the war by creating an “air bridge" of allied troops to the city of Arnhem, was floundering. The 101st Airborne Division had successfully seized its assigned bridges, but now had to defend them …

Attack of Das Kochegschirr
Benouvilie, a town crucial in stemming any German counterattacks against the canal bridges and the invasion itself, was defended by a small holding force of the Ox and Bucks. They had successfully fended off early morning German probes, but had …

Stalingrad of the West
Colonel John Frost's 2"^ Parachute Battalion had orders to take and hold the Arnhem Bridge until relieved. He had taken one end of the bridge and had established a small perimeter with the limited resources at his disposal. Now, with …

Closing the Sack
In the morning, the extent of the German build up became apparent. Noville was threatened by possible encirclement. HQ decided to evacuate the town and fall back to Foy. Will the American forces manage to break through the tightening ring …

When Team Desobry arrived at the small crossroads settlement of Noville their task was clear: stop the German advance on Bastogne. The men of Combat Command B (CCB), of which the team was a part of, had barely enough ñrepower …

One Hell of a Night
All through the night the Pares held against probing attacks of ever-mounting intensity. It was a nightmare of violent firefights, clanking tank tracks, and confusion, but the Pares gave as …

Here Comes the Sun
Suddenly the mist lifted, as if drawn aside by an invisible hand, and Noville's defenders saw that they were surrounded by Panthers, Tigers, Panzer IVs and groups of advancing German infantry. But what could well have been a disastrous defeat …

Tigers in the Mist
In the morning the men had to fall back to Noville proper. But the day's fighting had just begun. Out of the almost impenetrable mist came threatening noises: Tigers were …

A Counterattack Countered
His forces bolstered by the hardy Paras of the 1st Battalion, 506th PIR, Maj. Desobry felt confident. He immediately ordered a counterattack to take the high ground around Noville. The German Volksgrenadiers and Panzers had other ideas, however. - …

Big Cats at Twilight
Hitler's Operation Spring Awakening, using six Waffen SS divisions to counterattack and relieve entrapped units in Budapest, was off to a slow start. Mud and dogged Russian defiance once again were the culprits, denying quick rnaneuver and advance.…

Keeping the Door Open
Once again, the Soviet armies had encircled German forces on the tenuous and dynamic Ost Front. The encircled this time were six German Divisions that had been holding defensive positions along the Dnepr River in the Korsun Pocket. German High …

Room at the Inn
The Soviet winter offensive of 1943 threw the Germans back along the breadth of the Eastern Front, frequently creating ruptures in the Wehrmacht's line, both large and small. In this fictitious scenario, a small German reconnaissance group, probing…

Right after 5 a.m., on July 12th, hundreds of Soviet tanks and assault guns rolled out of Prochorovka and slammed into the German SS Leibstandarte Division, which had stalled just west of the town. Streams of T-34 and T-70 tanks, …

A Bitter Holiday
Operation Uranus had been a success for Soviet command. They had effectively encircled the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. The Germans formed a defensive perimeter (nicknamed, The Cauldron) and dug in, still hoping they would soon be relieved. The…

State Farm is There
German High Command launched a counter offensive to attempt to relieve the encircled 6th Army at Stalingrad, and made steady progress, approaching within 25 miles of the 6th Anny lines before the Soviets retaliated. After some initial success, the…

Kalach Bridge
The Final objective for Russia's Operation Uranus was to seal off any escape for the embattled 6th Army by taking the bridge over the Don River at Kalach. Using a handful of captured tanks, Lieutenant-Colonel Filippov drove right through cheering …

Pavlov's House
On the 26th of September, 1942, Y.F. Pavlov and three other Soviet Soldiers of the 13th Guards Rifle Division, searched and secured a large apartment house on the edge of the 9 January Square known as the House of Soviets …

Bridge over the River Dnepr
Partisan forces became better organized as the war in the east entered its second year. There was exceptionally strong partisan activity in the Bryansk forest of modern day Belorus. From the forest, thousands of partisans and clandestine Russian…

The 14th Panzer Division had been given the task of clearing the southern area of the city known as the Bread Factory and getting to the Volga River. Suffering horrendous casualties, the Germans took the Bread Factory and were just …

Enter the Guards
For months the Germans had pushed the Soviets across the steppes. The Soviet's victories of the previous winter were but a bad dream, long forgotten. German Panzers ruled the plains, Bf-109s ruled the sky, and all was right with the …

Tough as Nails
After a few initial set hacks, German forces were making steady progress towards clearíng the city of Soviet troops. On September 20th, a German infantry assault was repulsed around the building known as the Nail Factory by stalwart elements of …

Under the Claw
In an effort to halt General Patton's Third Army as it charged across France, the German 5th Panzer Army, under the command of General Hasso von Manteuffel, launched a counteroffensive near Arracourt, in the Lorraine. Combat Command Alpha (CCA) of …

Stay Behind
An infantry battalíon had been sweeping an area 12 km west of Tan An for several days with scattered resistance. Since they couldn't get the enemy to stand and fight, they were set to pull out and return to base. …

Ambush! Relief Attempt During Operation Attlebore
By noon of November 4th, 1966, the First Battalion of the 27th lnfantry had met and engaged the enemy. Orders were issued for a rifle company to be inserted north of the First Battalion and to sweep towards the fire …

To the Bridge
On the first day of Operation Market Garden the 506th Parachute infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division dropped near the Dutch town of Son. 1st Battalion's objective was to secure Son and the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal south …

The Fanning Head Mob
A well-armed detachment of Argentine soldiers, EC Hermes (part of what became known as the Fanning Head Mob), were situated in an Observation Post (OP) on a hill on Fanning Head, a península above the entrance to San Carlos Water. …

No Wine for the Boches
“To be a Frenchman means to fight for your country and its wine," said Claude Terrail, owner of the famous Parisian restaurant La Tour d'Argent. Under orders from Field Marshal Hermann Góring, a large quantity of the famed 1928 …

A Very Long Night
After clearing the ridge from an ambush, Bravo and 2nd Platoon from Charlie Company joined the Battalion HQ perimeter at An Bang. As dusk settled, the Marines settled in for much needed rest. However, the distant sound of mortars being …

Into The Valley
While moving to assist Alpha and Battalion HQ near An Bang, Charlie Company received word that Bravo Company had ran into an ambush. Michael Mauger's 2nd Platoon of Charlie moved out while Bravo prepared to clear the NVA from the …

Fiery Baptism
Torch would be the first test of the American Army in the European Theater. Unfortunately, the initial test would come against the American's soon to be allies, the French. The …

On the Road from Rabat
The objective of Operation Goa/post, part of the Western Task Force of Operation Torch, was to capture the coastal town of Mehdia, secure the Sebou River and, most importantly, take control of the airfield at Port Lyautey. The …

Rocking the Kasbah
During Operation Goalpost, to get to Port Lyautey by road or vía the Sebou River, the Americans had to get past a Vichy French controlled 16th-century citadel in Mehdia, known to the Americans as the Kasbah. The Kashah was heavily …

Desperadoes and a Bridge
By the end of May 1940, the French were learning, a bit late, the lessons of the Blitzkrieg. They had been building Up several small armored combat teams to oppose the Germans' powerful panzer divisions. These new units, comprised of …

Battles of Firebases Coral and Balmoral Part 2
After the initial assaults on FSPB Coral, the Australian forces commenced an aggressive patrolling regime with combined infantry and armored forces. These patrols would often spring NVA and VC forces preparing for an attack in their bunker and tunnel…

Battles of Firebases Coral and Balmoral Part 1
Three months after the Tet Offensive, Australian forces moved to establish a Fire Support Base in Area of Operations Surfers (AO Surfers), in support of patrols to locate and destroy NVA units retreating through the area. Over a period of …

The Last Gasp
On the night of June 11th the men of 3rd Para advanced on Mt. Langdon. The British soldiers hoped to creep through the night and ínfiltrate the Argentine defensas. Unfortunately for the paratroopers, one of them triggered a land mind, …

Snakes in The Garden
USN pilot Commander James Highlands was shot down during a recon mission. While flying low to avoid radar detection, his A-4F Skyhawk was hit by multiple AA shells. After his parachute jump he hid in the jungle and activated his …

Brécourt Manor
After being dropped far from their designated DZ, Lt. Winters and a number of Easy men finally found their way to the battalion rally point at Le Grand Chemin, about three miles west of Utah Beach. There, Lt. Col. Strayer …

Snatch and Grab
Stinging from the loss of friends and battle brothers on October 3rd, the Rangers and Team Delta soldiers wanted to finish the job. A little more than a month after the battle in Mogadishu, Task Force Ranger learned the location …

Dark Days
The beginning of the German 's Ardennes Offensíve. In the center of the German lines, the 26th Volksgrenadier and Panzer Lehr Divisions thrust toward the critical road function of Bastogne along the inadequate, rural road system of Belgium. The 26th…

One Last Steak Dinner
The British 51st Highland Division was being squeezed into a small pocket around the town of Dieppe by Erwin Rommel and his 7th Panzer Division. Rommel was doing his best to capture the division before it could escape across the …
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