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Scenario#: LOF03     Date: 06/06/1944     Location: Normandy, France

After being dropped far from their designated DZ, Lt. Winters and a number of Easy men finally found their way to the battalion rally point at Le Grand Chemin, about three miles west of Utah Beach. There, Lt. Col. Strayer …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #02

Scenario#: LOF04     Date: 04/04/1972     Location: Binh Long, South Vietnam

USN pilot Commander James Highlands was shot down during a recon mission. While flying low to avoid radar detection, his A-4F Skyhawk was hit by multiple AA shells. After his parachute jump he hid in the jungle and activated his …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #02