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Scenario#: LOF17     Date: 11/04/1966     Location: Northwest Of Saigon, South Vietnam

By noon of November 4th, 1966, the First Battalion of the 27th lnfantry had met and engaged the enemy. Orders were issued for a rifle company to be inserted north of the First Battalion and to sweep towards the fire …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #12

Scenario#: LOF18     Date: 09/10/1968     Location: West Of Tan An, South Vietnam

An infantry battalíon had been sweeping an area 12 km west of Tan An for several days with scattered resistance. Since they couldn't get the enemy to stand and fight, they were set to pull out and return to base. …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #12