LnL Band of Heroes: Not One Step Back

LnL Band of Heroes: Not One Step Back

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Big Cats at Twilight
Hitler's Operation Spring Awakening, using six Waffen SS divisions to counterattack and relieve entrapped units in Budapest, was off to a slow start. Mud and dogged Russian defiance once again were the culprits, denying quick rnaneuver and advance.…

Keeping the Door Open
Once again, the Soviet armies had encircled German forces on the tenuous and dynamic Ost Front. The encircled this time were six German Divisions that had been holding defensive positions along the Dnepr River in the Korsun Pocket. German High …

Room at the Inn
The Soviet winter offensive of 1943 threw the Germans back along the breadth of the Eastern Front, frequently creating ruptures in the Wehrmacht's line, both large and small. In this fictitious scenario, a small German reconnaissance group, probing…

Right after 5 a.m., on July 12th, hundreds of Soviet tanks and assault guns rolled out of Prochorovka and slammed into the German SS Leibstandarte Division, which had stalled just west of the town. Streams of T-34 and T-70 tanks, …

A Bitter Holiday
Operation Uranus had been a success for Soviet command. They had effectively encircled the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. The Germans formed a defensive perimeter (nicknamed, The Cauldron) and dug in, still hoping they would soon be relieved. The…

State Farm is There
German High Command launched a counter offensive to attempt to relieve the encircled 6th Army at Stalingrad, and made steady progress, approaching within 25 miles of the 6th Anny lines before the Soviets retaliated. After some initial success, the…

Kalach Bridge
The Final objective for Russia's Operation Uranus was to seal off any escape for the embattled 6th Army by taking the bridge over the Don River at Kalach. Using a handful of captured tanks, Lieutenant-Colonel Filippov drove right through cheering …

Pavlov's House
On the 26th of September, 1942, Y.F. Pavlov and three other Soviet Soldiers of the 13th Guards Rifle Division, searched and secured a large apartment house on the edge of the 9 January Square known as the House of Soviets …

Bridge over the River Dnepr
Partisan forces became better organized as the war in the east entered its second year. There was exceptionally strong partisan activity in the Bryansk forest of modern day Belorus. From the forest, thousands of partisans and clandestine Russian…

The 14th Panzer Division had been given the task of clearing the southern area of the city known as the Bread Factory and getting to the Volga River. Suffering horrendous casualties, the Germans took the Bread Factory and were just …

Enter the Guards
For months the Germans had pushed the Soviets across the steppes. The Soviet's victories of the previous winter were but a bad dream, long forgotten. German Panzers ruled the plains, Bf-109s ruled the sky, and all was right with the …

Tough as Nails
After a few initial set hacks, German forces were making steady progress towards clearíng the city of Soviet troops. On September 20th, a German infantry assault was repulsed around the building known as the Nail Factory by stalwart elements of …
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