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Scenario#: LOF01     Date: 12/16/1944     Location: Bastonge, Belgium

The beginning of the German 's Ardennes Offensíve. In the center of the German lines, the 26th Volksgrenadier and Panzer Lehr Divisions thrust toward the critical road function of Bastogne along the inadequate, rural road system of Belgium. The 26th…

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #01

Scenario#: LOF02     Date: 11/09/1993     Location: Mogadishu, Somalía

Stinging from the loss of friends and battle brothers on October 3rd, the Rangers and Team Delta soldiers wanted to finish the job. A little more than a month after the battle in Mogadishu, Task Force Ranger learned the location …

Lock 'n Load: Band of HeroesLine of Fire #01