LnL Band of Heroes: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg

LnL Band of Heroes: Heroes of the Blitzkrieg

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The Road to Hill 311
Following the Panzer Divisions through the Ardennes breach. the German infantry turned to the fortified sectors of the Maginot Line that flanked the breakihrough. Soon, the French casemates of the Montmedy sectors on Hill 311 were under attack, and…

Into the Dragon's Lair
As the German Panzers raced toward the sea. the capacity for the French to re-establish a continuous front appeared impossible. The remnants of the Allied forces were reduced to counterattacking the base of the German bulge. West of Arras, which …

Kampfgruppe Eberback
Hannut, Belgium, saw WWII's first tank battle. On the second day of the battle, the French began to retreat into positions flanking the 4th Panzer Division. Though the Germans wanted to press their advance, they didn't want to risk becoming …

Noise in the Fog
On the day General DeGaulle issued his call from London, one day after Pétain called for ceasefire and Armistice, the French Army fought one last battle. The men who were charged with defending the Maginot Line now had to defend …

Where are all the Others?
The 1st Panzer Division entered Belgium without difficulty. The Germans hoped to take Neufcháteau on the same day and then rush to the west. but most of the bridges over the Sure River had been destroyed and, at first, only …

Steel Against Steel
The Germans that crossed the Meuse at Monthermé continued their western push in an effort to take the bridges on the Oise River and Oise-Sambre Canal system. Though the French 9th Army was collapsing. the French HG threw forward several …

Battle for the Isthmus
By the evening of May 14th the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Panzer Divisions had established a bridgehead at Sedan. The 5th and 7th Panzer Divisions had established a bridgehead in the area of Dinant and Houx but the spearhead of …

Poker Trick in Martelange
In the morning, the 1st Panzer Division crossed Luxembourg, and its advanced guards were ready to enter Belgium as soon as possible. On the border, in Martelange, the Chasseurs Ardennais were ready to fight, and hosted their defenses. Bridges had …

River of Blood
Around the Mormal Forest, remnants of several disorganized French divisions attempted to counterattack the 5th and 7th Panzer Divisions, the spearhead of the German Army. During five deadly days. an almost uninterrupted series of brutal and chaotic…

The Rescue: Leclerc Rides In
On June 9th, the Germans crossed the Aisne River near Bethel. But they needed to increase the bridgehead to allow all their tanks to cross the Aisne. While the 1st and 2nd Panzer Divisions strengthened the Aisne bridgehead, the 17th …

The Last Charge of the Spahis
After successfully crossing the Mouse River. Guderian's Panzer Korps broke away from the Sedan bridgehead. ln front of them remained only scattered units. One of them, the 3rd Brigade of Spahis, North African Cavalry, was ordered to hold the road …

Bloody Valley
In No-man's Land, French recon patrols identified a German presence near the road crossing at the Winsbach Forest. Elements of the 5th Colonial lnfantry Regiment were ordered to clear the area, in a coordinated assault with the 15th Chasseurs Alpins…

En Route to Abbeville
On May 21st the Germans created a bridgehead over the Somme at Abbeville. General De Gaulle and his brand new 4th OCR (Armored Division) was ordered to stop the enemy advance. The Germans had fortified an area adjacent to the …

Fighting the Hedgehogs
After the defeat in the Belgian plains and the reduction of the pocket of Dunkirk, the German Army launched Fall Rot. the second stage of the 1940 Western Campaign. On the 360 km long front of the Somme and Aisne …

Airaines: The Hell
Dunkirk had fallen, the Belgian Army had surrendered, and the British had left. The best French divisions were trapped in the north and the east. The situation was desperate. Behind the Somme River. every village was hastily fortified in hopes …

Phoney War
During the period preceding the German offensive both the French and the Germans kept their positions along the border. France had invaded the Saar "country but retreated after the Polish capitulation. War was then an affair of recon patrols, brutal…
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