LnL Band of Heroes: Battle Pack Bravo

LnL Band of Heroes: Battle Pack Bravo

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Cassino Royale
One of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War, this operation was a series of four battles, fought by multiple divisions, for the Gustav Line and Rome beyond. Perhaps the indelible image of the battles was the struggle for …

Insanity At the Sanatorium
The Americans were slowly encirc/ing and cutting off supply to Kampfgruppe Peiper, an elite SS taskforce of the 1st SS Panzer Abteilung that had deeply penetrated the northern flank of the Bulge. One American objective was to block a Kampfgruppe …

Hedgerow Hell
Over a month had passed since D-Day and there had not been a breakout from Normandy and its bocage-ridden fields. A key town in attempting a break out was St. Lo. Although military intelligence failed in identifying the defensive qualities …

Bloody Crossroad
On D-Day+ 1, the 82nd Airborne Division attempted to secure the Sainte-Mére-Eglíse zone by establishing roadblocks and patrolling the surrounding area. Simultaneously, the Germans prepared counterattacks. Here elements of the German 1058th Infanterie…

Big War in a Pocket
The landing near the Nartuby River went fine for the men of the 550th Glider infantry Battalion under the command of Lt Col. Edward I. Sachs. They were soon called to reinforce the British 2nd independent Parachute Brigade Group, which …

Bridgehead at Cauquigny
After capturing the manor at La Fiére, a small bridgehead was established in Cauquigny, a hamlet located at the other end of the causeway, west of the bridge over the Merderet. There, only a dozen men were left under Lieutenant …

Kellam's Bridge
Counterattacking from the west, a German armored column, including refitted captured French tanks, managed to cross Cauquigny after losing a few vehicles and men to Lieutenant Levy's patrol. It advanced on the causeway toward the bridge over the…

Devils In Baggy Pants
American parachutists, devils in baggy pants, are less than 100 meters from my outpost line. I can't sleep at night; they pop up from nowhere and we never know when or how they will strike next. Seems like the black-headed …

Colditz Castle
By far the most renowned German prison camp of World War Two was the Colditz Castle. lt was where Allied prisoners who couldn't be kept anywhere else were housed. Allied High Command feared the Germans would execute their prisoners as …

Pushing Back
Easy Company had been put in reserve after taking the town of Foy: the beginning of the Allies counteroffensive in the Ardennes. Now, they were tasked with taking the hotly contested town of Noville. On the 14th of January they …

Surrounded in Strass
G Company from the 331st IR of the American 83rd ID, accompanied by a platoon of Shermans, thought they were headed through the supposedly cleared village of Strass to support the assault on Gey, to the north, on the northeast …

Just before daybreak two companies from the American 83rd Infantry Division, supported by a platoon of tank destroyers, launched an assault on Gay, a key village on the northeastern edge of the Húñgen Forest. An artillery barrage prepped the village…
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