LnL Band of Heroes: A Ring of Heroes

LnL Band of Heroes: A Ring of Heroes

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Two Sisters
The battle for the outer ring of Stanley's hills began on June 11th. The attackers included 3rd Para, 42nd Commando and the 45th Commando. The 45th Commando was detailed to attack Two Sisters, a twin-hill feature among the outer ring …

The Burbs
After capturing the ring of hills around Stanley, the British waited for the Argentines to capitulate. The British feared that the war would end in a bloody street fight for control of the capital of the islanda In reality, thousands …

Top Malo House
The men of the Royal Commando Arctic Warfare Cadre were somewhat less celebrated than the British Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Squadron (SBS) but, nevertheless, they played an important role as a reconnaissance unit as the Marines…

Surprise Party
The 2nd Para's attack down the Goose Green isthmus went well until first light, then well-placed Argentine positions, defended by troops with plenty of ammunition, wrecked havoc with the advancing British. While A Company was pinned in front of…

Sabot Up!
Another hill in the ring that surrounded Stanley, Wireless Hidge, waa defended by the Regimiento de Infanteria 7, a mix of 700 reservists, new conscripts, and those at the end of their two years of national service. Not an elite …

The military value of the East Falkland town of Goose Green was dubious at best. British politicians, however, wanted to see some progress, any progress, in the recapture of the Falklands. So, the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment was …

The Last Gasp
On the night of June 11th the men of 3rd Para advanced on Mt Longdon. The British soldiers hoped to creep through the night and infiltrate the Argentine defensea Unfortunately for the paratroopers, one of them triggered a land mine, …

Fly Half
The Paras of 3rd Battalion were assigned the task of clearing Mt. Longdon, northwest of Stanley. As part of that attack, 4th and 5th Platoons of B Company, 3rd Para, conducted a flanking move to clear the prepared positions along …

By Dawns Early Light
In the opening move of the war for the Malvinas, the Compani'a de Commando Anfibios, an elite Argentine force comparable to the British Special Boat Squadron, landed in the vicinity of Stanley. Their job was to capture the Royal Marine …

The Devil went Down to Georgia
With the Falkland Islands already In their hands, the Argentine high command ordered its small task force off the coast of South Georgia to seize the island. The task force, consisting of Bahfa Paraiso, the corvette Guerrico, and an 80-man …

Bloody Rough
The battles for the ring of hiUa surrounding Stanley had begun. The British had already captured Mt. Harriet, Mt. Longdon and Two Sisters. 2 Para was charged with taking Wireless Ridge, to the north, and the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards …

An Unexpected Drop
The Argentine leaders first thought the British landing at San Carlos on May 21st might he a diversion, hut they were wrong; this was the landing. Their nearest ground forces, in Darwin and Groose Green, were too far away to …
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