LnL Band of Heroes: Battle Pack Alpha

LnL Band of Heroes: Battle Pack Alpha

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Fallschirmjäger Requiem
As a prelude to Operation Varsity, British and Canadian commandos were tasked with launching an amphibious assault across the Rhine to take the town of Wesel. As the commandos were ferried across, the RAF and attached artillery units pounded the …

Fortress Breslau
Hitler ordered 80,000 German soldiers to stand their ground in the strategically vital, yet regally beautiful, city of Breslau. As Russian divisions encircled the ancient town, the Germans dug in. On February 16th, the Russians attacked the southern…

One Last Blitz for Old Time's Sake
Marshall Zhukov's drive to Berlin had been very successful. By the end of January Russian forces were only 60 miles from the Nazi capitol. Units of the 1St Belorussian Front had bypassed German resistance within the fortress city of Kuestrin, …

Tip of the Speirs
There was no rest for the men of Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Exhausted by their defense of Bastogne, they were never the less tapped to counterattack the retreating Germans during the month of January 1945. Their …

Faced with the extreme cold, limited supplies, and a lack of air support, the men of the 401st Glider infantry held on to the southern and western perimeters around Bastogne. On the 22th, the Americans captured a roadblock on the …

Undaunted Courage
On September 20th, the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment under the leadership of Major Julian Cook had conducted an amphibious crossing on the Waal River and secured the Nijmegen Bridge. This audacious operation had cost the 504th dearly, and they…

The Brickyard 150
For the men of the British 1st Airborne Division, Murphy's Law had reigned supreme since the onset of Operation Market Garden. Repeated attempts to reinforce Major John Frost's position by the bridge had so far failed. At dawn of the …

An Apple Cart for Jerry
As they held onto one of the drop zones outside of the village of Wolfheze, British paras of the 7th King's Own Borderers had been fighting off constant German attacks. After the 4th Parachute Brigade made a successful landing, the …

In the Ghetto
Members of various resistance groups had been resisting Nazi efforts to clear the ghetto of its interred inhabitants since January of 1943. In April, SS commander Jurgen Stroop launched a full scale assault on the starving tenants. Under the…

The Road to Astrachan
Hitler's Army Group A had driven deep into the southern steppes of Russia. So far and so fast, in fact, that maps were of limited use and intelligence of the opposition even less. The Germans decided to equip a long …
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