LnL Band of Heroes: Noville: Bastogne's Outpost

LnL Band of Heroes: Noville: Bastogne's Outpost

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Closing the Sack
In the morning, the extent of the German build up became apparent. Noville was threatened by possible encirclement. HQ decided to evacuate the town and fall back to Foy. Will the American forces manage to break through the tightening ring …

When Team Desobry arrived at the small crossroads settlement of Noville their task was clear: stop the German advance on Bastogne. The men of Combat Command B (CCB), of which the team was a part of, had barely enough ñrepower …

One Hell of a Night
All through the night the Pares held against probing attacks of ever-mounting intensity. It was a nightmare of violent firefights, clanking tank tracks, and confusion, but the Pares gave as …

Here Comes the Sun
Suddenly the mist lifted, as if drawn aside by an invisible hand, and Noville's defenders saw that they were surrounded by Panthers, Tigers, Panzer IVs and groups of advancing German infantry. But what could well have been a disastrous defeat …

Tigers in the Mist
In the morning the men had to fall back to Noville proper. But the day's fighting had just begun. Out of the almost impenetrable mist came threatening noises: Tigers were …

A Counterattack Countered
His forces bolstered by the hardy Paras of the 1st Battalion, 506th PIR, Maj. Desobry felt confident. He immediately ordered a counterattack to take the high ground around Noville. The German Volksgrenadiers and Panzers had other ideas, however. - …
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