LnL Band of Heroes: In Defeat Defiance

LnL Band of Heroes: In Defeat Defiance

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One Last Steak Dinner
The British 51st Highland Division was being squeezed into a small pocket around the town of Dieppe by Erwin Rommel and his 7th Panzer Division. Rommel was doing his best to capture the division before it could escape across the …

Beneath the Scythe
The German blitzkrieg cut across northern France to the Englidh Channel like a scythe, with the Somme River forming its lower edge. In an effort to retake the German-held bridgeheads along the Somme, a combined British-Prench attack northward along…

Bring on the Night
As the British 3rd Infanty Division attempted to withdraw to prepared positions at dusk, the Germans attacked the remaining rear-guard elements. Hand-to-hand fighting broke out as the Irishmen of the Royal Ulster Rifies made a desperate stand to…

The Price of Arrogance
The noose was tightening on the beleaguered allied forces. Curiously,Hitler had ordered a halt to the blitzkrieg. Sepp Deitrich, Commander SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, on his own initiative, decided to push the attack. British troops were assigned…

Kick 'em Out
German infantry of the 7th Panzer division had infiltrated the La Bassee Canal defense line and had established a small bridgehead. As German engineers were building a pontoon bridge over the canal for reinforcements, a combined Allied infantry-armor…

Squeezing Limeys
The Allies were determined to hold onto all of the major seaports as long as they could. Calais had traditionally been a crucial strongpoint in channel crossings. Most of the city was made into a makeshift fortress. The 1st Panzer …

The Canal
An allied defense line using the Brasse canal had been successful in stopping the relentless advance of the German Army. The British were so stubborn that General Rommel went to …

Going Coastal
The Allies had collapsed into a defensive pocket around the Channel ports. In order for 360,000 rations for the BEF to be brought from Calais to Dunkirk, the road between the two cities had to be reconnoitered and secured. An …

I'll Take the Low Road
The 2nd Panzer Division had the port of Boulogne as its final objective. Resistance had been stubborn on the southern approaches. Aerial reconnaissance revealed that the low road by the village of Outrea would be the most advantageous route into …

Death's Head at Arras
The Allied counterattack near Arras had started splendidly. The German defenses were no match for the slow but heavily armored Matilda n tanks. Combined infantry and armored elements were assigned to take a series of villages west of Arras. They …

The Heart of the Matter
The Willemsbrug Bridge over the Nieuwe Maas in central Rotterdam was fiercely contested since the Blitzkrieg began on the 10th. The Germans clung to a bridgehead on the north side, but were unable to extend it, with most of their …

Oranje Crush
On the morning of May 11th German stormtroopers of the SS Standarte der Fuhrer attacked central Holland. The Grebheline was an outer Dutch defensive position extending from the Ijsselmeer, an artificial lake in the north, south to the rehbeberg, …

Fallschirmjäger Bridgehead
As the Blitzkrieg in Holland began, the Germans had to capture the traffic bridge in Dordrecht intact in order to allow the flow of forces from the border to reach Rotterdam and The Hague. A platoon from the 3rd Company, …

Sunrise at Ypenburg
To open the Battle of the Netherlands, the Germans had planned a grand endeavor to capture not just The Hague, and the main Dutch military headquarters there, but the Dutch Royal Family and the Cabinet. Crucial to this effort was …
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