LnL Band of Heroes: A Day of Heroes

LnL Band of Heroes: A Day of Heroes

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A Day of Heroes
"It was mid-afternoon, October 3, 1993 ... a force of U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force operators were about to drop in uninvited on a gathering of Habr Gidr clan leaders in the heart of Mogadishu, Somalia. This ragged clan, …

The seminal event that led to Task Force Ranger's fight for their lives was the ambush of an element of the Pakistani contingent of the UNITAF Peacekeeping Force. The Pakistanis were on what they assumed was a routine mission to …

Chalk 2's Run
Several members of Lieutenant DiTomasso's Chalk 2 saw Super 61 go down. Some of them were adamant that the Chalk hurry to the site to secure it and protect any survivors. The Lieutenant radioed Captain Steele for permission. Steele was …

Convey to Hell
The Americans planned to extract their assault force and the Somali VIPs via a ground convoy consisting of HMMWVs and trucks. The vehicles drove from the base to the Olympic Hotel without issue, but before they could return to the …

A Short Hop
While the convoy was making their disastrous way toward the crash site, Captain Steele and Captain Miller lead the remaining Rangers and Delta Force operators to the same location. Both officers knew that more Somalis were joining the fight every …

Stand and Deliver
Late in the afternoon of October 3rd, Task Force Ranger was in serious trouble. Two Black Hawks were down and several more had been forced back to the airfield with significant damage. The Rangers had no fixed-wing air support, no …

Technical Difficulty
Chalk One also headed toward the Super 61 crash site. Because they were on the southeast corner of the box surrounding the target building, the route they took was more southerly. Unfortunately this route took them into the path of …

The Alamo
After one hell of an afternoon the Rangers and the remaining Delta operators were somewhat consolidated within two blocks of Wolcott's crash site. The sun had set, forcing the Americans to fight the Somalis without Night Observation Devices, or NODs.…

Aidid refused to see reason. Despite a warning from special ambassador Robert Oakley, Aidid wouldn't release Mike Durant, the captured pilot of Super Six Four, so the Delta Boys went in and got Durant out, rescuing him from the shanty …
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