LnL Band of Heroes: Swift and Bold

LnL Band of Heroes: Swift and Bold

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Bob's Farm
The 3rd Para Brigade continued to take heavy casualties while aggressively defending the northeastern sector of the invasion bridgehead. The 5th Brigade, who had been placed in reserve after their courageous stand around the canal bridges during the…

No Time For a Spot of Tea
Unlike the confused response to the Normandy landings, some German commanders quickly and correctly appraised the massive airdrop outside of Arnhem and took immediate action. Captain Sepp Krafft, an instructor at the Waffen SS NCO School, did just…

Expected Company
The 12th battalion had landed earlier in the morning and established defensive positions around the strategically important town Ranville. Here, the countryside was more open, and the 5th Para Brigade allocated their small supply of anti-tank guns…

Overlord Begins
After months of rehearsals, D Company of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (familiarly referred to as the "Ox and Bucks") under Major John Howard, lifted off in towed Horsa gliders during the later hours of June the 5th, headed …

Saving Brigadier Hill
The British 3rd Para brigade under Brigadier James Hill had successfully accomplished their D Day objectives, but with heavy casualties. They then established holding positions north of the town of Ranville. Ranviiie was key in defending the British…

The Last Gasp
While Free-French and American troops were liberating Paris, the fatigued and depleted British 6th Airborne division was still inching its way northeast towards the Seine. The village of Beuzeville lay in the 3 Para Brigade's path. General Gale, the…

Men of France, You May Fire First
One of the objectives on D-Day for the British 1st Special Service Brigade was to clear the gun emplacements outside the seaside resort of Ouistreham. Captain Kieffer, in charge of the contingent of Free-French Commandos, asked permission to lead the…

The Best Laid Plans
On the second day of the invasion the British 6th Para Brigade had easily taken its first objective: the town of Longueval. The Brigade commander decided to assault the secondary objective to the southeast: the hamlet of Ste. Honorine. With …

Sniper's Den
The Ox and Bucks had taken the Orne canal bridge and quickly established a perimeter. Now, they had to hold it while facing greater German resistance. Even worse was the incessant sniper fire coming from west of their positions. …

Holding Hell's Highway
Operation Market Garden; Montgomery's plan to shorten the war by creating an “air bridge" of allied troops to the city of Arnhem, was floundering. The 101st Airborne Division had successfully seized its assigned bridges, but now had to defend them …

Attack of Das Kochegschirr
Benouvilie, a town crucial in stemming any German counterattacks against the canal bridges and the invasion itself, was defended by a small holding force of the Ox and Bucks. They had successfully fended off early morning German probes, but had …

Stalingrad of the West
Colonel John Frost's 2"^ Parachute Battalion had orders to take and hold the Arnhem Bridge until relieved. He had taken one end of the bridge and had established a small perimeter with the limited resources at his disposal. Now, with …
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