Combat Commander

Combat Commander is a series of tactical-level wargames designed by Chad Jensen and published by GMT Games. The series simulates infantry combat during World War II across various theaters of operation, including the Eastern Front, Western Front, and Pacific Theater.

Key features of Combat Commander include:

  1. Card-Driven Gameplay: Combat Commander uses a card-driven system to simulate the chaos and uncertainty of the battlefield. Players use a deck of cards to activate units, move them, engage in combat, and trigger special events. This adds an element of unpredictability and forces players to adapt to changing circumstances.

  2. Modular Maps: The game is played on modular mapboards depicting different terrain types, such as urban areas, forests, and open fields. These maps can be combined in various configurations to represent different scenarios and theaters of operation.

  3. Historical Scenarios: Combat Commander includes a variety of historical scenarios based on real-life battles and engagements from World War II. Each scenario has its own unique setup, victory conditions, and historical context, allowing players to recreate famous battles or explore lesser-known engagements.

  4. Detailed Units: The game features counters representing infantry squads, support weapons, and vehicles from various nations involved in the conflict. Units have different attributes, such as firepower, morale, and movement capabilities, which influence their effectiveness in combat.

  5. Fog of War: Combat Commander incorporates elements of fog of war, with hidden information about the enemy's units and intentions. Players must use reconnaissance and deduction to uncover enemy positions and anticipate their movements.

  6. Dynamic Gameplay: Combat Commander offers dynamic and immersive gameplay, with intense firefights, tactical maneuvering, and unexpected events unfolding as players navigate the battlefield.

Overall, Combat Commander is praised for its blend of historical accuracy, strategic depth, and fast-paced gameplay. It appeals to both hardcore wargamers and casual gamers interested in exploring the challenges and complexities of infantry combat during World War II.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #7 – Tournament Battle Pack (2015)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #6 – Sea Lion (2014)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #5 – Fall of the West (2013)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #4 – New Guinea (2011)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3 – Normandy (2010)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2 – Stalingrad (2008)
Combat Commander: Battle Pack #1 – Paratroopers (2007)
Combat Commander: Resistance! (2011)
Combat Commander: Pacific (2008)
Combat Commander: Mediterranean (2007)
Combat Commander: Europe (2006)

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