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Slopes of Hell
The 2/16th Battalion (Australian 21st Brigade) had fallen back from Templeton's Crossing and finally reached the positions of the battered 2/14th Battalion, which in turn dropped back to the mountain village of Myola. Meanwhile, the Koiwai Battalion…

Burning Buna
Combined Australian and American forces surrounded the desperate Japanese defenses at Buna during December 1942. After an opening barrage starting at 0530, various companies of 2/9th Battalion (Australian 16th Brigade) crossed the start line promptly…

The Deadly Trees
After the failure of the September attacks, Japanese HO sent as many ground forces as could be spared to build up for another multi- pronged attack. During what is known as the Battle of Henderson Field, between 0300 and 0500 …

In the second major attempt at dislodging the enemy position, the Japanese maneuvered deep in the jungle to the south of the American perimeter expecting that it would be less defended. General Kawaguchi employed a complicated plan using battalions…

Dog Plus Eight
Eight days after the initial landing on the island and four days after the American flag had been raised on Mount Suribachi, the 3rd Marine Division found itself dug in on the barren stone plateau north of the airfields. The …

Bitter Creek
After nearly succeeding in pushing the Australians back upon Port Moresby, the Japanese had neither supply chain nor time enough to hold their gains along the Kokoda Trail and so reverted to the defensive. In a series of grim battles, …

The Japanese unveiled a new defensive approach on Peleliu using well-entrenched positions, extensive caves, and natural barriers across the island. This was developed by Colonel Nakagawa, commander of the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 14th Infantry…

West Tank Barrier
The Gilbert Islands became one of the first stepping stones in the large scale movement by the US to take back Japanese-held territory. A Japanese seaplane base guarded by a citadel of defenses was the key target on Butaritari, a …

Operation Cherry Blossom
On this date the US 3rd Marine Division landed at Cape Torokina. Naval forces assisting the Marines included 4 cruisers and 8 destroyers. Empress Augusta Bay had been chosen because it was within range of allied land—based fighter bases and …

Ichiki Attacks
Japanese HO dispatched the lchiki Detachment from Truk to displace what was mistakenly thought of as a minor US presence on Guadalcanal. During what is known as the Battle of Tenaru River, by 0030, Colonel lchiki had maneuvered his force …

Ambush at Mogaung
Over the course of three weeks in June, Michael ”Mad Mike” Calvert's 77th (Chindit) Brigade took Mogaung in support of the US advance down the Hukawng Valley. They suffered 50% casualties. Fearing they would then be ordered to join in …

Grassy Knoll
After capturing Libby Airfield with the aid of Filipino guerrillas, the US 24th Infantry Division found the assault toward Davao becoming exceedingly slow and ponderous. Exacerbating the issue was the preponderance of hemp fields in the area, now…
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