Combat Commander: Mediterranean

Combat Commander: Mediterranean

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Six Hills
On August 11, Italian General de Simone’s assaults on three of the six hills overlooking Tug Argan Pass had been less than spectacular. Only one hill was taken before the attacks were called off for the night. Eager to reach …

No Man's Land
Unaware of the preparations being made by Rommel's Afrika Korps for an attack later in the month, life in the Italian trenches along the Alam Haifa Line was hot, dusty and boring, and punctuated by timely British artillery attacks every …

A Veritable Bloodbath
Operation Veritable, Montgomery’s push to the Rhine, was encountering fanatic German Resistance for every square mile of Holland. Having just about secured the town of Goch, the 1st Gordon Highlanders were ordered to continue the advance south and…

Saint Agatha
While elements of the 15th and 30th Infantry Regiments of the US 9th Division seized a key hill along the San Fratello Line, Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard led a reinforced Battalion in an amphibious landing at Sant' Agata, a few …

A March in December
As two battalions of Belyayev’s 139th Rifle Division skirted the north end of Lake Hirvasjari in an attempt to outflank the Finnish defenders of Tolvajarvi, one company was sent forward along a forest path to the southwest. As discipline within …

Metaxas Season
The Metaxas Line was a 90 mile chain of fortifications built by the Greeks in the 1930's along their border with Bulgaria. In the spring of I941, it fell to the German XVIII Corps to assault the Metaxas Line at …

Bridge Hunt
A day after the attack on Yugoslavia commenced, von Kleist’s 1st Panzer Group found many of the bridges across the Nisava River to be blown or in flames, holding up his vital armored forces. The German 23rd Infantry Regiment was …

Little Stalingrad
On December 21l, house to house fighting began in earnest in the Adriatic seaport of Ortona. It was during the next seven days that the Canadian 1st Infantry Division literally rewrote the book on close-quarters city fighting techniques. More than …

The Blitzkrieg Checked
As French forces fought the Germans to a near standstill in and around Gembloux, infantry forces belonging to the attacking 3rd Panzer Division were tasked with taking a nearby sunken road. Led by the determined Captain Grudler, a battered company …

Armata Romana
After forcing a crossing of the River Prut at Falciu earlier in the week, the Rumanian Army was on the move across Bessarabia. In the afternoon of July 7, elements of the Rumanian 6th Infantry Division attempted to clear one …

At the Crossroads
On 9 September, the Polish Poznan Army, encircled by the rapid German advance, attempted to force a crossing of the Bzura River to the southeast. This attack inadvertently allowed time for the Polish Pomorze Army, also trapped in the pocket, …

Tussle at Maleme
Captain Van Etten’s parachutists had been in many chaotic skirmishes with Allied forces in and around Maleme Airfield since the airborne landing on Crete the previous morning. His forces wearing thin, he decided to temporarily reassemble in the high…
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