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Combat Commander: Europe

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misty Mountain
Brazil declared war on the European Axis in August of I942. Organized like the US forces and equipped with the Iatest American weaponry, the Brazilian 1st Expeditionary Division finally arrived in Italy in the Summer of ’44. After helping to …

Hold the Line
July 7 saw a brief battle in which German forces were forcibly evicted from their hilltop defenses near the Vire River. The small American force that won the day, elements of the 743d Tank Battalion, including an immobilized M4 Sherman, was then…

Commando School
To aid in the success of the Soviet amphibious operation launched against Kleist's Army Group A near Novorossiysk, a Black Sea Fleet commando detachment landed a few miles further down along the Black Sea coast. In order to protect the …

Rush to Contact
After crossing the Rhine, leading elements of Company A, 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Regiment found themselves met by elements of the 62nd Volksgrenadier Division on the road to Hitdorf. Both sides reported contact and immediately called for…

Breakout Dance
As the Kalinin Front - led by several Soviet Shock Armies, drove westward they were able to completely encircle the German 277th Infantry Regiment at Velikiye-Luki. Outside relief for this surrounded force was not to be had, however, so orders …

Bessarabian Nights
By mid April of 1944, the southern front in Russia had seen Soviet troops on the offensive for four consecutive months. Zhukov's plan to attack beyond the Dneister River as far as Chernovtsy was approved by Stavka, with Russian troops …

Paralyzed from the West Down
ln the evening on D-Day, the German 1058th Grenadier Regiment counterattacked St. Mere-Eglise and recaptured the edge of town. Elements of the US 505th Parachute Regiment were ordered to repulse this enemy force the following morning. At dawn on June…

Cold Front
When winter hit Eastern Europe with its full fury in late l94l, the German 26th Infantry was just one of many Axis Divisions halted more by the extreme weather than by the stubborn Russian defense. In the final weeks of …

Closed for Renovation
After days of fierce combat and heavy bombardment, the town of Humaine was surrounded by forces of the US 2nd Armored Division. Most of the German defenders surrendered after some hard fighting. Remnants of 9th Panzer Division occupying a chateau …

Bonfire of the NKVD
A Soviet forward CP belonging to the retreating 133rd infantry Regiment is to be abandoned by noon, but not before all communications equipment is smashed and documents burned, including detailed plans of much of the frontier fortifications in and…

Hedgerows & Hand Grenades
A few weeks after the D-Day landings, General Bradley was keen to choose a suitable place for a swift, decisive breakout with a minimum of casualties in order to get his armored forces into more tank-friendly terrain. The key ground …

Fat Lipki
As tanks of the 1st Moscow Motor Rifle Division clashed with the 18th Panzer Division’s armored spearhead north of Lipki, infantry elements from both divisions were tasked with securing their respective southern flanks. One such encounter between…
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