Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2: Stalingrad

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #2: Stalingrad

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Stand and Die
The fighting over the ground of the Mamayev Kurgan hill mass, a prominent terrain feature of the central city area of Stalingrad, was among the most bitter of the fall and winter of 1942. This is a large hilly area …

Stalingrad of the North
The Soviet Kalinin Front offensive at the beginning of winter 1942 successfully cut off and encircled the key transportation hub of Velikiye Luki. The German 277th lnfantry Regt. under orders from Hitler to hold at all costs resolutely defended the …

Lyudnikov's Island
For six weeks the Germans had surrounded Lyudnikov's 138th Rifle Division, separating it from the rest of the front line. As the Germans attempted to crush Lyudnikov's "island" by pushing it against the Volga River, Soviet Resistance stiffened near…

Rumanian Defiance
During the opening stages of Operation Uranus. Major Gheorghe Rasconescu led the 1Bn, 15th Dorobanti lnfantry Regiment to the relative safety of the Chir River at Obliskaya on November 25th, successfully retreating In the face of overwhelming Soviet…

The Commissar House
During the last major attack by the German óth Army to capture Stalingrad, a formidable structure known as the Commissar House (Kommissarhaus) was targeted as one of the key points near the Volga River. With the temperature at minus 25 …

Into the Breach
“Fortress Stalingrad" was living up to its name. On this day, elements of the German 305. lnfanterie-Divísion continued their assault into the ruins of the factory's workshops. The fighting was up close and personal.

Fortresses of Blood and Iron
As dawn broke on the first day of October the 295th lnfantry Division attacked Rodimtsev's 13th Guards Rifle Division from the front and flank. The 3rd Battalion, 39th lnfantry Regiment bore the brunt of the frontal attack. The German assault …

Not One Step Back
Elements of the German 295th lnfantry Division had infiltrated the northern flank of the 13th Guards Rifle Division along Krutoy Gully and reached the Volga River. A detachment was sent to secure a wooden bridge spanning a neighboring ravine.…

Dom 31
Since October 24 Ivan llyich Svidrov, a 19 year old Sergeant in 650th Rifle Regiment, and his squad of determined soldiers had beaten back repeated morning attacks against the concrete and iron house they were sworn to defend with their …

Sea Devils
During the night of September 17, Lt. Andrey Khozyaynov of the 92nd Marine lnfantry Brigade was ordered to reinforce elements of the 35 Guards lnfantry Division defending the Grain Elevator. This key position anchored the Soviet defenses south of the…

Spartakovka Salient
The Germans were advancing headlong toward Stalingrad. Elements of the Soviet 62nd Army were in disarray from the speed at which the German 6th Army was advancing. The German VIII Fliegerkorps had laid waste to much of the suburbs and …
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