Combat Commander: Miscellaneous Scenarios

Combat Commander: Miscellaneous Scenarios

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Barbarossa Sustained
The days of headlong pursuit with little or no Resistance by the Russian Armies had to come to an end at some point. For the soldiers of the German 58th Infantry Division that reality occurred just south of the Estonian …

How Close is Too Close
The initial attack to cross the Moselle River at Pont-a-Mousson on the 5-6 of September had shown that the Germans were well organized for defense in that sector. After renewed planning and intelligence gathering the 80th Division prepared to try …

Deadly Convoy
The Andre’ Jolit led Blaye area Ffi group received eight air drops of arms and equipment in July and August I944. Blitz operations against the Germans increased as a consequence. Operations against small targets (tankers and single enemy vehicles)…

Sky Fall
Operation Cadillac conducted on 14 July I944 was a complete success as 320 B-17s airdropped 417 tons of weapons in 3791 containers to the Dordogne and Correze Maquis. Three days later, a similar drop was destined for the Maquis de …

No. 4 Commando
Lieutenant Colonel Lord Lovat and No. 4 Commando (including six US Army Rangers), to support the Canadian landings at Dieppe, conducted two landings at VarengevilIe-sur-Mer attempting to neutralize a coastal artillery battery of six 150mm guns. The…

Voronoezh Front
The stunning successes of the Russian counterattacks, Operations Uranus, Saturn, and Little Saturn, resulted in the shattering of the Axis front lines along the Don River. On the extreme edge of this battlefield stood the units of the Italian Alpine…

St. Martin de Fontenay
After Operation Goodwood's failure, French Canadian infantry units were ordered to take and hold Saint Martin de Fontenay, a village south of Caen. Once taken British armor could push southward and link up with American forces. Two previous assaults…

Dongolaas Ravine
In mid-January 1941, British forces launched the Eritrea Campaign. The 4th and 5th Indian Divisions started their offensive from Sudan. They broke the Italian defensive lines in two weeks but finally the drive stopped in front of the town of …

First Joust with Galahad
In its first major operation, the US GALAHAD force of deep penetration "marauders" had flanked the resourceful General Sinichi Tanaka's 18th Division defending against Joe Stilwell’s Chinese push into the Hukawng Valley of northern Burma. Unbeknownst…

Taking the Knoll
In order to secure Finschhafen as a forward operating base the Australian 9th Division needed to drive Col. Sadahike Miyake’s 80th Regiment from its positions in an around the village of Sattleburg. One of these positions was the village Jivavenang …

The Soviet invasion of Eastern Germany revealed the determination that SS and Conscript units would go to defend the Fatherland. One such example was the defense of Arnswalde, Pomerania where elite Soviet assault units attacked elements of the 11th…

The Scheldt
Units of the Canadian 10th Infantry Brigade face determined Resistance and a fierce German counter-attack by elements of the German 64th Division in the vicinity of the Leopold Canal in the opening stages of the Battle for the Scheldt Estuary.

Arctic Assault
Major Stautner of the 2nd Battalion, 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment saw an opportunity to attack the isolated Norwegian 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry in the Gratangen valley. The attack was launched early on the morning of April 24th in a swirling…

Escape is Everything
After the Allied breakout forced by Operation Cobra, the German army was caught between two pincer movements with most of the Seventh Army trapped in the rapidly closing "Falaise Pocket". The retreating army desperately sought to escape along its…

In My Time of Dying
After fighting ashore at Sword Beach, the British met relatively light Resistance as they moved south towards Caen. Strongpoint Morris gave up almost without a fight. Reconnaissance had noted another significant defensive position south of Morris and…

Operation Deadstick
At 0016 hrs. three Airspeed Horsa gliders, flown with outstanding skill by pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment, landed troops from the 2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry within 50 yards of the Caen Canal Bridge at…

The Lost Battalion
On October 23rd the 141st Infantry Regiment (Texas National Guard) entered the Foret Domaniale De Champ in the Vosges Mountains. 1st Battalion advanced along a ridge to take the high ground overlooking La Houssiere. The next day saw heavy German …

La Fiere Counterattack
While the paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne’s 505th PIR clung to their positions at the La Fiere Causeway, elements of the German 1057th Grenadier Regiment counterattacked through Cauquigny to the west, sweeping away the defenders they met there.…

Go For Broke
The 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) was made up of “Nisei”: second generation Japanese Americans. While the families of many of its soldiers were forced to live in internment camps, the 442nd RCT became the most highly decorated US. Army …

Varsity Blues
As Field Marshal Montgomery prepares his 21st Army for the crossing of the Rhine, Operation Varsity, the largest airborne assault of the war, is launched by the US 17th Airborne and the British 6th Airborne Divisions. The parachute assault’s aim …

Night Shift
Shortly after midnight, German guns laid down a brief artillery barrage onto positions held by the 1st Battalion of the US Army’s 115th Infantry Regiment, which had recently been brought up to the front line to relieve the battle-worn 116th …

Rubble Rousers
As fierce battles raged on for the “Barrikady” ordnance factories to the north and the “Krasny Oktyabr” sector to the south, German forces in between the two had advanced steadily eastwards until they were able to interdict an important ferry …
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