Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3: Normandy

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3: Normandy

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Taking the Point (Planned)
The plan called for three of the companies of 2nd Ranger Battalion to land east and west of the point at 0630 hours, instantly following a half hour bombardment from the battleships Arkansas and Texas. Delta on the West with …

Taking the Point (Historical)
The US Rangers drew the most difficult single mission for the morning of the invasion of Nazi occupied France: Neutralize the Battery of guns on Pointe du Hoc. The Rangers had to scale 100 foot cliffs on the seaward side …

Surrender is Out of the Question
After the Allied breakout forced by Operation Cobra, the German army was caught between two pincer movements with most of the Seventh Army trapped in the rapidly closing "Falaise Pocket." The retreating army desperately sought to escape along its…

Old Hickory Resolute
The German High Command launched Operation Luttich on the night of 6/7 August aimed at the US 30th lnfantry Division occupying the village of Mortain. The Initial onslaught was partially successful in penetrating the American lines and the 2nd Bn, …

Cheux'd Up
The Allied failure to capture Caen on D-Day allowed the Germans to rush reinforcements to the area. In an effort to isolate and pressure the defenses around Caen, Field Marshal Montgomery devised and launched Operation Epsom, spearheaded by the…

Compagnie Scamaroni
The German defense of Caen was tenacious, demanding great effort from the British and Canadian forces. Operation Atlantic (part of the Operation Goodwood offensive), opened with the attack of the Canadian 8th Brigade into Giberville and Colombelles,…

Bingham Must Hold
The afternoon of 15 July, the US 116th lnfantry Regt. launched an attack along the Martinville Ridge east of St. Ló. As nightfall approached, the 116th was ordered to halt and consolidate its gains for the day. By the time …

29, Let's Go (through 18 Jul)
On 11 July, XIX Corps was ordered to attack southward toward St. Ló as part of a First Army offensive to push the German Seventh Army out of Normandy. The 29th Division was ordered to attack and seize key terrain …

Graveyard of the North Shores
ln Operation Windsor, 3rd Canadian Division once again set out to take Carpiquet Airfield, still in the hands of their bitter foe, the 12th SS "Hitlerjugend”. After a heavy rolling bombardment, the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment moved out…

East by Northwest
Hours before OVERLORD, coded transmissions alerted Resistance cells across France, the Forces Francaises de l'lntérieur (FFl), to assemble and hinder the expected movement of German forces toward Normandy. ln Brittany, airdropped French commandos…

Deeds Not Words
Fire from the 210mm guns of the Crisbecq Coastal Artillery Battery, commanded by Lt. Walter Ohmsen, constantly harassed and prohibited the unloading of supplies and reinforcements on Utah Beach. On June 7 the 1 Bn, 22nd lnfantry was tasked with …

The New Highlanders
After landing at Juno and dashing for its objective of Carpiquet Airfield, 3rd Canadian Division met the counterattack of 12th SS "Hitlerjugend" Panzer Division northwest of Caen. Aided by observation from a nearby abbey tower, the SS caught the…

The Uneasy Wait
The European invasion was coming, everyone knew it, but where? Little did the grenadiers of Hauptman Kuhtz's 10th Company, 736th Grenadier Regiment know that their position in Widerstandsnest 20, codenamed “Cod", was the center of the British 3rd…

This Man Was Good
After knocking out a key German Widerstandsnest on the east end of Omaha Beach, US forces from L company, 16th infantry led by Lt. Jimmie Monteith, gained a toe-hold on the high ground. As Monteith and his men advanced through …

Mazed and Confused
Upon landing under heavy fire at the west end of Omaha Beach at 0630 hours, a boat team of Rangers of C Company, 2nd Battalion scaled cliffs to become the first US soldiers on the high ground. Assigned a mission …

Widerstandsnest 61
Pinned on the beach under relentless fire from German Widerstandsnest (Resistance points) hidden in the overlooking bluffs, US soldiers hunkered down behind the meager protection of the beach's loose stone shingle. But in one sector the Germans were…

Pegasus Bridge
At 0016 hours, three Airspeed Horsa gliders, flown with outstanding skill by pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment, landed troops from the 2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckingham Light lnfantry within 50 yards of the Caen Canal Bridge at Bénouville…
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