Combat Commander: Battle Pack #7: Tournament Battle Pack

Combat Commander: Battle Pack #7: Tournament Battle Pack

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Red Sector A
The US effort to break into the Ruhr was given to the US 1st Army. The Germans defended the city of Aachen and its approaches with grim determination in an effort to prevent the breaking of the Siegfried Line.

La Villa Strangiato
The US 7th Army battled its way through western Sicily after the collapse of the Axis beach defense forces in early July. The Italian Forces, however, were still game to defend their homeland.

Barbarossa Unleashed
"'All is not quiet on the Eastern Front.”

Operation Mercury
“Expecting a seaborne invasion, little did the defenders of Rethymnon concern themselves with an airborne invasion.”

Codes in the Sunrise
The first commando raid on occupied France was carried out by 115 men of No.11 Independent Company just three weeks after the final evacuation at Dunkirk. The raiders were divided into four groups, each was tasked with reconnaissance and intelligence…

Signals in the Snow
Some of the bitterest fighting in the Winter War was along the Mannerheim Line on the Karelian lsthmus. Finnish units stubbornly defended their isolate bunkers and fixed positions as Soviet units probed the line looking for any weakness to exploit.

One Steppe Beyond
Dawn was still barely visible on the horizon. l walked back towards the artillery line which was to support the reconnaissance forces should they encounter organized Resistance.

On the Road to Victory
Canadian war correspondent Ross Munro recorded his experiences of the first few days of the attack on the Italian 122 lnfantry Regiment north of Pachino in a newspaper article printed on 12 July: "Stubborn Resistance has been put up by …

Bridge Too Far, The
Col. Frost's 2nd Bn, 1st Airborne lnfantry is cut off at Arnhem Bridge. Bittrich's Panzergrenadiers move in to eliminate the airborne pocket. “. . .what, you didn't really think the enemy was made up of Old Men and Young Boys, …

A Midnight Clear
Two reinforced reconnaissance platoons, one German, one US, face each other across No Man's Land. “I'm not exactly sure what country we're in. Could be Belgium, Luxembourg, France, or even Germany. I don't know what day it is. I have …

Blitzkrieg Unleashed
“Pawel, I have no idea what that sound is. Perhaps you should investigate.”

Hill 133
“Soldier, the enemy occupies Hill 133. The Motherland and Political Officer Blurtarsky require you to wrest control of it from him."
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