Combat Commander: Resistance

Combat Commander: Resistance

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No Quarter
At the town cemetery outside Drvar, Western Bosnia, with Partisans of the Lika Division in a ferocious showdown with elements of the 500th SS Fallschirmjäger Battalion after a spectacular but failed attempt to seize Tito in his country HQ.

On the island of Korčula on the Croatian Adriatic coast, with Partisans of the Dalmatian Brigade attempting to buy enough time for their comrades to evacuate from surrounding German units of the 118th Jäger Division.

Valley of the Heroes
Outside the village of Tjentište, Eastern Bosnia, at the Sutjeska River, where trapped Partisan units fought their way through a weak point in the German-Croatian lines, escaping once again although at great cost.

Appointment at Daliki
In a remote village south of Lepel, Byelorussia, with Soviet partisans of an important Operative Center suddenly trapped by a well-executed German rear-area clearing operation.

Compagnie Scamaroni II
Set at night in the Vaucelles neighborhood of Caen just before the Orne River.

Tito's Trick
Jablanica, Hercegovina, at the railroad bridge crossing of the Neretva River, with Partisans attempting to seize the bridgehead and destroy the Chetnik forces blocking the Partisan escape from German forces.

The Orient Express
The south end of the Gorgopotamos Bridge near Lamia, Greece, with ELAS partisans seeking to suppress the Italian Garrison while British Demolition commandos prepare to blow the bridge during Operation Harling.

Those are not Birds
Bryansk Forest in Byelorussia, with Soviet partisans of the Orlov Regiment preparing a trap for elements of the German 707th Security Division during Operation Vogelsang.

Road Trip
Cressensac, southern France, with FFI partisan forces ambushing the German 4th SS Panzergrenadier Regimental HQ.

Predator Becomes Prey
Outside Lekovic, Albania, with ELAS partisans in a prepared ambush against elements of the German 1st Gebirgsjäger Division, whose commander suspecting a ruse changed his attack plans.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
Set in Rouen France with FFI partisans moving quickly and elusively to attack elements of the German 2nd SS Panzer Division looking for a place to rest.

Bessarabian Nights II
Set in a German rear area as Soviet forces press German forces back into the Carpathian Mountains.
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