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"Oh, how happy are they who died for their country…”

"They're Here! Reverse!"

...and Here We Damned Well Stay

...lay waste your country with fire and sword.

11th Company Counterattack

13th Guards Sacrifice

1600 Hours - Stein’s Flank

1st Armoured to the rescue

1st Cavalry Moves North

2 on 2, Round One

29, Let's Go (through 18 Jul)

2nd Beneventum (214 BC)

3rd Mechanized Corps Operations (2)

3rd RTR in the Rain

501st Heavy

7-10 Split

800 Heroes

88s at Zon


A Battle Won and a War Lost

A Belated Christmas (2)

A Bit North of Here

A Bitter Holiday (2)

A Bloody Harvest

A Bloody Waste

A Bourbon on the Spanish Throne

A Breezeless Day

A Bridge So Far…

A Bridge Too Near

A Bridgehead Too Wet (2)

A Burnt Out Case

A Cab for Ste. Anne

A Celebratory Mood

A Change in the Government

A Change Of Orders

A Counterattack Countered (2)

A Dangerous Possibility

A Day At The Races

A Day By the Shore

A Day of Heroes

A Deadly Race

A Desperate Affair

A Famous Victory

A Few Rounds

A Friend in Need (2)

A Frosty Morning

A German Sherman

A Good Party

A Hard Bargain

A Helping Hand

A High Price to Pay

A Hotly Contested Crossroads

A Hunter in a Hurry

A Legend is Born

A Less Peaceful Christmas

A Lesson for Lehr

A Line Too Thinly Held

A Lion in the Field

A Little Bit Closer to Heaven

A Long Way To Go

A Lost Battalion

A March in December

A Mass for Humanity

A Meeting Of Patrols (2)

A Midnight Clear (2)

A Midsummer Day's Dream

A Most Gallant Dirty Little Imp

A Mountain Hike

A Nasty Affair

A New Kind of Foe

A Nice Morning For A Ride

A Pair of Eights

A Parting Blow

A Polish Battlefield

A Polish Requiem

A Quick Strike

A Real Barn Burner

A Revolution Strangled

A Ridge Too Far

A Roof to Sleep Under

A Short Hop

A Sideshow Affair

A Simple Solution

A Small Town In Germany (3)

A Stand-Up Fight

A Stiff Fight

A Sunday Stroll

A Surprise At Sunrise

A Surprise Encounter

A Tall Order

A Tough Nut to Crack (2)

A trip to the Russian Dentist

A Veritable Bloodbath

A Very Long Night

A View from the Top

A War of Their Own

A Wedge in the Ice

A Well-Engineered Ambush

A Winter Melee (2)

Aachen's Pall (2)

Aachen, Bloody Aachen

Abandon Ship!

Able at Cesaro

About His Shadowy Sides

Abrams' Charge

Abritus (251 AD)

Absent Friends

Absolut Märkäjärvi

Abu Agheila

Accidental Cannae (2)

Ace in the Hole

Across the Aisne and into Freineux

Across the Border

Across the Issel

Across the Meuse

Across the Rio Grande

Across the River Roer (2)

Across the Wire

Act with the Utmost Vigour

Action at Balberkamp (2)

Action at Kommerscheidt (3)

Action at Potpot

Action at Zaporozhie

Action Near Tula

Action West Of Dneiper River

Acts of Defiance

Ad Hoc at Beaurains (2)

Ad Hoc at Chef-Du-Pont

Adolf's Amateurs

Adrianople (378 AD) (2)

Advance on Cold Mountain

Advance on Oboyan

Advance To The D514

Adwalton Moor

Adys (256 BC)

African Brothers

After the Disaster

Agathocles Tower (204 BC)

Age-Old Foes

Agony at Arnautovo

Agrigentum (262 BC)

Aiding the Local Constabulary (2 player)

Aiding the Local Constabulary (3 player)

Ain't Running Away

Airaines: The Hell (2)

Airborne Samurai

Airdrop over Heraklion

Airdrop over Rethymno

Akragas (406 BC)

Alam El Halfa Ridge

Alamo (2)

Alba de Tormes




All Ahead, Full Stop

All Along the Merderet

All American

All Down the Line

All for a Piece of Dirt

All Roads Lead to Rome

All The King's Enemies

All the Stops

Alligator Creek (2)


Along the Vistula

Alpha Yellow


Altera Restat

Always Ready

Ambitious Assault

Ambitious Plans (2)

Ambush (2)

Ambush At Cauquigny

Ambush at De Hoop

Ambush at Houei Houn

Ambush at Mogaung

Ambush at Wardin

Ambush of Company 4 …

Ambush on South Knob


Ambush! Relief Attempt During Operation Attlebore

American Devil

American Tragedy

Among the Bravest

Among the Dead

Among the Hedgerows

Among the Ruins

Amphipolis (422 BC)

An Apple Cart for Jerry (2)

An Example to the Enemy

An Uncommon Occurrence

An Unexpected Drop (2)


Anapus River (415 BC)

Anchoring the Line

Ancient Feud

And the Anvil

And the Walls Come A-Tumblin' Down

Anegawa 1570 - Battle Overview

Anegawa 1570 - Oda against Asai

Anegawa 1570 - Tokugawa against Asakura

Angrivarii Rampart (16 AD)

Anhalt Pandemonium


Another Bloody Attack

Another Bump in the Road

Another hour of daylight…

Another such would have ruined us.

Another Summer's Day

Anthony's Siege Train (36 BC)


Antietam, Maryland

Any Day the Ruhr Pocket



Ap Bac (2)

Apples to Apples

Appointment at Daliki

Après nous, le deluge

Aquae Sextiae (102 BC)

Arausio (105 BC) (2)

Arawe Ambush

Archduke Charles Ascendant

Archduke Charles’ Last Battle

Arctic Assault

Arctic Crossroads

Argentoratum (357 AD)

Arita Castle 1517 - Phase 1 Takeda Vanguard

Arita Castle 1517 - Phase 2 Matauchi River

Armata Romana

Armor Action Near Kharkov

Armored Assault

Armored Car Savikurki

Armored Fist

Armored Train No. 53

Armoured Maelstrom

Arnhem Bridge (2)

Arnold at Quebec

Arnold's Signal

Arracourt (2)

Arras: Forlorn Hopes

Art Nouveau

As Luck Would Have It

As Night Approaches

Asculum (279 BC)

Aspern-Essling (2)

Aspern-Essling—Day 1 Aspern

Aspern-Essling—Day 1 Essling

Assault (2)

Assault Across the Pasig

Assault at Wadelincourt

Assault on a Queen (2)

Assault on Baerendorf

Assault on Ben Suc (2)

Assault on Carentan

Assault on Hill 112

Assault on Hill 252.2 (2)

Assault on Kidney Ridge

Assault on Peprez

Assault on Petersburg

Assault on Salines

Assault on the Wattenberg

Assault on Vierville (2)

Astride Hell's Highway

At Dawn’s Early Light

At Least It’s Quiet Here

At the Breaking Point

At the Crossroads

At The Narrow Passage

Attack & Counterattack

Attack of Das Kochegschirr (2)

Attack of the Mont Pinçon

Attack on Hill 192 (2)

Attack on Hill B&C

Attack on Ponyri 

Attack on the Soviet outpost

Attacking Strass





Auld Lang Syne (2)

Aussie Alamo

Austerlitz (3)

Austerlitz (10AM Davout Attack)

Austerlitz (Lannes & Murat)

Austerlitz (Russian Guard Attack)

Austerlitz (Sokolintz & Teinitz)

Austerlitz (Soult's Attack South)

Austerlitz (Soult's Center Assault)


Avril Action


Back To Russia

Back To School

Backs to the Sea

Bad Day for the Luftwaffe

Bad Dreams

Bad Luck

Baecula (208 BC)

Baetis River (80 BC)

Bagradas (253 BC) (2)

Bagradas River (49 BC)

Bailey's Bridge

Bailey's Demise (2)


Bain Tsagan heights

Baking Bread


Balaklava Sector

Bald Hill (2)

Balkan Sideshow

Baltic Islands

Bamboo Spear Banzai

Ban Sadao

Baraque de Fraiture (Parkers Crossroads)

Barbarossa Sustained

Barbarossa Unleashed


Bare Foot Beating


Bark You Dogs!

Barkmann's Corner

Baroud d'Honneur


Bastogne Corridor East (2)

Bastogne Corridor West (2)

Bastogne Overlord

Bastogne Prelude

Bastogne Seige

Bats Outta Hell

Battered Remnants

Battering Ram at Kvam

Battle At Arm’s Length

Battle for Cherkasskoye (2)

Battle for Hill 178

Battle for Mogilev

Battle for Oran

Battle for Rostov (2)

Battle for the Airstrips

Battle for the Berlin-Seelow Highway

Battle for the Isthmus (2)

Battle for the Passes

Battle for the Warta Line (2)

Battle in the Bocage

Battle in the Großer Garten

Battle in the Schnee Eifel

Battle of Abbeville

Battle of Agordat

Battle of Alam el Halfa

Battle of Arracourt (2)

Battle of Arundel - Act II

Battle of Bloody Gulch

Battle of Brody Pt. 1

Battle of Brody Pt. 2

Battle of Celles

Battle of Englefontaine

Battle of Flavion

Battle of Hannut -Merdorp

Battle of Himara

Battle of Hoke's Run

Battle of Kalamata waterfront

Battle of Kalatch

Battle of Kalpaki

Battle of Keren, Part 1

Battle of Keren, Part 2

Battle Of Kharkov

Battle of Kock

Battle of Kovel, Part 1

Battle of Kovel, Part 2

Battle of Kuneitra

Battle Of Kustrin

Battle of La Heuniere

Battle of Lembitu

Battle of Lingevres

Battle of Maciejow

Battle of Malmaison (Fort Malmaison)

Battle of Malmaison (Guillain Farm)

Battle of Malmaison (Laffaux Salient)

Battle of Malmaison (Vaudesson)

Battle Of Minsk

Battle of Mount Gargan

Battle of Nezuet Ghirba

Battle of Ortona

Battle of Ozernitsa

Battle of Pico

Battle of Piva Forks

Battle of Ponyri

Battle Of Prochorovka

Battle of Prokhorovka

Battle of Raseiniai

Battle of Saint Nizier

Battle of Szack

Battle of Tarnova

Battle of the Bridgehead (2)

Battle of the Exiles

Battle of the Grain Elevator

Battle of the Lys

Battle of Tolvajarvi

Battle of Valchevrière

Battle of Warsaw

Battle of Wau

Battle of Wytyczno

Battle on Martinville Ridge

Battle on Snowshoes

Battles of Firebases Coral and Balmoral Part 1 (2)

Battles of Firebases Coral and Balmoral Part 2 (2)

Battlin' Buckeyes


Baw Drop

Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay (2)

Beacon of Hope

Beast at Bay

Beda Fomm (3)

Bedburg Bite

Beginning of the End

Behind Enemy Lines (2)

Behind in the Count

Belbek Valley

Belechino Station

Belgian Blitzkrieg

Belgium: The Clash of Armor

Belgorod - Kharkov

Belmont, Missouri

Bemis Heights

Bemis Heights (British Redoubts)

Bemis Heights (Saratoga)

Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath The Castle Walls

Beneath the Crumbling Spires

Beneath the Scythe (2)

Beneventum (275 BC) (2)


Berlings Landing


Bertoldo the Brave


Bessarabian Nights

Bessarabian Nights II

Bessières’ Hollow Victory

Best Think Again

Best-Laid Plans

Better Fields Of Fire

Better Late Than Never

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Bevern’s Finest Hour

Bevern’s Stand

Bewildered and Belligerent

Beyond the Blue Beach

Beyond the Breaking Point

Bib Gifgafa

Bibracte (58 BC)

Bidermann's Escape

Bienen Burnout

Bienville’s Blunder

Big Boys

Big Cats at Twilight (2)

Big War in a Pocket (2)

Billotte's Charge

Bingham Must Hold

Bir Hakeim

Birds of Prey (2)

Birmingham Hill

Birth of a Legend

Birthday Present

Bite of the Bassotto

Bitter 1sthmus

Bitter Creek

Bitter Defense At Otta (2)

Bizory Loves Company

Black Cat Blues

Black Day in Hatten

Black Friday (2)

Black Knights of the Steppe



Blazin' Chariots

Blazin’ Chariots

Blind Man's Bluff

Blitzkrieg Unleashed


Blizzard Baptism

Block at Ville-Sur-Illon

Block Busting in Bokruisk (2)


Blocking Action at Lipki (2)


Blood and Guts

Blood Enemies

Blood on the Tracks

Blood Stained Bocage

Bloody Bognor

Bloody Bois Jacques

Bloody Bridge

Bloody Crossroad (2)

Bloody Gulch (2)

Bloody Hollow

Bloody Lindern

Bloody Morning Scout

Bloody Nose

Bloody Nose Ridge

Bloody Omaha

Bloody Red Beach

Bloody Ridge (3)

Bloody Rough (2)

Bloody Valley (2)

Blue Beach

Blue Spaders Over the See

Bob's Farm (2)

Bocage Blockage


Bofors Bashing

Bogged Down

Bolder Than Before

Bona Fide Effort

Bonaparte's First Masterpiece

Bonaparte’s First Victory

Bone of Contention

Bonfire of the NKVD


Borodino (Raevski Redoubt)

Borodino (Shevardino Redoubt)

Borodino (Utitza)

Borodino (Village of Borodino)

Borodino Train Station



Boudica's Revolt (61 AD)

Bourbon for Bravery

Bourbon High Tide in Italy

Bouvellemont: The Thin French Line

Bouvignes Bridgehead

Boy Soldier

Braddock’s Defeat



Brandywine (British Flank Attack)

Brandywine (Green's Rear Guard)

Brandywine (Knyphausen's Attack)

Brandywine (Washington's Attack)

Brasche Encounter

Brave Little Emchas

Bread Factory #2

Break For Hungary

Break Out

Breakin' Into the Slammer

Breaking Out

Breaking Point

Breaking the Ishun Line

Breaking the Jitra Line

Breaking the Line

Breaking the Panzers

Breakneck Ridge

Breakout (3)

Breakout at Klin (2)

Breakout at Sedan

Breakout Dance

Breakout From Borisov (3)

Breakout From Prääzä

Breakout Through St. Lo

Breakout to Lisyanka (2)

Breakthrough at Mortain

Breakthrough to Gembloux

Breakthrough to Mzensk Pocket

Breakthrough to the Beach

Bretel wood

Bridge 10

Bridge Hunt

Bridge of the Seven Planets

Bridge over the River Dnepr (2)

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge Too Far, The

Bridgehead Across the Drut

Bridgehead at Cauquigny (2)

Bridgehead on the Astrika

Bridgehead on the Rhine (2)

Bridges over Troubled Waters

Brief Breakfast


Brigade Hill

Brindisi Raid (48 BC)

Bring on the Night (2)

Bring Up the Guns (2)


Broich Bash

Broken Bamboo

Broken Wings

Brothers in Arms (2)

Brunswick’s Masterpiece

Bruttium (71 BC)

Brécourt Manor (2)

Brécourt Manor - Final Episode

Brécourt Manor - FSJ Variant

Brécourt Manor - Revised

Buchholz Station (2)

Buckley's Block

Bug River (3)

Bulge: Thrust

Bullets For Breakfast

Bulolo River Bridge

Bungle in the Jungle

Bunker Busting

Bunker Hill (2)

Burning Buna

Burzevo (2)

Bushy Run

Bussaco (2)

Bussaco (Ney’s Assault)

Bussaco (Reynier’s Assault)

Busting in Balta

Butchery at Dusk

Buttons for Bullets

Buying The Farm

Buying Time

By Dawns Early Light (2)

By Ourselves

By These Deeds They Shall Be Known

Bzura River


Cahier Carriers

Calais: The Mobile Division Attacks

Callinicum (Phase 1)

Callinicum (Phase 2)

Calvary Charge!

Camalatrum (71 BC)

Cambrai (Bourlon Village & Wood)

Cambrai (Flesquieres Ridge)

Cambrai (Fontaine-Notre-Dame)

Cambrai (German Counter Attack)

Cambrai (Graincourt)

Cambrai (Havrincourt Village)

Cambrai (Siegfried Stellung Line Part 2)

Cambrai (Siegfried Stellung Line)

Cambrai (St. Quientin Canal)

Camden (2)

Came Tumbling After

Camel Blue

Camouflaged in Monthermé

Camp Nibeiwa (2)

Camulodunum (60 AD)

Can We Hold?

Canal de la Haute Colme


Cannae (216 BC) (2)

Cape Torokina Landings

Capital Punishment

Capture of distelfink radar station

Capture of Meiktila

Capture of Parry

Capture of Vire

Capture or Elst

Capture the Oasis

Captured Convoy

Capturing the Crossing

Caralis (215 BC)

Carentan (4)

Carentan Causeway (3)

Caricat! Charge!

Carnage in the Night

Carrhae (53 BC)

Carrier Hill

Carthage (238 AD)

Casa Berardi

Cassino Royale (2)

Cassino Station

Castello Fatato

Castle Itter

Castles on the Horizon

Castrum Album (214 BC)

Castulo (211 BC)

Cat and Mouse (2)

Cat's Cradle

Cat's Kill

Catalaunian Fields (Roman Left)

Catalaunian Fields (Roman Right)

Catinat’s Last Battle

Cattern's Position

Caumont lEventé

Causeway Attack

Cautious Crusaders

Cavalry Brigade Model

Cavalry Charge at Chebotarevsky

Cedar Mountain, Virginia

Cefn Carnedd (51 AD)

Cellar Dwellers

Celles Melee

Celtiberia (207 BC)

Central Front: French Hill

Centurions Reverse!

Chaeronea (338 BC)

Chain of Command

Chakila Sunrise

Chalk 2's Run


Champion Hill

Chance D'une Affaire (2)

Chance Encounter (2)


Chancellorsville (3rd day of battle)


Chaos Reigns

Chapelle Ste. Anne


Charge The Causeway

Charging Chaumont

Charles XII Invades Poland

Charles XII Smashes the Russian Army

Chasseurs at Yvoir

Chateau de Meez

Chateau de Quesnoy (2)

Chateau Fury


Checking Out

Checking the Thrust

Checkout Time

Chehery: Guderian Attacked

Chekov’s Bridge

Cherkasskoye (2)

Cherry Ripe

Chesty's Turn

Cheux'd Up


Chickamauga, Georgia

China Gal

China Girl

Chinese Farm


Christmas Day Flurry

Ci Arrendiamo

Ci Arrendiamo (“We Surrender”)

Cibalae (314 AD)

Cibik's Ridge

Cilician Gates (39 BC)

Circle of Doom

Cirta (203 BC)

Cissa (218 BC)

cisterna di Littoria

City Centre

City on the Edge

Claairfayts: The Maginot Line

Clark Field

Clash Along the Psel

Clash at Borisovka

Clash at Pordenone

Clash of Elites

Clash of Titans

Clashing Sabers

Clastidium (222 BC)

Clay Pigeons

Clear the Ditches (2)

Clear Them Out

Clearing Action in the Ruhr

Clearing Carentan

Clearing Colleville

Clearing Kakazu

Clearing Kamienka

Clearing Matanikau River (2)

Clearing of the Echternach Bulge

Clearing Prendergast

Clearing the Breskens Pocket (2)

Clearing the Heights

Clearing the North Shore

Clervaux - The Road to Bastogne

Clevesy Assault


Climax at Nijmegen Bridge (2)

Cloaks Of Confusion

Closed for Renovation

Closing Outer Camp

Closing the Gap

Closing the Net

Closing the Sack (2)

Closing the Trap

Clusium (225 BC) (2)

Coal in Their Stockings


Cobra Kings

Cocktails for Molotov

Codes in the Sunrise

Cold Crocodiles

Cold Front

Colditz Castle

Coldstream Hill

Cole's Metal of Honor



Colline Gate (82 BC)

Combat at Aire

Combat at Redinha

Combats in Stonne

Combler à Combles

Coming Through (2)

Commando Hunt

Commando Raid At Dieppe (2)

Commando Schenke

Commando School

Compagnie Scamaroni

Compagnie Scamaroni II

Compagnon D'Armes

Condé's Last Bloody Hurrah

Confusion on the Moors (2)

Confusion Reigns

Contest in the Clouds

Contested Settlement

Converging Assaults

Convey to Hell

Cooks, Clerks, and Bazookas

Cooperation in Destruction

Cooperative Venture


Cornered Cats

Coronea (394 BC)

Corporal to Sergeant

Corps Value


Costly Encounter

Cota's Last Stand?

Counter attack at Prokhorovka

Counter Attack at Sainte-Mère-Église (2)

Counter-Attack at Arras

Counter-attack at Holtzwihr

Counter-Attack at Sverchkovo

Counter-attack of the BEF

Counter-attack on Mortain (2)

Counter-offensive on Okinawa

Counterattack at Beek

Counterattack at Carentan

Counterattack at Hatten

Counterattack at Karatin

Counterattack at Orel

CounterAttack at Radekhov

Counterattack at Sidi Bou Zid

Counterattack at Stonne

Counterattack at Verkhne-Kumsky

Counterattack on the Chir

Counterattack On The vistula (2)


Counterstroke at Stonne (2)

Coup de Main at Hamminkeln

Coutances Breakout

Cowboy, up!

Cowpens (2)

Cradle to Grave


Cream of the Crop

Creating the Korsun Pocket

Crecy: De Gaulle Tires Again

Crickets in Spring

Crimissos River (341 BC) (2)

Crisis at Kasserine (2)

Critical Intelligence

Crocodile Rock

Crocus Plain (352 BC)


Cronium (376 BC)

Cross Keys / Port Republic

Cross the Gari


Crossing of Elle river

Crossing the Berezina

Crossing the Bloody Meadow

Crossing the Driniumor

Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch

Crossing the Myshkova

Crossing the Vire

Crossing the Volturno

Crossroads (2)

Crucifix Hill (2)

Cruinchy: Bridgehead on the Somme


Culloden (Flanking Move)


Currie's Favor

Cut of the Cotentin

Cut Off (2)

Cut the Road to Marseille

Cutting Out a Strongpoint

Cynoscephalae (197 BC)



D-Day Dawn

D-Day Mederet

D-Day: American Airborne

D-Day: Gold Beach

D-Day: Juno Beach

D-Day: Omaha Beach

D-Day: Sword Beach

D-Day: Utah Beach

Daimler and Sole

Dance of the Totenkopfs

Danger Forward

Danica Air


Daredevil Tankers

Dark Days (2)

Dash for the Bridge

Dash for the Saar

Dash for the Stairs

Dash for the Wire

Dash to Dunkirk

Dash to the Wire

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn's Early Light

Day at Night

Day of Days

Dayan to Meet You

Daybreaker (2)

De Gaulle to the Rescue

De Gaulle's First Action

Dead Man's Hill

Deadly Assumption

Deadly Convoy

Dean's Defiance

Death at Carentan

Death Knell of the Bourbon Army

Death Knell of the Kīngitanga Movement

Death Knell of the Mughal Empire

Death of the 6th Army

Death Struggle in the Snow

Death Takes a Toll

Death's Head at Arras (2)

Death's Head At Lusho (2)

Debacle at Korosten (2)

Decimum (Final Phase)

Decimum (Phase 1)

Decimum (Phase 2)

Deeds Not Words

Defeat in Java

Defence of Mechili

Defenders of Stalingrad

Defending The Voentorg

Defense of Le Cateau

Defense of Meiktila

Defense Of Nikopol Bridgehead

Defense of Spycker

Defensive Battle at Sasselie

Defiance on Hill 30

Deir el Shein - Act 1

Delaying Action (2)

Delaying Action at Ernage

Delaying Action on the Marne

Delium (424 BC)

Deliver Us from Evil



Denouement of the Five Days Campaign

Der Hohenfriedberger Marsch

Derbercen, Hungary

Dertosa (215 BC)

Dertosa (Ebro) (215 BC)

Descent into Hell

Desobry Defiant

Desperadoes and a Bridge (2)

Desperate Dash

Desperate Escape

Desperate Measures

Desperate Withdrawal


Destruction of the 44th Division

Destruction of the Pearl


Devil Dogs

Devil's Hill (2)

Devils In Baggy Pants (2)

Devil’s Hill

Dew of Death

Didn't Have to Be There

Die Falle

Die hard 57th, die hard!

Dieppe, France

Dinant: Meuse River Assault

Dingoes At Damour

Directive Number Three

Disaster at Dieppe

Disaster at Niagara

Disaster On The Dneiper Loop

Disaster on the Dnieper Loop

Display Of Enthusiasm


Division Sabratha attack

Djebel Djaffa - Action 2

Dog Plus Eight

Doggin' Down the Road (2)


Dom 31

Dom Butgenbach

Dompaire Destruction

Domyoji 1615 - Battle Among the Tombs

Domyoji 1615 - Heights of Komatsuyama

Don't Economize

Dongolaas Ravine



Dorset Wood in the Rain

Double Ambush

Double Trouble

Down in the dumps

Down on the Farm

Downsizing the Uprising

Draconian Measures

Drama, The Park, and Deadly Things

Dranesville, Virginia

Dreil Team

Dress Rehearsal

Drewry’s Bluff

Drive on Caen

Driven To The Bottle

Driving to Sedan

Drop In The Night: 82nd

Drop in the Night: The 101st

Drop Zone Charlie

Dry Ground


Dug in at Sidi Omar

Dug-in behind the Dyle


Dunkirk (2)

Dutch Trucks

Dying for Danzig

Dying For Thirst

Dyrrhachium (48 BC)

Déja vécu


Early Battles

East Bank

East by Northwest

Easy Over

Easy Peasy

Eben-emael, Belgium

Edessa (259 AD)

Edson’s Lucky Raid

Edson’s Ridge (2)


Eggmühl—Day 1

Eggmühl—Day 2 Alteglofsheim

Eggmühl—Day 2 Attack on Eggmühl

Eggmühl—Day 2 French Left

Eggmühl—Day 2 French Right

Egypt's Last Hope

Egyptian Airmobile Attack

Eight Million Bayonets


El Al

El Alamein

El Bas

El Firdan

El Firdan (might Have Been)

El Ultimo Tercio



Elephants Unleashed

Elsenborn Ridge


Emergency Surgery

Empire's Fall

En Avant Les Grelus

En Route to Abbeville (2)

Encircled at Hill 30

Encirclement Of Nancy

Encirclement of Troop C

Encircling the Ruhr (2)

Encounter at Cornimont

End of Jupiter

End of the Beginning

End of the Line

End of the Ninth

End Run

End Station Budapest

End Tide

Endless Struggle

Engebi Landings

Enter Dragan

Enter the Guards (2)

Enter the Young

EPIC Asculum (279 BC)

EPIC Leuctra (371 BC)

Escape along Salmchâteau

Escape from Derna (2)

Escape from Encirclement

Escape from Komsomol Park

Escape From Velikiye Luki (2)

Escape is Everything

Escape to Wiltz

Escape via the Coastal Road


Espinosa de los Monteros

Essex's Finest Hour


Eugene’s Greatest Victory

Europe is watching you.

Eutaw Springs (2)

Everybody's Dying

Everything Is Lost

Everything was on fire and covered in blood…

Eviction Notice

Ewell's Charge (2)

Exit No.1

Expanding the Perimeter

Expected Company (2)

Extracurricular Activity

Extraordinary Bravery

Eylau (8AM to Noon)

Eylau (Murat’s Cavalry Charge)

Eylau Plateau Russian Rearguard


Fahrenheit 352

Failing cartridges, are there not bayonets?

Failure to Communicate

Falkirk (Stage 1)

Falkirk (Stage 2)

Fall of Gondar

Fall of Tobruk

Fallschirmjäger Bridgehead (2)

Fallschirmjäger Requiem (2)

Fano (271 AD)

Far From Home

Fast and Furious

Fast Heinz (2)

Fat Lipki

Father Senat’s Hymn

Father Sunshine

Faugh A Ballagh!

Faugh A'Ballagh!



Fear Naught

Feast Day

Ferdinand's Folly

Festung St. Edouard

Few and Far Between

Fields of Blood

Fields of Fire

Fiery Baptism (2)

Fighting At The World's Edge

Fighting at World's Edge

Fighting Back

Fighting for the Fortresses

Fighting in the Streets

Fighting Sparrow

Fighting the Hedgehogs (2)

Fighting Withdraw

Fighting Withdrawal

Final Push

Finale: Onhaye

Fire action at Singling

Fire and Brimstone

Fire on the Volga (2)

Firefight in Neffe

First Action (2)

First Ally

First Banzai (2)

First battle for Schmidt

First Battle of Alamein

First Battle of Azukizaka 1542

First Battle of Winchester

First Bayonet Charge

First Bedriacum (69 AD)

First Bull Run

First Bull Run, Virginia

First Clash

First Clash in Tunisia

First Contact Russia

First Crack

First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge

First Crisis at Army Group North (3)

First Cristot

First Day of Diadem

First Days

First Joust with Galahad

First Love

First Matanikau (2)

First Objective

First Samurai Skirmish

First Threat

First Tiger Encounter in the Desert

First Timers

First To Strike

First, Do No Harm

Fitzgerald's Fire

Fix Bayonets

Flames of Unrest

Flanking Flamethrowers

Flanking Maneuver at Bir Hakeim

Flash... Thunder! (2)

Flea Circus

Flesh and Iron

Flight of Fancy

Fly Half (2)

Foggy Bottom


Following the Tanks

Food Fight

Fools Rush In

For A Few Rounds More

For God and King Charles

For Honor Alone

For Pride's Sake

For Want of Either Crust or Crumb

Foraging Party (54 BC)

Forced Crossing

Forest Bastion

Forest Gumm

Forging Spetsnaz

Form! Form! It is only a scouting party!

Forsthaus Clash

Fort Capuzzo

Fort Donelson, Tennessee (Confederate Breakout)

Fort Eben-Emaël

Fort McGregor

Forth Bridge

Fortified Goose Egg

Fortress Breslau (2)

Fortress Within A Fortress

Fortresses of Blood and Iron

Forêt dEcouves

Four Hours More

Fourth Kawanakajima 1561 - Phase 1 Uesugi Vanguard Attacks

Fourth Kawanakajima 1561 - Phase 2 Yamamoto Kansuke Charge

Fourth Kawanakajima 1561 - Phase 3 Attack against Takeda Command Tent

Fourth Kawanakajima 1561 - Phase 4 Fords of Amenomiya

Fourth Kawanakajima 1561 - Phase 5 Takeda Pincer Attack

Fox in the Henhouse

Foxtrot Uniform


Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fratricidal Fighting

Frederick Escapes Daun’s Trap

Frederick II's First Victory

Frederick II’s Greatest Victory

Frederick II’s Last Battle

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Frederick’s First Defeat

Frederick’s First Great Victory

Frederick’s First Victory

Frederick’s Great Victory

Freeman's Farm

Freeman's Farm (Saratoga)

French Canada’s Denouement

French Stand near Arras

French Toast and Bacon

Friday the 13th


Frivilligkompani Benckert

Front Porsche (2)

Frontal Assault

Frontiers and Pioneers


Ft. Duquesne


Full Moon Madness

Fuller's Folly

Furor Hungaricus


Gabiene (316 BC)

Gabriel's Horn

Gaines Mill, Virginia


Gallabat & Metemma


Galloping Horse Ridge

Gambit (2)



Gap at Antelat

Garcia Hernandez

Garibaldi Legion

Garry Owen!

Gates of Moscow (2)

Gaugamela (331 BC) (2)

Gavin Take

Gavin's Gamble


Gela Beachhead

Gela Landing

Gela, Sicily


Gemencheh Bridge

General Petrov

Gentlemen of the French Guards, fire.

Gergovia (52 BC)

German Armored Offensive Central Poland

German Delaying Action

German Relief On The Korsun Pocket

German strong point Osteck


Germany's Last Gasp


Gettysburg - Little Round Top

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Devil’s Den & Wheat Field)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Pickett’s Charge)

Ghost Riders

Ghosts in the Rubble (2)

Gift of Time


Glen Shiel


Glorious Goodwood

Glorious Victory at Lesnaya

Gloster Hill

Gloucester Raid

Go Big or Go Home

Go For Broke

Go To Town

Go! Go! Go!

Goch Ya

God is against us.

God Save the King!

Goettge’s Patrol

Goettge’s Retribution


Going Coastal (2)

Going Commando

Going To Church

Going to New York!

Golan Heights: Mutzav III

Golan Heights: Tel Maschara

Golan Heights: Tel Shaar

Golan Heights: Valley of Tears

Golan Heights: Zaoura

Gold Beach (3)

Golden Pheasants


Good Night, Sweet Prince


Got Milk?

Gotta Get Out

Government Property


Grab and Go

Grab at Gribovo

Grabbing Gavutu

Graebner's Folly

Grande Ferme de Meez

Granicus (334 BC)

Grapes of Wrath

Grassy Knoll


Graveyard of Steel

Graveyard of the North Shores

Graveyard Shift

Great Bridge

Great Plains (203 BC)

Grebbe End

Green Devils at Vierville

Green Springs

Greenbrier River, West Virginia

Greif I

Greif II

Groesbeek Heights

Groesbeek, Germany

Grojecka Street


Ground and Pound

Gruppo Mobile


Guam - Landing on Yellow Beach

Guam Landings (2)

Guards Artillery

Guards Attack

Guards Counterattack

Guilford Courthouse (2)

Guillemont Farm (2)

Gully of Death

Guns for St. Barbara

Gunter Strikes Back


Guryev's Headquarters

Gustav II Adolf's Masterpiece


Göring's Men




Haase to Hold On

Habbaniya Heights

Hakkaa Paalle

Half a Chance (2)

Halfaya Pass

Halha River Bridge



Ham and Bloody Jam

Hamlet's Demise

Hammer and Anvil

Hammer and Nail

Hammer to the Teeth

Han-Sur-Neid (2)

Happy Valley

Hapsburg Zenith

Hard ROK

Hare and Hounds with the Heins

Harlem Heights

Hart Attack


Hasty Pudding (2)

Hatten & Rittershoffen

Hatter Harassment

Havoc at the Hospital

Hazardous Occupation

Head in the Noose

Headhunting For Bloody Huns

Heart of Athena

Heart of Wilderness

Heavy Hitters

Hedgerow Clash

Hedgerow Hell (3)

Hedgerows & Hand Grenades

Heilsberg (Opening Phase)

Heirs Bridgehead


Hell for the Holidays

Hell on Wheels (2)

Hell or High Water

Hell Week

Hell Wouldn't Have It

Hellespont (323 BC)

Hellfire Pass (2)

Helluva Patrol Leader

Help Our Troops Out

Heraclea (280 BC)

Here began the flight and destruction of the enemy.

Here Comes the Sun (2)

Here They Come

Heroes of Lanzerath

Heroes of the Soviet Union

Heroes' Day

Heroic Defense on the Metaxas Line

Hervorst Hell

Hettrick's War

Hey, That Ain’t A ROK!

Hi-Wire Jinx

Hickory Lickin'

Hidden Guns Lash Out

Hide & Seek

Hide and Seek (2)

High Rent Hooligans

High Stakes at Bruyères

High Tide at Heiligenbeil

High Water Mark (2)

Higher Ground

Highland Frank

Highway 5

Highway to Hell

Hill 112 (2)

Hill 133

Hill 170

Hill 192 - Hedgerow Hell

Hill 219

Hill 226.6

Hill 251

Hill 253.5 (2)

Hill 27

Hill 314

Hill 400

Hill 60 Chapter I

Hill 60 Chapter II

Hill 621 (2)

Hill 693

Hill 95

Hill of Death (2)

Himera (480 BC)

Himeras River (211 BC)

Himmler's House


Hitdorf on the Rhine (2)

Hitler Meets Churchill

HKL 259

Hlegu Burma

Hobkirk's Hill (2)


Hold at all Cost

Hold the Line

Hold until Relived

Hold Your Horses

Holding Hell's Highway (2)

Holding the Fort at Clervaux

Holding the Rear


Holy Ground

Home By Christmas?

Hommage to the Guard

Honey Springs

Hormuz (226 AD)


House of the Soviets

House to House

How Close is Too Close

Howard's Men


Hube's Pocket (3)

Hube’s Pocket

Human Bullets

Huns of Steel

Hunters at Ylimaa

Hunters from the Sky (2)

Hunting Chernov

Hunting the Hunters

Hydaspes (326 BC) (2)

Hysiae (669 BC)

Hôtel Meurice


I believe that everything is lost

I Don't Like Retreating

I have never witnessed a more gallant charge.

I pray your Honours to consider.

I tell you, we gave ‘em a hell of a towelling.

I Wana Take That Ridge!

I was the King of Sweden

I'll Take the Low Road (2)

Ichiki Attacks

If from Romulus, Rome; from Bolívar, it is Bolivia.

If This is Combat

If you refuse, I shall shoot you through the head.

Ilerda (49 BC)

Ilipa (206 BC) (2)

Iliturgi (215 BC)

Immae (272 AD)

In Deadly Combat

In Front of the Storm

In My Time of Dying

In Pursuit of the French

In Rommel's Wake (2)

In Sight of the Volga (2)

In the Bag

In the Coconut Grove

In the Ghetto (2)

In the Old Tradition

In the Presence of My Enemies



Indus (306 BC)

Infatuate II (2)




Insanity At the Sanatorium (2)

Insufficient Resolve

Insult to Injury

Intimate War

Into the Breach

Into the Cauldron

Into the Dragon's Lair (2)

Into the Factory

Into the Fog

Into the Fray

Into the Grinding Mill

Into the Inferno

Into the Tigers Dan

Into The Valley

Into Vienna Woods

Invasion of Britain (55 BC)


Invisible Foes

Ipsus (301 BC)


Iron Coffins (2)

Iron Fist

Iron Horseman

Iron Ladies

Irons in the Fire

Is Anyone Out There?

Is There No God Beside Me?

Ishun Tank Traps

Island Retreat

Isneauville Junction

Issus (194 AD)

Issus (333 BC)

It Don't Come Easy

It's a fine fox hunt, boys!

It's About Time

It's About Time - Historical Variant

It's Hardly Fair

It's So Easy!

Italian Brothers

Italian Diversion at Gazala

It’s Gonna be a Long Day

Ivan Kommen!

Ivanovskoye Bridgehead

Iwabuchi's Sarcophagus

Iwo Jima Landings

I’m here, and I shall stay here.



Jackpot Jones

Jao Modo

Japanese Counter-attack

Japanese Counterattack

Jaws of the 6th Army

Jaxartes River (328 BC)


Jena–Early Morning


Jenin (Might Have Been)


Jochim Murat’s Bold Charge

John Boyd’s Loyalist Misadventure

Jonesboro 1st Day

Joseph 351

Joyeux Noel

Jungle Citadel

Jungle Fighters

Jungle Infiltration

Juno Beach (2)

Just an Illusion

Just Fighting Through

Just in Case

Just In Time

Just Over The Highway

Just Past Don

Juvelize, The Finale


Kakazu's Tombs

Kalach Bridge (2)




Kampfgruppe at Karachev

Kampfgruppe Eberback (2)

Kampfgruppe Garski

Kangaroo Hop


Kasserine Pass (3)

Katyusha Variations

Katyusha's Embrace

Kawagoe Castle 1546

Kawaguchi's Gamble

Kawatama Bridge

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keeping the Door Open (2)

Kef Zilia

Kellam's Bridge

Kellam's Bridge

Kempf at Melikhovo

Kennesaw Mountain

Kepa Oksywska

Kernstown, Virginia

Kerry's Crossing

Key to the City

Khaki Storm Rising

Khamsin (2)

Khopka's Crossing

Kick 'em Out (2)


Kill or Be Killed

Killean's Red


King Of The Hill

King's Castle (2)

King's Mountain

Kings Mountain

Kingston of the Hill

Kizakihara 1572


Knaust's 'Fausts

Knightsbridge (3)

Knocking on the Door

Koevering Corridor Raid


Komsomolets Collision

Konev Cross

Koriyama Castle 1540 - October

Koriyama Castle 1540 - River Enokawu

Koriyama Castle 1540 - September

Koriyama Castle 1541 - January

Korsun Pocket

Kota Bharu

KP 167


Krefeld Avenged


Kurhaus Clash

Kursk Attack On Organized Defense

Kursk Northern Flank Attack





Königgrätzer Marsch


L'Abbaye Blanche (2)

L'Ecole Normale

La Brèche dHermanville

La Fiere Counterattack

La Huberderie

La Marvindière

La Raye

La Villa Strangiato

Lacy Smashes Sweden

Lagus Assault Guns

Lake George

Lake Trasimenus (217 BC) (2)

Lambs Led to Slaughter

Land Leviathans (3)

Land of the Giants

Landing at Dili

Landing at Port-Toro

Landing Group 7

Landing Near Libreville

Landing On Langoan

Landing on Wake Island

Landings at Peleliu



Laon–French Left

Laon–French Right

Large Scale Streetfighting

Lash Out

Last Act in Lorraine (2)

Last Ally, Last Victory

Last Battle, Last Stand

Last Chance for the Jacobites (2)

Last Defense Line (2)

Last Laurels

Last Line Before Oboyan

Last Minute War

Last Of Their Strength

Last Push To Mozhaisk

Last Roundup

Last Stand

Last Stand of the Bohemian Revolt

Late for Chow

Late for Mass

Launch of Jupiter

Lauron (76 BC)

Lausdell Crossroads

Lawless Ways

Lazic War (Onoguris)

Lazic War (Petra Mountain Passes)

Lazic War (Phasis River)

Lazic War (River Hippis)

Le Dézert - Act I

Le Dézert - Act II

Le Havre

Le Hérisson

Le Manoir (3)

Le Peradis

Le Tapissier de Nôtre Dame


Leave...or Elst

Lechaeum (391 BC)

Lee's Charge

Legio Patria Nostra

Lehr Sanction

Lehwaldt’s Gamble

Lend-Lease Attack

Lenin's Sons

Les Montis

Let England Shake

Let's Hubba-Hubba

Leuctra (371 BC) (2)

Lexington & Concord

Lezey: The Germans Attack

Liberating Bessarabia

Liberating Rostov


Liberation Day

Liberation of Paris (2)

Libyan Taxi Service

Liebertwolkwitz - Afternoon

Liebertwolkwitz - Morning

Liehr Launches First


Light 'em Up

Light Aid Detached

Ligny (2)

Ligonier’s Charge

Like a Good Neighbor

Lille: Rommel Attacked



Lined in Chalk

Linking Up


Lions and Tin Men

Lipovec (2)

Little Ferry

Little Stalingrad (2)

Little Sugar Creek, Arkansas


Lone Tree Hill

Long Island

Long Island (British Flank March)

Long Island (Grant's Attack)

Long Range Recon

Longvilly Trap

Look Mom, No Tanks!

Loos (2nd Division Diversionary Attack)

Loos (Fight for the trenches)

Loos (German Counter Attack)

Loos (Hohenzollern Redoubt)

Loos (Renewed British Offensive)

Loss Of Hope

Lost Battalion

Lost Highway

Lost Opportunities


Lovat First Sight

Lublin district

Luchki (part 1)

Luchki (part 2)

Lucky Ivan

Luga Bridges

Lugdunum (197 AD)

Lunch in Luga

Lyudnikov's Island

Lübeck–North Gate


Ma Deuce Delivers

Mabatang (2)

Mack the Knife (I)

Mack the Knife (II)

Mack the Knife (III)

Maczek Fire Brigade

Madona Sector, Latvia

Mageret Mixer

Mageret Morning

Maggot Hill

Magnesia (190 BC)

Magnuszew, Poland

Main Line of Resistance

Maintaining the Box

Makin Taken

Maleme Airfield

Maleme, Crete


Mamayev Kurgan

Manado Landings

Mantinea (362 BC) (2)

Mantinea (418 BC)

Maquis of Malleval

Marathon (490 BC) (2)

Marders not Martyrs

Marechal's Mill





Marlborough’s Greatest Victory

Married Up

Martinville Ridge

Maryuma's Stronghold


Massacre at Vassieux-en-Vercors

Matanikau River (2)

Matsumoto's Charge

Maximum Aggression

Mayhem In Manila

Mazed and Confused

Mazrat Beit Jan

McDowell, Virginia

Meat Grinder (2)

Mechanized Sacrifice


Medal of Honor (4)

Medeera Pocket


Medway (43 AD)

Meeting at the Elks Club

Megalopolis (331 BC)


Men of France, You May Fire First (2)

Men of Steel

Men of the Mountains

Merzenhausen Zoo

Messenger Boys

Messervy's Men

Messines Ridge

Metaurus (207 BC)

Metaxas Season

Mexico and Morocco

Mexico no longer has an army.

Midday's Counterattack (2)

Midnight Massacre

Might Makes Right

Mignano Monte Lungo

Mikata-Ga-Hara 1572

Mike Red

Mila 18

Millet's Men

Milling About

Million Dollar Mountain

Milvian Bridge (312 AD)

Mimasetoge 1569

Mission of Vengeance

Missionary Ridge (2)

Missouri vs. Missouri

Misty Morning Mayhem

misty Mountain

Mixing it Up

Moerdijk Bridges

Moerdijk, Holland



Mon Chéri, Armor (I)

Mon Chéri, Armor (II)

Mona Insulis (60 AD)

Monastery Hill


Monmouth, afternoon phase

Monmouth, morning phase

Mons Again

Mons Graupius (84 AD)

Mont Mouchet (2)

Mont Pinçon

Montcalm’s Cross

Montcornet: De Gaulle Attacks

Monte Castello



Montmorency Falls

Monty's Gamble

Monty's Mess


Montélimar Champaign for Southern France

Mook Point

Moore's creek

Mopping Up

Morgan's Stand

Morgan’s Stand

Mort et convoi de l'invincible Malbrough


Moses' Blazes

Motoyama Airfield 1

Moulin de Laffaux

Mount Austen

Mountain Comes to Mohammed

Mountain Hunters

Mountain Marines

Mountain-Top Drama

Mounted Extraction

Moyland Wood (2)

Moyland Wood Overlord

Mt Garganus (72 BC)

Mt Vesuvius (73 BC)

Muddy Mayhem

Mummius Defeat (72 BC)

Munda (45 BC)

Munda Mash

Munychia (404 BC)

Murfreesboro, Tennessee (1st day of battle)

Musgroves Mill

My God! What is an army without a chief?

My Lonely Valentine

Mycale (479 BC)


Möckern – French Left

Möckern – French Right




Nach Moskau!

Nader’s Last Battle

Nagashino 1575 - Battle Overview

Nagashino 1575 - Takeda Center Attack

Nagashino 1575 - Takeda Left Attack

Nagashino 1575 - Takeda Right Attack

Naissus (268 AD)

Nakagawa Strikes Back

Nameless Hill

Namur Landings

Napoleon’s Bloody Return to Prussia

Napoléon Takes the gateway to Old Russia

Narrow Corridor


Nemea (394 BC)

Never On Time

New Hope Church, Georgia

New Kid On The Block

New Market, Virginia

New Mission

New Orleans



Night Assault

Night Attack

Night Battle at Noromaryevka

Night Battle at Noromatyevka

Night Drop (3)

Night Fans

Night Hodgepodge

Night Hunt

Night Moves

Night of Nights

Night Owls

Night Raid

Night Shift

Night Withdrawal

Nijmegen Bridges (2)

Nikita's Revenge

Nimm Das Jetzt!


Nishne, Nyet!

Nisibis (217 AD)

Nivelle Offensive (Berry-au-Bac)

Nivelle Offensive (Caronne Afternoon)

Nivelle Offensive (Caronne)

Nivelle Offensive (La Folie Farm)

Nivelle Offensive (Moulin-de-Laffaux)

Nivelle Offensive (St. Quentin)

NKVD Defense at Mir

No Better Place To Die…

No Better Spot to Die

No Bit of Cake

No Dunkirk

No Greater Love

No Happy Rest

No Hope But Glory

No Ingouf Around

No Japanese Within 100 Miles

No Man's Land

No Man’s Land

No Mercy in Burcy

No Monumental Acclaim

No Quarter

No Safe Refuge

No Surrender

No Time For a Spot of Tea (2)

No Time to Bleed

No Way Out

No Wine for the Boches (2)

No. 4 Commando

No. 8 Platoon Overrun

Nocturnal Attrition

Noise in the Fog (2)

Normandie and Julien

Normandy Farm

Normandy, France, Part I

Normandy, France, Part II

North Bank

North of Oosterbeek

Northern Landing Force

Norwegian Edelweiss

Not A Man Afraid

Not Apt to Drag Feet

Not Bad For A Lone Croc

Not One Step Back

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Not So Disposed

Nothing But Courage

Nothing Left to Lose


Noville to Foy

Now it’s time for action!

Nunobeyama 1570

NUTS! (2)



O Lord God, let me not be disgraced in my old days.

Oak Grove, Virginia

Obian Alone

Obstinate Canadians


Ocaña (Cavalry)

October Surprise

Odd Angry Shot

Off to Oslo

Offensive on Saint-Lô

Oh Joy!

Oka’s Final Gambit

Okehazama 1560 - Border Fort Marune

Okehazama 1560 - Dengakuhazama Gorge

Okitanawate 1584

Oklahoma Wildcat

Old Friends

Old Hickory

Old Hickory Resolute

Old Town

Olpae (426 BC)

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach Exit D1

Omaha Beach First Assault Wave

Omaha Beach Overlord

Omaha Lifeline

Ommerey: Duel Of Commanders

On Boys! On! On!

On Silent Wings

On The Borderline (2)

On the Hoss' Side

On the Kokoda Trail

On the Road from Rabat (3)

On The Road To Andalsnes (2)

On the Road to Arnhem

On the Road to Moscow

On the Road to Victory

On the Run

On the Verge of Extinction

On Their Own

On To Florence

One Down, Two to Go

One Hell of a Night (2)

One Last Blitz for Old Time's Sake (2)

One Last Steak Dinner (2)

One Miserable Night

One More Hedgerow

One Smart Bastard

One Steppe Beyond

One-Eyed Jacques

OP Hill


Operation "Bristol"

Operation "Claymore"

Operation "Dryad"

Operation "Easter 3"

Operation "Forefar Love"

Operation "Gauntlet"

Operation "Huckabuck"

Operation "Iota One"

Operation "Jubilee"

Operation "Kiwi"

Operation "Lauenberg"

Operation "Montana"

Operation Amherst


Operation Caravan

Operation Cherry Blossom

Operation Cobra (2)

Operation Crusader (3)

Operation Deadstick

Operation Epsom

Operation Frankforce

Operation Garden - Anticlimax

Operation Goodwood (4)

Operation Herbstwind: Garski’s Demise

Operation Herbstwind: Gostischka Lowlands

Operation Herbstwind: Kampfgruppe Grosser

Operation Herring

Operation Hubertus

Operation Hush

Operation Kutuzov (2)

Operation Ladbroke

Operation Lightfoot (2)

Operation Little Saturn

Operation Lumberjack

Operation Luttich

Operation Luttich Counter-attack on Mortain

Operation Market - Arnhem

Operation Market - Nijmegen

Operation Market Garden

Operation Marston

Operation Max Und Moritz

Operation Mercury

Operation Natzmer

Operation Nicety

Operation Nightwind

Operation NIWI

Operation Repulse

Operation Schwarz

Operation Seydlitz

Operation Spring (2)

Operation Starlite - Hotel Company (2)


Operation Switchback (2)

Operation Tempest Bialystock

Operation Tonga

Operation Trappenjagd

Operation Typhoon

Operation Undertone

Operation Varsity (2)

Operation “Morning Watch"


Opium Hill

Opportunity at Falaise

Orange at Walawbum

Oranje Crush (2)

Ordal Cross

Order No. 227


Orongis (212 BC)

Orote Peninsula


Orthez – French Left

Orthez – French Right


Our Goose is Cooked

Our Zeal and Devotion

Out of Cowardice

Out of Kemi

Out of Luck

Out of the Hürtgen: Queen's Gambit

Out of the Hürtgen: Stepping Toward Düren

Out of the Hürtgen: Too Far, Too Fast

Out of the Hürtgen: Wolves On The Prowl

Out of the mist

Over Open Sights

Over the Border

Over the Rhine

Over There

Overlooking Maltot

Overloon Forest

Overlord Begins (2)



Ox Hill, Virginia

Oy Veghel



Panormus (250 BC)

Panthers in the Mist

Panzer attack on Hill 140

Panzer Graveyard

Panzer Lehr Counter Attacks


Panzers Forward!

Panzers in the Atlas

Panzers versus Grants

Paole Zion

Paper Army

Paradrop at Kanev

Paraitacene (317 BC) (3)

Paralyzed from the West Down

Parker's Crossroads

Parker’s Crossroads

Parry and Strike

Parting Shots

Partisan Payback

Partisans (2)


Passchendaele (Fray Bentos)


Patton's End Run

Patton's Prayers

Patton’s Counter Offensive

Patton’s Ghost

Patton’s Ghosts

Paulus Hook

Paulus last offensive

Pavia (271 AD)

Pavlov - Hero of the Soviet Union

Pavlov's House (5)

Pavlov’s House

Payagyi Burma

Pea Ridge, Arkansas (Elkhorn Tavern)

Peak Hour at the Golf Hotel

Pegasus Bridge (4)

Peiper at Stoumont

Peiper's Last Gasp

Peiper’s Chariots

Peleliu Airfield

Peleliu Landings Overlord

Pell's Point

Penny Packets

Perfected in Battle

Perilous Winter Crossing

Perryville, Kentucky

Pharsalus (48 BC)

Philippenville, Rommel Attacks

Philippi I (42 BC)

Philippi II (42 BC)

Phoenix Rising

Phoney War (2)

Phyle (404 BC)

Piccolomini’s Pinnacle

Picenum (72 BC)

Picking up the Pieces


Pierced and Bloodied

Piercing the Peel

Piercing the Siegfried Line

Pinned (2)

Piraeus (403 BC)

Placentia (271 AD)

Plain of Alsace (58 BC)


Plataea (479 BC) (3)


Play Ball

Please Hurry

Po River (203 BC)

Po Valley (2)

Point 247

Point Able

Point D'Appui (2)

Point of No Return

Point of the Sword

Point To Make

Pointe-du-Hoc (2)

Poker Trick in Martelange (2)

Police Action

Politics, Logistics, and Pride


Pommerville: Attack On Cambrai


Ponyri (2)

Poteau Party

Power Struggle on Provisor

Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Predator Becomes Prey

Prelude to Breakout (3)

Prelude to Dying

Prelude to Festung Brest

Prelude to Lang Vei (2)

Prelude: Chabrehez

Prelude: The Saar


Preparing The Way



Pride and Joy

Priests on the Line

Primera Patrulha


Priority Target

Pripet Marsh

Prison Valley

Probing Korsus

Probing Layforce

Probing the Bridgehead

Probing the Villas

Prochorovka (2)


Prokhorovka Overlord

Protesting the Speculative

Prussia in Flames

Prussia Resurgent


Ptichin' In


Punching the Iron Fist

Purple Heart Draw

Purple Heart Hill

Purple Heart Lane

Pursuing Frank

Pursuing Kobayashi

Pursuit of State Farm 158

Push Back

Pushing Back (2)

Pushing through Caen

Pydna (168 BC)

Pynda Avenged

Pössl’s Posse



Quatre Bras (2)


Quebec Strategic

Quebec: Plains of Abraham

Queenston Heights



Rabaul Rousers

Race for Lwow

Race for Rescue

Race for Victory

Race to the Bridge

Race to the River

Rachi Ridge


Raff's Dilemma

Raff's Rules


Rage Against the Machine


Raid Across the Canal

Raid de la Luftwaffe

Raid on Barce

Raid On Hammelburg

Raid on Makin Atoll

Raid on Rodimtsev

Raid on Taivu

Raid on Vaagso

Raider Ridge


Raiders Along the Wall

Rain of Death

Ramcke's Redoubt

Raming Speed


Ramsey's Charge

Ranger Stronghold

Raphia (217 BC) (2)

Ras El Madauar

Ras Sudar

Rascals, would you live forever?


Rat Patrol

Rather Uncoordinated

Rats in a Factory

Rattenkrieg (4)

Rattle of Sabres

Reaper's Harvest

Reaping Rewards

Rear Area Defenders

Rear Area Operations: Morshanovo Diaglevo

Rear Area Raid Western Byelorussia

Rebecca, Can You See Me? (2)

Rebel Yell

Rebels Without A Pause

Rebuked at Rabi

Recon in Force

Red Banner Days

Red Barricades

Red Barricades Factory

Red Beach

Red Beach, Red

Red Churchills

Red Comrades

Red Devils

Red Devils at Breville

Red Don

Red Horse Recon

Red Ice

Red October

Red Packets

Red Sector A

Red Skies at Night

Red Star, Red Sun

Red Storm

Regalbuto Ridge (2)

Rehearsal for Crete (2)


Reichswald & Nutterden

Reinforce Arnhem


Rejoining the Regiment

Released from the East

Relief of Peiper (2)

Relief Of The First Panzer Army

Relief of Tobruk

Remagen Bridge

Remember the Raisin!

Report for the Fuhrer


Rescue Attempt

Rescue Mission

Resignation Supermen

Resistance at Chabrehez (2)

Resistance at Marvie

Resistance in Gembloux

Resistance in La Horgne


Retaking the VKT Line

Retaking Vierville

Retrained and Rearmed

Retreat to Sphakia

Retreat, Hell

Retribution (3)

Return of the Black Company

Return to Sender

Return to Son

Return to Trenton

Revenge at Kastelli

Richmond, Kentucky (Union Final Position)

Riding the Coattails

Riding to the Rescue

Riding with the King


Ring Around Aachen

Ripe Pickings

Riposte (2)

Ripples on the Pond

River Centrites (401 BC)

River Coa

River of Blood (2)

River of Perfume (2)

River Sabis (57 BC)

River Stour (54 BC)

Road Cut

Road To Kozani Pass (2)

Road to Prokhorovka (2)

Road to Rome

Road Trip

Roadblock at la Denisiere

Roadblocks! (2)

Rob Roy’s Last Battle (2)

Rock of the Marne

Rocket's Red Glare

Rocking the Kasbah (3)



Roi Landings

Roi Namur Landings

Rolica (French 1st Position)

Rolica (French 2nd Position)


Rommel at the Meuse

Rommel Crosses the Meuse

Rommel's Remedy

Rommel's Right Hook

Room at the Inn (2)

Roosevelt's Butchers (2)

Rotmistrov's Red Dawn

Round One

Round Two

Roundway Down

Royal Marines

Rubble Rousers


Rudder's Line

Rude Awakening

Rude Mood

Rumanian Defiance

Rush the Lines

Rush to Contact

Ruspina (46 BC)

Russe! Drown in the Wolga!

Russia 1944

Russian Breakout (2)

Russian Delaying Action

Russian Drive On Stalino

Russian Rear Area Raid

Ruweisat Ridge

Ryan's Orphans


Rzhev Overlord



Saarlautern Bridgehead

Sabot Up! (2)

Sabres Crossed


Sacrifice Of Polish Armor (2)

Safavid Restoration

Sahagun – Cavalry Action


Saint Agatha

Saint Roche Station

Saint-Aignan de Cramesnil

Saint-Martin and Bull Bridge

Saint-Médard After Dark


Sainte-Mère-Eglise (2)


Salamanca (Attack on the French Left)

Salamanca (British Attack on the French Right)

Salarola Junction

Salerno, Italy

Saluting a General

Samurai Sunset

San Marcial

San Pietro

Sandbanks of the Volga

Sandomierez Counter Attack

Sat Sri Akal!


Satisfaction and Confidence

Savage Station

Savagery on the Meitzel River

Savannah (2)

Savannah Rain

Saverne Gap

Saverne Gap, Vosges

Saving Brigadier Hill (2)


Sbeitla Probe (2)

Sbeitla, Tunisia

Scarlet Beach

Scheldt Fortress South (2)


Schloss Hemingstein

Schwammenauel Dam (2)

Schwerepunkt Blunted

Schwerin’s Big Moment


Scirthaea (103 BC)

Scobie Preserves

Scorpions vs. Folgore

Scouts Out

Scratch Force

Screening Action (Hypothetical)

Sea Devils

Sea of Azov (2)

Sea of Tranquility

Sealing Their Fate

Search and Destroy

Second Battle of Azukizaka 1548

Second Battle of Villers

Second Bull Run, Virginia (Brawner’s Farm)

Second City

Second Crack at Caumont

Second Cristot

Second Hand News

Second Konodai 1564 - January 7

Second Konodai 1564 - January 8

Second Step

Second Thoughts

Second to None

Secure the Oktiabrskii State Farm (2)

Securing the Flank

Seelow Heights

Seelowe: Invasion of England

Seize and Hold

Seize the Canal

Seizing Bouresches

Sekigahara 1600 - Assault against Ishida Mitsunari

Sekigahara 1600 - East of Mt. Nangu

Sekigahara 1600 - Opening Attack


Semper Paratus (2)

Seoul Saving

Sepeia (494 BC)

Serious Firepower (2)

Setting the Stage

Shadows in the Mist

Shadows of Death

Shanghai in Flames


Shattered Bobdubi

Shattering the Line


Sherman Marches West

Shielding Moscow


Shiloh, Tennessee (1st day of battle)

Shklov's Labors Lost

Shock and Awe

Shoestring Ridge (2)

Shoji’s Escape

Shoot-N-Scoot (2)

Shooting Arrows at Ghosts

Short-Lived Offensive

Shot For Shot (2)

Shotgun Shuffle

Shouting Into The Storm

Shovach Yonim

Show of Force

Showdown at Tug Argan Pass

Showdown in Syria


Siam Sambal

Siberia Diversion

Siberian Shockwave


Sicilian Midnight

Side by Side

Sidi Barrani

Sidi Bou Zid

Sidi Rezegh Airfield

Siegfried Assault

Siegfried Idyll

Siesta Time

Signals in the Snow

Silarus (71 BC)

Silence that Gun

Silent and Swift

Silent Death (2)

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silesian Interlude

Simple Equation

Sims Ridge

Sinai Front: Bar Lev Line

Sinai Front: Bir Gifgafa

Sinai Front: Botzer

Sinai Front: Chinese Farm

Sinai Front: East of El-Qantara

Sinai Front: Giddi Pass

Sinai Front: Ismailia Pass (2)

Sinai Front: Katib el Subha

Sinai Front: Sheikh Zuweid

Sinai Front: Sudr Pass

Sinai Front: Um Katif


Sink's Encouragement

Sitting Ducks

Situation: Normal

Six Came Back

Six Days Run

Six Hills

Skiing in Lapland

Skirmish In The Snow

Skrimish in Austria

Skulls and Crossbones

Sky Fall

Sky Soldiers (2)

Slamming of the Door (2)

Slaughter at Sundown (2)

Slaughter Howe

Slaughter of Garlic Hill

Slicing the Throat

Slim River

Slo Way Out

Slopes of Hell

Slopes of Mount Austen (2)

Slow and Steady

Slow Grind to Victory

Smash and Burn

Smashing the 3rd

Smashing the Hook


Smith & Weston

Smoke 'Em

Smoke The Kents!

Smoking Cobras


Smolensk Breakout

Snakes in The Garden

Snatch and Grab

Sneak Attack

Sniper's Den (2)

So Few Led by So Many

So Near and Yet so Far

Solachon (Kardarigan’s Stand)

Solachon (Main Battle)

Soldiers of Destruction (3)

Soldiers, face to the enemy! Let us go and get killed!


Something to Prove

Somme (Flers and Coucelette)

Somme (Hawthorn Ridge Mine Explosion)

Somme (High Wood)

Somme (Mametz Wood)

Somme (Mametz)

Somme (Mash Valley & La Boisselle)

Somme (Montauban 18th Division)

Somme (Montauban 30th Division)

Somme (Sausage Valley & La Boisselle)


Son Defense


Sons of Slava


Sorauren – French Left

Sorauren – French Right

Sotium (56 BC)

Soubise’s Blunder

Sound Retreat

South Rampart - Fire!

Southern Exposure

Soviet Infiltration

Soviet KV-2 Tanks at Lutsk

Soviet Raid on Grigorevka

Sovkhoz Haystacks

Sowchos 79 (2)

Sparrow Force

Spartakovka Salient

Spartan Style


Sphacteria (425 BC)

Spoiling Attack…

Spring and Summer


Squeeze Play

Squeezing Limeys (2)

St Michael-Leoben

St Vith, Ardennes

St. Barthélemy Bash

St. Clair’s Defeat

St. Joseph's Farm

St. Lo

St. Martin de Fontenay

St. Quentin

St. Vith


Stalingrad of the North

Stalingrad of the West (2)

Stalingrad Redux

Stalingrad: 1st assault

Stalwart Line

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Die

Stand at St. Vith

Stand Fast (2)

Stand Fast the Guards

Stand For New Zealand

Stanhope’s Great Charge

Staraya Russa

Start of a Death Ride

Starvation Island

State Farm 158

State Farm is There (2)

Stavelot Express

Stavenger, Norway

Stay Behind (2)


Steak & Eggs

Steel Against Steel (2)

Steiner’s Stand

Stemming the Red Tide

Steppe Patrol

Stick to them like Glue

Sting 'em at Zingem

Sting of the Cactus

Sting of the Italian Hornet

Stone Age Caves

Stonne : French counter-attack

Stonne: Guderian's Flank

Stono Ferry

Stony Point

Stopped Cold

Storm of Steel

Storming The Factory

Storming the Station

Stovepipe Funeral

Straight and Fast

Strangers in a Strange Land

Strasbourg (2)

Strayer's Strays (2)

Streets of Sorrow (2)

Streets of Tessy-Sur-Vire

Stretched Thin at Altaville

Strike Up the Band

Strong defense at Vinovka

Strong point La Cassine

Strongpoint 11

Strongpoint Wn21 Trout

Struggle Without End

Sturm Party

Sturmgruppe Beton

Sturmgruppe Granit

Stănileşti Avenged

Subterranean Quarry

Sucro (75 BC)

Sudden Death

Sugar Loaf and Half Moon (2)

Sugarloaf Hill

Suicide Creek


Summer of '42

Sunday of the Dead (2)

Sunrise at Ypenburg (2)

Suomussalmi (2)

Super Bazooka

Supply Detail

Suriagehara 1589

Surprise Party (2)

Surrender is Out of the Question

Surrender Or Die

Surrounded in Strass (2)

Swamp Cats

Swamps of Bryansk

Swan Song

Swatting at Tigers (2)

Swede Revenge

Sweep For Bordj Toum Bridge (2)

Sword Beach (3)

Sword Beach Overlord

Sword of Stalingrad

Sylvan Death

Syracuse, Sicily


Taipale river

Takakura Castle 1585

Take a Bath

Take Dubno…or be Shot!

Take Falaise

Take It Back

Take That Town

Take the Hill

Take Two

Taking a Stand at Rosario

Taking Heads

Taking Some Flak

Taking the Knoll

Taking the Left Tit

Taking the Point (Historical)

Taking the Point (Planned)

Taking the Town Square

Taking Verkhne-Kumsky


Talavera (French attack on British)

Talavera (Spanish Flank)



Tameville Breakout (2)

Taming Tulagi

Tanagra (457 BC)

Tanambogo Nightmare

Tangled Up in Blue

Tank Alert!

Tank Battle at Crehen Solo

Tank Battle at Crehen, Pt.1

Tank Battle at Crehen, Pt.2

Tank Clash

Tank Duel at St. Sever

Tank fight at Prokhorovka

Tank Hunt

Tanks in the Street

Tanks on Mantanikau!


Tarnet, Norway


Tasimboko Raid (2)

Task Force Faith Breakout

Task Force Pat at Chenogne

Taukkyan Roadblock

Tavronitis Bridge

Taylor Made Defense

Teamwork (2)

Tebourba Gap

Technical Difficulty

Tedorigawa 1577

Tegyra (375 BC)

Tel Maschara

Telamon (225 BC)

Tell el Eisa

Tell him to give ‘em hell!

Tell your Marshal he is seeing double.

Templteton's Crossing

Ten-Ton Tank

Tenaru (2)


Terminal Station

Terror At Twilight

Tettau's Attack


Teutoburger Wald P1 (9 AD)

Teutoburger Wald P2 (9 AD)

Texas Flood

Thai Hot


Thapsus (46 BC)

That Damn Bridge

That Damned Hill

The 1,000-Yard Attack

The 138 of the 138th

The 6th Panzer is Delayed

The Abbeville Bridgehead

The Abbey

The Abdication of Charles Albert I

The Agony of Doom (2)

The Akroiri Peninsula Defense

The Akrotiri Peninsula

The Alamo

The Almost Men

The Ambush (2)

The Amy H

The Army at the Edge of the World

The Art of Dying

The Attempt to Exploit

The Attempt to Relieve Peiper (2)

The Avranches Breakthrough

The Awakening of Spring

The Back of my Hand

The Backwater of War

The Battle for Overloon

The Battle for Rome (2)

The Battle of Bloody Gulch (2)

The Battle of Buariki

The Battle of Hong Kong

The Battle of Honkaniemi

The Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle Of Vyazma

The Battles for Warsaw (early)

The Battles for Warsaw (late)

The Beachhead

The Beast of Argentan

The Beasts Have Arrived

The Belikowo Pocket

The Bend

The Bend in the Road

The Best Laid Plans (2)

The best shifter and choose of ground

The Big Drop

The Bigger They Come

The Birth of British Bengal

The Birth of the Napoleonic Legend

The Birth of the Prussian Army

The Birth of the Red Cross

The Bitche Salient (2)

The bitter cup must be drunk to the bottom.

The Black Brigade

The Black Ravens are Flying

The Blitzkrieg Checked

The Bloody Assizes

The Bloody Triangle

The Blurred Line Between Bold and Reckless

The Border

The Borders are Burning (2)

The Bottleneck

The Bourbourg - Brouckerque Line

The Breaking Wave

The Brickyard 150 (2)

The Bridge at Chambois

The Bridge at Chef Du Pont (2)

The Bridge at Cheneux

The Bridge at Kanev

The Bridge at La Fiere

The Bridge of Verdalsöra

The Bridgehead

The Bruneval Raid

The Bukrin Bridgehead

The Bunker

The Burbs (2)

The Burial Mound

The Burkin Bridgehead

The Bushmasters

The Butcher's Bill

The Cactus Farm

The Cadets of Saumur

The Call of Duty (2)

The Canal (2)

The Cannes Strongpoint (2)

the capture of Ardenne Abbey

The Capture of Balta (2)

The capture of Biesheim

The Capture of Stonne

The Capture of Tobruk

The Castle

The Cat Has Jumped

The Cauldron (3)

The Charging Bull

The Chocos

The Christmas Gifu

The Church

The Citadel

The Clash of Armor

The Clearing (2)

The Closer

The Coconut Plantation

The Commisar Order

The Commissar House

The Commissar's House (2)

The Confederacy at Flood Tide

The Continental Army Comes of Age

The Convention of Klosterzeven

The Convoy

The Cossacks Are Coming

The Cost of a Cross

The Cost of Non-Compliance

The Coup de Main

The Courier's Satchel

The Craibstane Rout

The Crossings

The Crossings part 2

The Crossroads

The Crucible of Fire

The Crux of Calais

The Czerniakow Bridgehead

The Dark Woods

The Darkest Day

The Day of Roses

The Day the World Lost

The Dead of Winter (2)

The Deadly Line

The Deadly Trees

The death of a soldier fighting for the rights of man.

The Death Valley

The Decisive Battle of the American Revolution

The Defense of Luga (2)

The Demolition

The Devil went Down to Georgia (2)

The Devil's Free to Have a Try

The Dice Have No Memory

The Dinant Bridgehead (2)

The Dornot Watermark (2)

The Down Payment

The Drive For Taierzhuang

The Drive North

The Drive to the Ukraine

The Duel (2)

The Eastern Gate

The Eighth

The Elbe River Blues

The End of the Pike

The End of the Terror

The End of Their Rope

The Expected Counterattack

The Factory (2)

The Failed Offensive of Cavallero

The Fall of Carentan: Hill 30

The Fall of Sevastopol

The Fall of Tobruk

The Fanning Head Mob

The Far Bank

The Fate of Baghdad

The Fate of Fort Niagara

The Fate of Vicksburg

The Fields of Black Gold

The Final Attempt

The Final Battle

The Final Counter-Attack

The Final Push

The Fire Brigade

The First Bid

The First T-34s

The First Victory of Maria Theresa’s Reign

The First Virtue

The Flight of the Spaniards

The Forgotten Front

The French Cannae

The French Decide to Fight (2)

The French Perimeter (2)

The French Republic's First Triumph

The Front In Flames (2)

The Fugitives

The Gap

The Gauntlet

The Generalissimo's Own

The German Relief Of Kiev

The Gingerbread House

The Globus Raid

The Gloomy Forest

The Glory of Catherine

The Good Shepherd

The Gorge

The Governor

The Grain Elevator (2)

The Grand Canal

The Great Escape

The Grim Reaper's Lair

The Grist Mill

The Guards

The Guards Counterattack (2)

The Guns of Naro

The Halha River shelling

The Hammer

The Haunted Castle

The Hawk

The Head of the Mace

The Heart of the Matter (2)

The Heat is On

The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog of Piepsk (2)

The Hedgerow Breach

The Hell of Grussenheim

The Highway

The Horse They Never Rode

The Hound and the Hare

The Hour Zero

The Hunters Become the Hunted

The Island

The Katanas Come Out at Night

The Khalkhin-Gol encirclement

The Khalkhin-Gol Spark

The Kiwis Attack

The Last Attack

The Last Banzai (2)

The Last Battle of the Seven Years’ War

The Last Bid

The Last Blitzkrieg

The Last Charge of the Spahis (2)

The Last Day of the Cuneense

The Last Fifteen

The Last Gasp (5)

The Last Highland Charge

The Last Major Battle of the Napoléonic Wars

The Last Minute

The Last Roadblock

The Last Stand

The Lawless Roads

The Liberation of Tulle

The Liberators

The lion of Capuzzo

The Long Road (3)

The longest ridge

The Lost Battalion

The Lost Boys

The Lost Patrol

The Love and Death of Cornet Rilke

The Lutezh Bridgehead

The Mad Minute (2)

The Maginot Four à Chaux

The Mailed Fist

The Man Who Would Be King

The Marco Polo Bridge Incident

The Marketplace at Wormhoudt

The Martinofen

The Massed Bayonet Charge is Born

The Meat Grinder (4)

The Men from Zadig

The Milling Crowd


The Monsters

The most obstinate fight I ever saw.

The Nail Factory

The Neck of the Gap

The New Highlanders

The Next Day

The Nikopol Bridgehead

The Niscemi-Biscari Highway (2)

The Nutcracker

The Oath of Kufra

The Old Breed

The Old Town

The Only Way Out

The Orchard

The Order of War

The Orient Express

The Outpost

The Panzer Thrust Is Slowed

The Partisans

The Passing

The paths of glory lead but to the grave…

The Paw of the Tiger (3)

The Peace of Westphalia

The Penetration of Rostov (2)

The Pinnacle

The Piva Trail

The Plantation

The Playing Field

The Point

The Porechye Bridgehead

The Pouppeville Exit (2)

The power plant

The Prelude to Spring

The Price of Arrogance (2)

The Price of Impatience

The Price of Postage

The Prize (2)

The Professionals (2)

The Puma Prowls (2)

The Quarry of Cleury

The Queen's Prequel

The Raate Road

The Rag Tag Circus (2)

The Raid

The Ravine

The Ravine Near Saigadake 1572

The Rearguard Action that Saved the Revolution

The Red House

The Red Tide

The Red Wave

The Reichswald

The Relief of Plei Me (2)

The Reluctant Shepherd

The Replacements

The Rescue of Mussolini

The Rescue: Leclerc Rides In (2)

The Return of the King

The Revenge of the Greys

The Rhine River Blues

The Rhino's Horn

The Riley Shuffle

The Ring

The road of Dabo

The Road to Astrachan (2)

The Road to Foucarville (2)

The Road to Gora

The Road to Hill 311 (2)

The Road to Onhaye

The Road to Oosterbeek

The Road To St. Lô

The Road to Wiltz (2)

The Roadblock

The Rock

The Roer Bridgehead (2)

The Romanian

The Royal Oak

The Salient

The Salvation of Habsburg Italy

The San Fratello Line

The Sand Spit (2)

The Sangshak Redemption

The Scheldt

The Schoolhouse

The Scottish Corridor

The Seige

The Self-denying Ordinance

The Sendai Attack

The Shell Begins to Crack

The Shooting Gallery

The Shouf

The Sickle

The Sixth Blow

The Slaughterhouse

The Småländska Peasantry Wins the Day

The Sooner The Better

The Sovkhoz Depot

The Specialists' House

The St. Goar Assault (2)

The Stovepipe Bluff

The Streets of Stalingrad (2)

The Striking Hammer

The Student Surpasses the Master

The Sullivan Expedition

The Surrender of Elsters column

The Swedish Cannae

The Swedish Voluntary Corps

The T-Patchers

The Taking of Object 59

The Taking of Takrouna

The Tatsinskaya Raid

The Terror of the Castle

The Thin Red Line

The Tides of Battle

The Tiger Of Toungoo

The Time of Humiliations

The Tonbridge Two

The Tractor Works (2)

The Train From Hell

The Trains Must Run

The Treaty of Belgrade

The Triangle

The Truce of Pläswitz

The Turning Tide

The Twin Villages

The Uneasy Wait

The Valley of Death

The Village (4)

The Village part 2

The Vital Hours

The Volga is Reached!

The Walled City

The Waterhole

The Way to Carentan

The Weigh In

The Whirlwind (2)

The whole nation is exasperated and determined to fight.

The Wolf's Hook

The Yelnya Bridge

The Youth's First Blood

The Zenith of Jean Moreau

The “Tough Ombres” Open the Door

Then followed the battle that gave us India.

Then Things Got Worse

Then we have already made peace.

There, my lord, is your enemy! There are your guns!

Thermopylae - Grand Overview (480 BC)

Thermopylae - Middle Gate (480 BC)

These are not the same Austrians.

They Always Returned

They Fired on Odessa...

They're Coming!

Third Time's The Charm

This Is Our Place

This Is Where We Stand

This Man Was Good

Those are not Birds


Threat From Above

Three Bars of Chocolate

Three for the Third

Through Mud and Blood

Through the Breach, Into the Fire

Through the Dragon's Teeth

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Thrust and Parry (2)

Thrust in the Dust


Thyreatis (545 BC)

Ticinus River (218 BC)

Tickling the Ivories


Tiger in the Pen

Tiger Paw

Tiger Tracks

Tiger's Roar

Tiger, Tiger (2)

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright


Tigers in the Mist (2)

Tigers in the snow

Tigers to the Bridge!

Tigers versus Kangaroos

Tightening the noose

Tigranocerta (69 BC)


Tilly's Greatest Victory


Timoshenko's Attack

Tip of the Speirs (2)

Tired and Unsupported

Tissu est dans iode

Tito's Trick

To Admiral Vernon, the scourge of Spain

To Clear a Roadblock

To Crécy-sur-Serre

To Die on Christmas

To Have and To Hold

To Lose A Battle

To Save Bastonge

To Save the Village

To the Bridge (2)

To the Gates of Berlin

To The Last Man

To the Last Round

To The Manor Drawn

To the Matter Born

To the Pain

To the Rescue

To the Square

To the Volga

Tobacco factory


Today We Attack

Today We Take Hyeres

Tolochino: The T-34

Tolvajarvi (2)

Tomaszów Lubelski


Too Little, Too Late

Top Malo House (2)


Torment at Tormua

Totensonntag (3)

Totsugeki! (2)

Tough as Nails (2)

Toujours L'Audace


Toulon Champaign for Southern France

Town and Fort

Tragedy of Victory

Tragedy on the Moors

Trap by Mishap


Traverse Right ... Fire!

Traverse Right...FIRE!

Tread Heads (2)

Treads over Dedushka

Trebbia (218 BC)


Tretten in Flames

Trial by Combat (2)

Trial Run


Tridentina Avanti!

Triumph atop Taraldsvikfjell


Tropic Lightning


Tuchola Forest

Tula, Road to Moscow

Tulagi First

Tunisia (2)

Turenne Invades the Palatinate

Turnbull Turns 'Em

Turned Away

Turning Off the Spigot

Turning Point

Turning the Tables

Tussle at Maleme

Tussle at Thomashof (2)

Twelve Miles from Moscow


Twilight at Baerendorf

Twilight's Last Gleam

Twin Battles at Warnach & Bigonville

Twin Villages (2)

Twisted Knickers

Twlight at Maltot

Two eyes for an eye

Two Sisters (2)

Two the Hard Way

Typical German Response

Tyranny's End


Ugly Faces

Ulan Butong

Ultimate Treachery

Umbria (217 BC)

Umurbrogol Pocket

Uncles and Pups

Uncommon Misery

Uncommon Valor

Undaunted Courage (2)

Undeniable Courage (2)

Under a Sky of Lead

Under Cover Of Darkness (2)

Under Murderous Fire

Under the Claw (3)

Under the Noel Trees

Unexpected Visitors (2)

Unhappy Trails

Unlucky Thirteenth


Unternehmen Niwi

Up Inferno Hill

Up Number One Road

Uphill Battle

Urban Guerillas

Urban Hide and Seek

Urban Nightmare

US counter-attack at Bataan

Use Your Tanks and Shove

Utah Beach (3)

Utica P1 Delaying Action (49 BC)

Utica P2 The Valley (49 BC)

Utus River


Vaagso Venture

Valentia (75 BC)

Valhalla Bound

Valkenburg Airfield

Valkenswaard (2)

Valley of Death

Valley of the Heroes

Van Dorn’s Last Chance for Glory

Varsity Blues

Varvarovka Roadblock

Vassieux, Vercors



Vaumicel Manor

Velikaya Bridgehead


Venture Into Carnage

Vercellae (101 BC)

Verdun (Across the Meuse)

Verdun (Beaumont)

Verdun (Bois Des Caures)

Verdun (Fight for Fort Vaux)

Verdun (Fleury)

Verdun (Fort Douamont)

Verdun (Fort Vaux)

Verdun (French Attack on Fort Douaumont)

Verdun (French Retake Fort Douaumont)

Verdun (Le Mort Homme)

Verdun (Malancourt)

Verdun (Samogneux)

Vetko Village

Victory Against All Odds

Victory all along the Line!

Victory is Life

Victory or death

Viet Relief

Vii Corps Bridgehead


Village of the Damned


Villers-Bocage Afternoon

Villers-Bocage Morning

Villers-Bretonneux (Tank vs Tank) (3)


Vimiero (2)

Vimy Ridge (1st & 2nd Canadian Infantry Divisions)

Vimy Ridge (Bois-en-Hache)

Vimy Ridge (Hill 145)

Vimy Ridge (The Pimple)

Virtuti Militari

Vistula River Line

Vitality I (2)


Vive la Nation!

Vogt's Ritterkreuz

Von Manstein's Castling


Voronoezh Front

Vulnerable Encampments



Wagram—Davout at Markgrafneusiedl


Wagram—Macdonald’s Square

Waiting For Fredendall

Wake Island (2)

Wake Up Call


Walker’s Orders

War Brotherhood

War of the Rats

War Without Quarter


Waren-Nossentin (Nossentin)

Waren-Nossentin (Waren)


Water Foul


Waterloo (11AM-3PM)

Wau Me Worry

Wavre (2)

Way of the Hero

We are babies in the hands of a giant.

We Are Sparta

We came, we saw, and God Conquered.

We Can Try This

We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again.

We Go!

We Know Where They Are

We'll retreat over the bodies of our enemies.

Weissenhof Crossroads (2)

Weitzel's Mill

Welcome Back

Welcome To Kharkov

Welcome to the Jungle


West of Lutsk

West of the Vire

West Tank Barrier

Westward Ho!

Wet Sahwahs

Whaling Good Time

What are the lives of soldiers than so many chickens?

What shall become of these brave men?

What will they say in Paris after this victory?

When I Call Roll

Where are all the Others? (2)

Where Iron Crosses Grow

Where the Winter Lingers

White Beach One

White Plains (2)

White Russians

White Tigers

Who's Who?

Whom Gods Destroy

Why oh Y

Widerstandsnest 61

Wiking Horde

Wildcat Strike


Will the German garrison leave?

Will To Fight...Eradicated

Will you go upon your Death?

Williamsburg, Virginia (North of Fort Magruder)

Wilson’s Creek, Missouri (Bloody Hill)

Wind or Sniper

Winter fight at Kuhmo

Winter of Their Discontent


Wintz's Flank

Wise's War

With Flame and Shell

With Friends Like These

With Tigers on Their Tail

Withdrawal from Hill 112

Wittmanns Final Battle

Wolfe’s Bloody Blunder

Won’t They Ever Give Up Spring

Workers Unite!

Wounded Tiger


X Corps Landing

X Oktybra State Farm



Yamasaki's Last Charge

Yasnaya Polyana

Yellow Beach (2)

Yelnya - Timoshenkos assault

Yelnya - Zhukovs Assault

Yes Sir!

Yo Solo


Yorktown (Assault On Redoubt #9 & #10)

You Can Fight City Hall

Your Turn Now


Zama (202 BC) (2)


Zela (47 BC)

Zenith of the the Hotak Dynasty

Zholudev's Guards

Zieten Saves the Day

Zitadelle - The Assault

Zitadelle - The Retreat

Zon with the Wind



 All For Schnuck

 Alter Fritz

 Better Than The Best


 Delville Wood

 First Tank On Tank

 First Tank On Tank Deluxe

 Gurkhas At The Chapelle

 Hotel Bellevue

 Last Charge Of The Sturm-Panzer-Kraftwagen

 Le Bois Haut

 Manchester Hill



 Sanatorium Furiosum

 Yanks Are Coming

“Bravery never goes out of fashion.”

“Extreme bravery can conquer anything.”

“Fear eile airson Eachainn!”

“Fortune has not been our friend.”

“I felt the earth flee from beneath me...”

“I will never ever find again another Winterfeldt.”

“Jesus and no quarter!”

“Let’s be as determined as he was. March on!”

“Oh Give your praise unto the Lord.”

“Once I could animate my warriors; but I cannot animate the dead.”

“Prinz Eugen der edle Ritter”

“Tanks Are Coming Now....”

“The Black Snake That Never Sleeps.”

“They are ours, or this night Molly Stark sleeps a widow!”

“This disaster did extremely amaze us.”

“…their retreat was rapid beyond Conception."

…either hang him or make him Marshal of France.

…forty centuries look down upon you.

…he will fight, whatever comes of 't!

…if he were alive we wouldn’t be here today.