Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is a fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. The game system uses a unique suppression mechanic to control play.

Games and Expansions:
Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1 (2017)
Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows (2016)
Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer (2013)
Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles (2011)

Coming soon:
Stalin's Favorite (1943 and on in Eastern Europe)
Black Bull (Commonwealth)
Battle Pack 2 (maps the size of BP1 but set in the Pacific).
Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts (Ariete in North Africa)

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Blue Beach
After pursuing the retreating Germans as far up the Italian peninsula as Piombino, the 36th were withdrawn to prepare for a special mission. They were to lead the amphibious invasion of Southern France codenamed ’Operation Dragoon’, under their new…

Hi-Wire Jinx
Hill 424, overlooking the Salerno beachhead, was taken by the 36th but they were then forced to retreat by German counterattacks. The Allied forces made their stand along the La Cosa Creek between the Calore River and Altavilla. In the …

Shooting Arrows at Ghosts
After consolidating the landing areas around Frejus and St Raphael, the 141st regiment sped northwest in the wake of Task Force Butler . Their goal was to cut off the Nineteenth Army, who were retreating up the Rhone Valley. The …

Hitler Meets Churchill
The main attack on the southern face of the Kursk salient was to be delivered by Hoth’s 4th Panzer Army. After a week of fighting, the exhausted troops of Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler around Hill 252.2 prepared to advance on Prokhorovka …

Tiger Paw
Throughout the winter of '42-’43, the Soviets launched repeated attacks to relieve the siege of Leningrad. The hard-pressed Germans rebuffed one attack after another, but in so doing their lines became progressively thinner. Finally the Germans had…

Here They Come
During the retreat from Leningrad, the Germans hoped to form a new front at Narva. However they found that the Russians had already crossed the Narva River south of the city, creating two adjacent bridgeheads known to the Germans as …

The Next Day
On D-Day the 505th PlR of the 82nd Airborne Division made a storied landing on the town of Sainte Mere Eglise in the Contentin peninsula, strategically important by virtue of being the meeting point of six roads. The town was …

Cole's Metal of Honor
Lieutenant Colonel Cole’s 3rd battalion drew the assignment of attacking down the main road to Carentan from the north. The road crossed 4 rivers, the last one being the Madeleine River, and became known to the troopers as ’Purple Heart …

Beneath the Crumbling Spires
As the 3rd Armored Division advanced into the bomb shattered ruins of Cologne, a famous engagement took place near Cologne Cathedral with a lone Panther from the Feldherrnhalle Division, which was possibly the only German tank still west of the …

A trip to the Russian Dentist
As the 20th Panzer Division drove towards Vitebsk, its 21st Regiment faced the task of forcing a crossing of the River Daugava near the burnt out village of Ulla. It was at this action that future Tiger ace Otto Carius …

Ferdinand's Folly
Operation Zitadelle’s northern pincer ground to a halt in a series of pitched battles around the seemingly insignificant settlement of Ponyri. Having finally penetrated the second defense belt of the Russian defenses at great cost, the 86th…

House to House
After weeks of intense fighting in Stalingrad, the 6th Army had nearly taken the key Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works. But the German first line troops were spent after a week of bitter combat. The Russian commanders chose this moment to hurl …

Oklahoma Wildcat
In January the Germans launched a counter-offensive from the Gambsheim-Herrlisheim pocket, aimed at retaking Strasbourg. As they broke through the infantry screen of the 2nd Battalion of the 143rd regiment in woods in front of Kurtzenhausen and into…

Holy Ground
ln the confusion after the initial drop, small engagements developed everywhere. One such involved the 326th Airborne Engineers and the 2nd Battalion of the 101st, in the small town of Angoville and the surrounding hedgerows. It started when a…

Seize and Hold
Stunned by the sudden German offensive into Belgium and Luxembourg, US forces hurriedly threw together a hasty defensive line to slow the German advance. Ordered from its base in France, the US 82nd Airborne Division moved out the next day …

Death Struggle in the Snow
Winter on the Russian steppe in 1941/42 witnessed heavy fighting for villages and towns that offered shelter from the bitter cold. In the Donets region, a Russian thrust to disrupt German supply lines brought stiff fighting for the village of …

A Tall Order
As part of the Russian 2nd army’s defensive belt south of Prokhorovka, Lieutenant Colonel Sushkov’s 154th Guards Rifle Regiment, 51st Guards Rifle Division, was ordered to block part of the expected armoured thrust by II SS Panzers Corps north into …

Ivan Kommen!
With the 2nd phase of Operation Bagration underway, Army Group Centre faced annihilation as heavy attacks of Russian infantry and tanks carved into its formations, threatening imminent encirclement. German commanders desperately attempted to patch…

Siegfried Idyll
The 36th finally entered Germany between Wissembourg and Altenstadt, but were now coming under fire from the fortified belt of the ‘Siegfried Line’. On the 20th of March, just five days after the initial move at Haguenau, the 141st Regiment …

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
The 36th had captured most of Haguenau and the Germans held only the northern outskirts across the Moder River. The river was crossable by infantry but an obstacle to American vehicles. The small four-house bridgehead was expanded on the 13th …

Compagnon D'Armes
After repelling German counterattacks aimed at recapturing the high ground of the Vosges Forest overlooking the Alsace Plain, the 36th moved to clear the Germans from the towns approaching Colmar. The 141st Regiment, supported by a company of…

An Example to the Enemy
As the 36th advanced into the Alsace Plain they were struck by a massive German counterattack by the German 198th Infantry Division. In the northeastern outskirts of Selestat the 1st Battalion of the 142nd Regiment faced attacks from the 736th …

Way of the Hero
After St Hippolyte was initially taken by Company F of the 142nd, they were expelled by a German counterattack. The American return was spearheaded by Sgt Ellis R Weicht, who advancing down the winding streets overcame two machinegun nests and …

A Lost Battalion
Advancing through the Foret Dominiale De Champ, the 1st Battalion of the 141st Regiment were cut off on a forested hilltop overlooking La Houssiere. Destruction of an entire American Battalion would be a major propaganda coup for the Nazis, and …

A Mountain Hike
The village of Velletri was part of the so-called ‘Caesar Line’ (which stretched from Lanuvio to Valmontone), and was defended by troops of the 362nd Infantry Division. The commander of the 36th, General ‘Fred’ Walker, spotted a weak point in …

Cross the Gari
In one of the most controversial actions of the war, the 36th were repeatedly ordered by General Mark Clark to attack across the fast-flowing Gari River in featureless terrain overlooked by hills between the 20th and 22nd of January. The …

To Save the Village
The Reinhard Line ran through the town of San Pietro In fine, which occupied the Mignano Gap, blocking Route 6 and Allied access to Cassino and Rome. The Germans turned the town into a strongpoint, defended by the second Battalion …

Million Dollar Mountain
Much of the 36th’s campaign in Italy consisted of wresting mountain top after mountain top from dug-in German defenders. One such peak was Mount Maggiore, called the ‘Million Dollar Mountain’ because of the quantity of artillery ammunition expended…

Grapes of Wrath
Hill 424, overlooking the Salerno beachhead was a key objective. On September 13th, after an initial artillery barrage, Companies I and K of the 142nd assaulted the southern part of the hill mass, encountering heavy fire from German machinegun…

First Action
After training in North Africa, the 36th took part in the Salerno landings, where they landed on the right flank at Paestum. After advancing inland they were struck by German counterattacks including one that almost penetrated to the Division CP. …

Korsun Pocket
In January 1944, disaster struck again for the German Army in Russia. Six divisions of Army Group South became surrounded after sudden attacks by the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts around the village of Korsun (near the larger town of …

Obian Alone
The first days following the initial attack of the Kursk offensive would see good progress made by the 11th Panzer. However, gains would come slower and slower as the division began to wear down. Eventually, the Gross Deutschland was turned …

Start of a Death Ride
Manstein argued for an immediate attack once the mud period ended. He wanted to take advantage of the Russians who he felt were still smarting from the Backhand Blow. Hitler, however, preferred to wait for the arrival of the new …

The Back of my Hand
By February 1943, the Germans were in big trouble. The encirclement of the 6th Army at Stalingrad was followed by Soviet offenses in January that shattered the Hungarian 2nd Army and the German 2nd Army. The Germans were left over-extended …

Like a Good Neighbor
Although the second half of Case Blue had gone well and immense territorial gains had been made, the offensive came to a halt in the meat grinder of Stalingrad. The Russian counteroffensive cut off the city and the 11th Panzer, …

Stick to them like Glue
As the Germans were advancing, the Russians quickly started shifting reinforcements from other areas of the front. Their counterstroke to the German offensive began on July 6th, with both the 67th and 87th Tank Brigades (about 120 tanks) hitting the…

The Last Blitzkrieg
Case Blue was the code name for the German offensive in Russia for 1942. It was a two part plan. The first half of which was an attack eastward toward Voronezh, which would then enable the Germans to drive southward …

Twelve Miles from Moscow
By the middle of November, the ground had frozen enough to allow movement. The Germans once again decided on a pincer move. The goal was to link up at the city of Noginsk, east of the capital. Kampfgruppe Fricke, including …

The 11th was transferred north to be part of Operation Typhoon, the planned drive on Moscow. The first part of the operation was yet another pincer move - this one would end west of the Russian capital. The division attacked …

Hill 251
Although winning battle after battle, the war was beginning to take a toll on the 11th. As they took more casualties and spread out over more territory, they were being stretched thin. They were able to only push a small …

Our Goose is Cooked
After another month of hard fighting, the 11th Panzer Division was heading towards Uman in an attempt to help encircle a couple of Soviet armies. 5th Company of the 15th Panzer Regiment had, on the 20th, intercepted and destroyed a …

Take Dubno…or be Shot!
While the bulk of the 11th Panzer Division was racing onward to Ostrog, Brigade Commissar N.K. Popel, commander of the 8th Mechanized Corp, was told, "If you take Dubno by evening, you'll get a medal. If you don't, you'll be …

The Bloody Triangle
Although unknown to them at the time, the 11th Panzer Division had become the point of the spear in the largest tank battle in history (to that point). In some ways, it was the "first Kursk". This week long battle, …

The First T-34s
On the eve of Operation Barbarossa, the soldiers of the 11th Panzer were itching for a fight. They were superbly led, well trained, experienced, and had tasted only victory. As they trained near the Soviet border, few believed the official …

Son Defense
After the initial German attack against the Bailey bridge, the Americans sensed the dangerousness of their position and later that night rushed elements of the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment to reinforce this critical choke point. They along with…

Return to Son
Back in Son, the Bailey bridge was complete and British units were crossing in force. Left to guard the area were elements of the 1st Battalion HQ and the C/506 on the north side of the canal and a platoon …

To Die on Christmas
After the reply of “Nuts!” to the surrender ultimatum on the 23rd, the promised, massive artillery bombardment and assault never materialized. However, this did not mean the Germans were done. Starting early in the morning on Christmas, a German…

Let's Hubba-Hubba
As American troops initially moved into the area around Bastogne, part of a Volksgrenadier battalion was pinched off behind the perimeter and dug in a wooded area. The 1st Battalion of the 506th, withdrawn from the fighting in Noville had …

Ambush at Wardin
As American troops started to filter into Bastogne, troops were dispersed to defensive positions in the outlying areas. Company I of the 501st was sent south to clear some woods and then east into the small town of Wardin. They …

The combat experienced 4th Infantry Division stayed mostly intact in the face of the German onslaught that would later become known as the Battle of the Bulge. They stalled long enough for the 1st Battalion of the 101st as well …
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