Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1

Band of Brothers: Battle Pack 1

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Seize and Hold
Stunned by the sudden German offensive into Belgium and Luxembourg, US forces hurriedly threw together a hasty defensive line to slow the German advance. Ordered from its base in France, the US 82nd Airborne Division moved out the next day …

Death Struggle in the Snow
Winter on the Russian steppe in 1941/42 witnessed heavy fighting for villages and towns that offered shelter from the bitter cold. In the Donets region, a Russian thrust to disrupt German supply lines brought stiff fighting for the village of …

A Tall Order
As part of the Russian 2nd army’s defensive belt south of Prokhorovka, Lieutenant Colonel Sushkov’s 154th Guards Rifle Regiment, 51st Guards Rifle Division, was ordered to block part of the expected armoured thrust by II SS Panzers Corps north into …

Ivan Kommen!
With the 2nd phase of Operation Bagration underway, Army Group Centre faced annihilation as heavy attacks of Russian infantry and tanks carved into its formations, threatening imminent encirclement. German commanders desperately attempted to patch…
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