Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows

Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows

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Siegfried Idyll
The 36th finally entered Germany between Wissembourg and Altenstadt, but were now coming under fire from the fortified belt of the ‘Siegfried Line’. On the 20th of March, just five days after the initial move at Haguenau, the 141st Regiment …

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
The 36th had captured most of Haguenau and the Germans held only the northern outskirts across the Moder River. The river was crossable by infantry but an obstacle to American vehicles. The small four-house bridgehead was expanded on the 13th …

Compagnon D'Armes
After repelling German counterattacks aimed at recapturing the high ground of the Vosges Forest overlooking the Alsace Plain, the 36th moved to clear the Germans from the towns approaching Colmar. The 141st Regiment, supported by a company of…

An Example to the Enemy
As the 36th advanced into the Alsace Plain they were struck by a massive German counterattack by the German 198th Infantry Division. In the northeastern outskirts of Selestat the 1st Battalion of the 142nd Regiment faced attacks from the 736th …

Way of the Hero
After St Hippolyte was initially taken by Company F of the 142nd, they were expelled by a German counterattack. The American return was spearheaded by Sgt Ellis R Weicht, who advancing down the winding streets overcame two machinegun nests and …

A Lost Battalion
Advancing through the Foret Dominiale De Champ, the 1st Battalion of the 141st Regiment were cut off on a forested hilltop overlooking La Houssiere. Destruction of an entire American Battalion would be a major propaganda coup for the Nazis, and …

A Mountain Hike
The village of Velletri was part of the so-called ‘Caesar Line’ (which stretched from Lanuvio to Valmontone), and was defended by troops of the 362nd Infantry Division. The commander of the 36th, General ‘Fred’ Walker, spotted a weak point in …

Cross the Gari
In one of the most controversial actions of the war, the 36th were repeatedly ordered by General Mark Clark to attack across the fast-flowing Gari River in featureless terrain overlooked by hills between the 20th and 22nd of January. The …

To Save the Village
The Reinhard Line ran through the town of San Pietro In fine, which occupied the Mignano Gap, blocking Route 6 and Allied access to Cassino and Rome. The Germans turned the town into a strongpoint, defended by the second Battalion …

Million Dollar Mountain
Much of the 36th’s campaign in Italy consisted of wresting mountain top after mountain top from dug-in German defenders. One such peak was Mount Maggiore, called the ‘Million Dollar Mountain’ because of the quantity of artillery ammunition expended…

Grapes of Wrath
Hill 424, overlooking the Salerno beachhead was a key objective. On September 13th, after an initial artillery barrage, Companies I and K of the 142nd assaulted the southern part of the hill mass, encountering heavy fire from German machinegun…

First Action
After training in North Africa, the 36th took part in the Salerno landings, where they landed on the right flank at Paestum. After advancing inland they were struck by German counterattacks including one that almost penetrated to the Division CP. …
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