Band of Brothers: Miscellaneous Scenarios

Band of Brothers: Miscellaneous Scenarios

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Blue Beach
After pursuing the retreating Germans as far up the Italian peninsula as Piombino, the 36th were withdrawn to prepare for a special mission. They were to lead the amphibious invasion of Southern France codenamed ’Operation Dragoon’, under their new…

Hi-Wire Jinx
Hill 424, overlooking the Salerno beachhead, was taken by the 36th but they were then forced to retreat by German counterattacks. The Allied forces made their stand along the La Cosa Creek between the Calore River and Altavilla. In the …

Shooting Arrows at Ghosts
After consolidating the landing areas around Frejus and St Raphael, the 141st regiment sped northwest in the wake of Task Force Butler . Their goal was to cut off the Nineteenth Army, who were retreating up the Rhone Valley. The …

Hitler Meets Churchill
The main attack on the southern face of the Kursk salient was to be delivered by Hoth’s 4th Panzer Army. After a week of fighting, the exhausted troops of Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler around Hill 252.2 prepared to advance on Prokhorovka …

Tiger Paw
Throughout the winter of '42-’43, the Soviets launched repeated attacks to relieve the siege of Leningrad. The hard-pressed Germans rebuffed one attack after another, but in so doing their lines became progressively thinner. Finally the Germans had…

Here They Come
During the retreat from Leningrad, the Germans hoped to form a new front at Narva. However they found that the Russians had already crossed the Narva River south of the city, creating two adjacent bridgeheads known to the Germans as …

The Next Day
On D-Day the 505th PlR of the 82nd Airborne Division made a storied landing on the town of Sainte Mere Eglise in the Contentin peninsula, strategically important by virtue of being the meeting point of six roads. The town was …

Cole's Metal of Honor
Lieutenant Colonel Cole’s 3rd battalion drew the assignment of attacking down the main road to Carentan from the north. The road crossed 4 rivers, the last one being the Madeleine River, and became known to the troopers as ’Purple Heart …

Beneath the Crumbling Spires
As the 3rd Armored Division advanced into the bomb shattered ruins of Cologne, a famous engagement took place near Cologne Cathedral with a lone Panther from the Feldherrnhalle Division, which was possibly the only German tank still west of the …

A trip to the Russian Dentist
As the 20th Panzer Division drove towards Vitebsk, its 21st Regiment faced the task of forcing a crossing of the River Daugava near the burnt out village of Ulla. It was at this action that future Tiger ace Otto Carius …

Ferdinand's Folly
Operation Zitadelle’s northern pincer ground to a halt in a series of pitched battles around the seemingly insignificant settlement of Ponyri. Having finally penetrated the second defense belt of the Russian defenses at great cost, the 86th…

House to House
After weeks of intense fighting in Stalingrad, the 6th Army had nearly taken the key Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works. But the German first line troops were spent after a week of bitter combat. The Russian commanders chose this moment to hurl …

Oklahoma Wildcat
In January the Germans launched a counter-offensive from the Gambsheim-Herrlisheim pocket, aimed at retaking Strasbourg. As they broke through the infantry screen of the 2nd Battalion of the 143rd regiment in woods in front of Kurtzenhausen and into…

Holy Ground
ln the confusion after the initial drop, small engagements developed everywhere. One such involved the 326th Airborne Engineers and the 2nd Battalion of the 101st, in the small town of Angoville and the surrounding hedgerows. It started when a…
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