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Son Defense
After the initial German attack against the Bailey bridge, the Americans sensed the dangerousness of their position and later that night rushed elements of the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment to reinforce this critical choke point. They along with…

Return to Son
Back in Son, the Bailey bridge was complete and British units were crossing in force. Left to guard the area were elements of the 1st Battalion HQ and the C/506 on the north side of the canal and a platoon …

To Die on Christmas
After the reply of “Nuts!” to the surrender ultimatum on the 23rd, the promised, massive artillery bombardment and assault never materialized. However, this did not mean the Germans were done. Starting early in the morning on Christmas, a German…

Let's Hubba-Hubba
As American troops initially moved into the area around Bastogne, part of a Volksgrenadier battalion was pinched off behind the perimeter and dug in a wooded area. The 1st Battalion of the 506th, withdrawn from the fighting in Noville had …

Ambush at Wardin
As American troops started to filter into Bastogne, troops were dispersed to defensive positions in the outlying areas. Company I of the 501st was sent south to clear some woods and then east into the small town of Wardin. They …

The combat experienced 4th Infantry Division stayed mostly intact in the face of the German onslaught that would later become known as the Battle of the Bulge. They stalled long enough for the 1st Battalion of the 101st as well …

Hettrick's War
Lieutenant Donald Hettrick was an artillery observer in the 101st. On the “Island” he was assigned to the 327th Glider Infantry, Company “C”. There were two dikes in this area. A smaller one near the river that was held by …

As the 506th moved into positions along the front, the British pulled out, taking their tanks with them. Knowing this, the Germans took the opportunity to launch a full scale attack eastwards into and around Opheusden using the 363rd Volksgrenadier …

The Orchard
The Hell’s Highway phase of operation Market-Garden was drawing to a close and the time of the muddy, bloody island was beginning. Still under command of Montgomery, they were eating British rations (bully beef, oxtail soup, daily rum ration) and …

Road Cut
One of the problems of the Holland campaign was keeping the road open. Market-Garden, by this point, was essentially a failure. Although the bridge at Nijmegen had been taken, the British Airborne troops holding the bridge at Arnhem had been …

Black Friday
There were many attacks over a number of days against the town of Veghel, but the people of Veghel remember the 22nd as “Black Friday”. The 107th Panzer Brigade, having failed to take Son, moved under cover of darkness toward …

Corporal to Sergeant
The bridge over the Wilhelmina canal between Eindhoven and Best was initially not considered important by the British, but General Taylor thought it would be good to have in case the bridge at Son became unusable. He assigned its capture …

Eindhoven was a major city that lay south of Son, back along the axis of the British advance. With Son secure, the 3rd Battalion of the of the 506th led off the assault towards Eindhoven on the morning of D+1. …

If This is Combat
Operation Market-Garden had begun. Paratroopers were to seize bridges along Highway 69 in Holland to aid the British advance. Elements of the 506th were to take the main bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal just south of Son as well as …

The Battle of Bloody Gulch
The Germans that had retreated before the attack on Carentan had been reinforced by the 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division. As the 2nd Battalion of the 506th moved out from Carentan, they ran into them at dusk. Both sides settled …

Easy Peasy
Airborne forces were theorized to be elite, shock forces that would be used for just a few days and then withdrawn for refit and preparation for the next operation. Before D-Day they were told they needed to give 3 days …

So Few Led by So Many
The 3rd battalion of the 501st had been dropped with General Taylor to serve as a division reserve and as protection for the division headquarters. By daybreak only about 40 men of the entire 600 man battalion had been assembled. …

Day of Days
The cross channel invasion of France was the crucial “second front” that was needed to defeat Germany. The scope of the invasion was the largest in history and the first day of the Normandy invasion would be the most important. …
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