Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer

Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer

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Korsun Pocket
In January 1944, disaster struck again for the German Army in Russia. Six divisions of Army Group South became surrounded after sudden attacks by the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts around the village of Korsun (near the larger town of …

Obian Alone
The first days following the initial attack of the Kursk offensive would see good progress made by the 11th Panzer. However, gains would come slower and slower as the division began to wear down. Eventually, the Gross Deutschland was turned …

Start of a Death Ride
Manstein argued for an immediate attack once the mud period ended. He wanted to take advantage of the Russians who he felt were still smarting from the Backhand Blow. Hitler, however, preferred to wait for the arrival of the new …

The Back of my Hand
By February 1943, the Germans were in big trouble. The encirclement of the 6th Army at Stalingrad was followed by Soviet offenses in January that shattered the Hungarian 2nd Army and the German 2nd Army. The Germans were left over-extended …

Like a Good Neighbor
Although the second half of Case Blue had gone well and immense territorial gains had been made, the offensive came to a halt in the meat grinder of Stalingrad. The Russian counteroffensive cut off the city and the 11th Panzer, …

Stick to them like Glue
As the Germans were advancing, the Russians quickly started shifting reinforcements from other areas of the front. Their counterstroke to the German offensive began on July 6th, with both the 67th and 87th Tank Brigades (about 120 tanks) hitting the…

The Last Blitzkrieg
Case Blue was the code name for the German offensive in Russia for 1942. It was a two part plan. The first half of which was an attack eastward toward Voronezh, which would then enable the Germans to drive southward …

Twelve Miles from Moscow
By the middle of November, the ground had frozen enough to allow movement. The Germans once again decided on a pincer move. The goal was to link up at the city of Noginsk, east of the capital. Kampfgruppe Fricke, including …

The 11th was transferred north to be part of Operation Typhoon, the planned drive on Moscow. The first part of the operation was yet another pincer move - this one would end west of the Russian capital. The division attacked …

Hill 251
Although winning battle after battle, the war was beginning to take a toll on the 11th. As they took more casualties and spread out over more territory, they were being stretched thin. They were able to only push a small …

Our Goose is Cooked
After another month of hard fighting, the 11th Panzer Division was heading towards Uman in an attempt to help encircle a couple of Soviet armies. 5th Company of the 15th Panzer Regiment had, on the 20th, intercepted and destroyed a …

Take Dubno…or be Shot!
While the bulk of the 11th Panzer Division was racing onward to Ostrog, Brigade Commissar N.K. Popel, commander of the 8th Mechanized Corp, was told, "If you take Dubno by evening, you'll get a medal. If you don't, you'll be …

The Bloody Triangle
Although unknown to them at the time, the 11th Panzer Division had become the point of the spear in the largest tank battle in history (to that point). In some ways, it was the "first Kursk". This week long battle, …

The First T-34s
On the eve of Operation Barbarossa, the soldiers of the 11th Panzer were itching for a fight. They were superbly led, well trained, experienced, and had tasted only victory. As they trained near the Soviet border, few believed the official …
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