Old School Tactical

Old School Tactical game system for tactical level war-gaming during World War II. This game involves small unit engagements are fought on the Eastern Front, Western Front, and the Pacific. Each scenario uses counters representing soldiers, guns and vehicles that fought in these battles. The impulse system varies the number of actions each side can take in a turn. 

Games and Expansions:
Expansions: Volume 1 – Fighting on the Eastern Front 1941/42 (2016)
Stalingrad (2016)
Volume 2 – West Front 1944/45 (2017)
Airborne (2017)
West Front 1944-45 – Pocket Battles (2017)
Ghost Front – Belgium 1944 (2018)
Volume 3 – Pacific 1942/45 (2020)
Hell Bent – Pacific, 1941-1945 (2020)
Phantom Division (2020)
Old School Tactical

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