Old School Tactical

Old School Tactical

Old School Tactical game system for tactical level war-gaming during World War II. This game involves small unit engagements are fought on the Eastern Front, Western Front, and the Pacific. Each scenario uses counters representing soldiers, guns and vehicles that fought in these battles. The impulse system varies the number of actions each side can take in a turn. 

Games and Expansions:
Volume 1 – Fighting on the Eastern Front 1941/42 (2016)
Stalingrad (2016)
Volume 2 – West Front 1944/45 (2017)
Airborne (2017)
West Front 1944-45 – Pocket Battles (2017)
Ghost Front – Belgium 1944 (2018)
Volume 3 – Pacific 1942/45 (2020)
Hell Bent – Pacific, 1941-1945 (2020)
Phantom Division (2020)
Volume 1 2nd Edition– Fighting on the Eastern Front 1941/42 (2022)
Red Blitz (2022)

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A Hard Bargain
This 2 day battle offers a glimpse of the many battles fought near Minsk. Units of the Russian 11 th Guards Army scrapping with units of the reinforcing 5th Panzer Division.

When Army Croup Center collapsed and cities capitulated, there were a many pockets of isolated Cerman soldiers left behind. They were called 'Ruckkampfers', and these survivors of the obliterated divisions…

The Trains Must Run
As enemy forces closed in on Minsk, it was imperative for the Germans to keep the rail lines open. Not only for supplies but more importantly to evacuate the wounded. Arriving to help was the 5th Panzer Division…

Slo Way Out
As a fortified city, or Fester Piatz, Bobruisk was to be defended at all costs as decreed by Hitler. These orders hamstrung the German commanders and trapped many of their soldiers…

Smash and Burn
As Vitebsk was a salient in the German lines it was one of the first cities overrun by the Russians in Operation Bagration. The Russian Fronts had overwhelming numbers and brought a mass of armor with them…

As Night Approaches
The Josef Stalin heavy tank became separated from its unit and bogged down in the marsh of the back woods. Its commander, the son of a Russian general, is privy to many of the Soviet plans and must avoid capture…

The Highway
The Moscow-Minsk highway was crucial to both sides in the summer of 44. Pushing through, the Russian armies would have a gateway to rapidly move West, trapping German forces along the way. The highway was defended by the fortified…

Irons in the Fire
Operation Barbarossa is launched. Tank on tank actions occur all along the front. In this small fight, German tanks tangle with a surprised group of Soviet light armor.

Over the Border
Operation Barbarossa is launched. Explosive clashes happen all along the front. This is one small dash' of troops just over the border. A German recon unit looks to take a small farmhouse from the Bolsheviks.

Won’t They Ever Give Up Spring
It had been a long war, but then again, any war is a long war. We were supposed to be home by Christmas, but Hitler had other ideas, and those other ideas damn near worked. Driving us almost to the …

Attacking Strass
The 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83 rd Infantry Division is sent to capture the town of Strass, near the Hurtgen Forest. The town was defended by the veterans of the 353rd Infantry Division. It would be a tough fight.

The Beast of Argentan
The noose was tightening on the Falaise pocket with two German armies trying to escape the trap. The US 5th Armored Division moves towards Argentan to stem the flow of battered German units Eastwards. The exhausted Wehrmacht troops have their …

Over the Rhine
The Americans couldn’t believe their luck when they came upon the Ludendorff Bridge still intact. They rushed to capture it and pushed as many troops as they could across the Rhine. The Germans scrambled to mount a counter attack. They …

The Allies had to break out from the deadly stalemate being fought in the hedgerows. Their answer was Operation Cobra. The elite Panzer Lehr Division was caught in the zone that was devastated by American carpet bombing. Those that survived …

Operation Luttich
After the Americans broke free with Operation Cobra, the Germans had to react to slow their advance. A counter attack was launched in the area of Mortain. Facing the Germans was the US 30th Infantry Division, ’Old Hickory”, resting in …

Bourbon for Bravery
The West Wall fortifications stood between the Allies and the German homeland. They would make the enemy pay dearly for each step into Germany. Near the old city of Aachen, American soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division, the ’Big Red …

Heavy Hitters
The M36 Jackson was an upgunned tank destroyer that gave the Americans a gun that could tangle with the powerful German tanks. In the Ruhr, armored infantry of the 9th move forward to clear a village and secure the roads. …

A German Sherman
After three days of fighting, the 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division has captured the town of Strass. The German defenders, elements of the 353rd Volksgrenadier Division, have retreated to the woods East of the village. Under the …

The Abbey
One thing was certain when fighting the Germans. If you dislodged them from their positions, you knew damn well that they would be back. Having wrested control of a small village from the enemy, the Americans prepared their defense. The …

The battle for the crossroads was chaos. First one, then the other side would gain control of the key buildings. The Brass kept sending reinforcements, that was the good news. The bad news was that they would then call back, …

Night Raid
German defenses came together in the city of Metz to put a stop to Patton’s 3rd Army. The Americans needed intelligence for the upcoming assault. A raid was devised to capture some German officers to get this information. The US …

Hunting the Hunters
The Jagdpanzer 38 was nicknamed Hetzer, or hunter by the German troops. But lately the hunters had become the hunted. The two tank destroyers sat waiting to ambush, concealed in their camouflage. The war was almost over for the Americans, …

Patton’s Ghosts
The Recon units of the 3rd Army were known as Patton’s Ghosts because they moved so swiftly and quietly that they were never detected by the enemy until it was too late. Scouting the approaches to Le Mans, elements of …

Hedgerow Clash
The hedgerow fighting in Normandy was brutal for the Americans. The stout earthen mounds, covered in vegetation, made any progress slow and costly. The terrain favored the defender, and the 352 nd was home here. It was ready for the …

Lost! Again! The platoon was behind enemy lines, Damn! The Sergeant just felt it, he knew how things worked. The replacement 2nd Louie they were following did not. He couldn’t read a map if his life depended on it. But …

Into the Fog
Having just landed in Normandy a handful of days prior, men of the "Sante Fe" Division were about to get their first taste of combat in France. Patches of heavy fog drifted through the fields, and the green troops were …

The Lost Boys
In the battle for Saint-L6, some troops from the 29th Infantry Division became isolated. The ’Lost Battalion’ was surrounded by the enemy, low on ammo, and struggled to survive. The Germans pushed in on all sides to eliminate the pocket …

Death of the 6th Army
The mighty 6th Army is collapsing. Trapped inside the Stalingrad pocket, Paulus and his soldiers desperately hold on. But they are freezing, they are hungry, and they are running out of ammunition. Stalin demands revenge. The Russian armies squeeze…

13th Guards Sacrifice
The 13th Guards Division fought bravely and suffered tremendous losses after rushing into the burning city. Their sacrifice saved the 62nd Army from collapse. The German all out assault forces the command post of the 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment into …

The German assaults squeeze the 62nd Army against the Volga. The landing stages for the Russian troops and supplies will be in danger if the enemy reaches the riverbank. Chuikov scrapes together what reserves he can from the 6th Tank …

The Nail Factory
Elements of the German 7lst Infantry and 24th Panzer Divisions move forward to crush Resistance in the shattered buildings and workshops of the Nail Factory. Units of the 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment and armed factory workers will fight for every …

The 13th Guards Division was reaching its breaking point. In the early morning hours, elements of the 284th Rifle Division were ferried across the Volga to join the fight. The rugged Siberians of the ‘Tomsk’ Division were feared by the …

The war in Stalingrad evolved into a bitter, dirty fight in the rubble. The Germans called it the ‘Rattenkrieg’ or ‘War of the Rats’. Small groups of soldiers fought for only meters of precious space. The Russians carried out the …

Any Day the Ruhr Pocket
Germany collapsed as the US 1st and 9th Armies divided the already encircled Ruhr. Some towns greeted the Americans with white flags while others fought to the death. In many towns, the men of the 9th Armored Division encountered …

Big Boys
The Germans threw everything that they had at the Remagen bridgehead. The Arado Ar234 Blitz jet bomber, massive artillery barrages, V2 rockets (their only tactical use in WW2), and frogmen. However, a well-coordinated, crushing ground assault never…

We Can Try This
After breaking through the Siegfried Line, the 9th Armored Division raced into Germany. On the afternoon of March 7th, C Troop of the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron, which was part of Task Force Engemann, rolled onto a ridge overlooking the small …

The Shell Begins to Crack
After several days of battle, the goose egg that was the American’s St. Vith perimeter began to crack. Early in the morning of 21 December, a mixed force of German infantry and AFVs overran elements of the 27th Armored Infantry …

Southeast of St. Vith, the village of Elcherath was captured by the 190th Regiment of the 62nd Volksgenadier during the morning of the 18th. In the early afternoon, 2 companies of the 27th Armored Infantry Battalion were ordered to retake …

A Bit North of Here
While the American infantry fought for and captured the Elcherath hills, most of 9th Armored CCB fought a day long tank duel with elements of the 1st SS Panzer Division North of St. Vith. The Panzer Division was told they …

Breaking Out
Morning dawned and it became obvious that there was no defeating and no more delaying the German advance. Team Desobry’s only chance was to break out and link up with the forces in Bastogne.

Highway to Hell
Of course, the Tigers weren’t the only bad news. The mist had finally lifted and Desobry’s men realized that they were damn near surrounded.

The Bigger They Come
The initial attack drove Desobry’s men back to Noville proper. There they waited, hoping against hope that the Germans were through with them. They would have no such luck. Shortly after resetting the defense, the Americans once again heard engines …

At Dawn’s Early Light
On December 19th, the Wehrmacht continued to advance towards the vital crossroads town of Bastogne. Sent to delay them were the men of Team Desobry. The two forces met outside of a town named Noville.

Crossing the Driniumor
After capturing Aitape in April, large Japanese forces were cut off as they were withdrawing to the West. These forces, under the command of Lieutenant- General Hatazo Adachi, crossed the Driniumor River in July. The covering force East of the …

Shot For Shot
Once the airfields had been captured by the Americans, the battle for Biak became a slow, grinding affair. The terrain kept most engagements to a small scale. Squads and platoons fighting over small patches of land which meant nothing at …

Dying For Thirst
The island of Biak in Western New Guinea was very hot but very dry. It had few sources of fresh water, so any source would be worth fighting for. This small surface stream was one such source. The Japanese needed …

Silent and Swift
After a heartbreaking day at Suicide Creek, a weapons platoon pulls back and start digging in for the night. Seen by no one, a group of Japanese have moved silently across the river at dusk. With their long bayonets fixed, …

Suicide Creek
Moving out from Cape Glouchester, the Marines came upon a small creek that wasn’t on any map. It had no name. The Japanese soldiers were waiting for the Americans. Bunkers and entrenchments hid dangerously in the heavy jungle. After the …

Arawe Ambush
The 112th Cavalry Regiment was landed as an infantry unit at Arawe. Dismounted now, the troopers had little training as an infantry unit and no experience in jungle warfare. A small patrol was ambushed by veteran units of the Komori …

Ground and Pound
US forces continued to drive inland. They had to remove the threat of Japanese artillery which was still in range. Marines and tanks pushed through terrible terrain to drive out the enemy. After the initial surprise of the landings on …
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