Old School Tactical: Pocket Battles

Old School Tactical: Pocket Battles

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Breaking Out
Morning dawned and it became obvious that there was no defeating and no more delaying the German advance. Team Desobry’s only chance was to break out and link up with the forces in Bastogne.

Highway to Hell
Of course, the Tigers weren’t the only bad news. The mist had finally lifted and Desobry’s men realized that they were damn near surrounded.

The Bigger They Come
The initial attack drove Desobry’s men back to Noville proper. There they waited, hoping against hope that the Germans were through with them. They would have no such luck. Shortly after resetting the defense, the Americans once again heard engines …

At Dawn’s Early Light
On December 19th, the Wehrmacht continued to advance towards the vital crossroads town of Bastogne. Sent to delay them were the men of Team Desobry. The two forces met outside of a town named Noville.
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