Old School Tactical: Hell Bent Pacific

Old School Tactical: Hell Bent Pacific

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Last Battle, Last Stand
The Battle for Okinawa, Operation Iceberg for the US, was the largest and costliest campaign in the Pacific theater of WW II. The Japanese would call it the ‘typhoon of steel ‘. After hard fighting. Lieutenant General Mitsuru Ushijima's remaining …

Sugarloaf Hill
Sugarloaf Hill was not large, but it was an anchor of the Shuri Line of Japanese defenses. It was heavily fortified and would see some of the fiercest fighting of the campaign. Units of the 6th Marine Division were brought …

Fools Rush In
In supporting attacks of the 27th Infantry Division, the tanks of the 193rd Tank Battalion found themselves isolated. To make matters worse, they ran into an ambush by the Japanese 22nd independent Anti-Tank Battalion. The Japanese fell upon the…

Clark Field
After landing, one of MacArthur’s priorities was capturing this airfield to use in the campaign. Japanese units of the Kembu Group stiffened their defense as the Americans approached. With armor support, it was up to the ’Buckeyes' of the 37th …

Action at Potpot
General Yamashita Tomoyuki committed tanks of the 2nd Armored Division in counterattacks to slow the US army's advance. Japanese tanks were ill equipped to take on the Americans but their crews were just as fanatical as any troops in the …

Bloody Nose Ridge
After being severely mauled by the Japanese defenders, the Marines were pulled back. Eliminating the pockets of enemy soldiers holed upin the Umbrogol hills was now the job of the US Army. The Wildcats, of the 81st infantry Division, would …

The Point
Taking out 'The Point' was the task given to Captain George Hunt and his company from the 1st Marines. They reduced the fortification with much bravery and a little luck. Its murderous fire onto White Beach was eliminated. But now …

Nakagawa Strikes Back
The 5th Marines made the most progress on this first day of the invasion. As they approached the airfield, Colonel Kunio Nakagawa launched a counterattack to blunt the Americans. Using what armor he had, the Japanese commander punched back.

Steak & Eggs
Major General William Rupertus had told his boys in the 1st Marine Division that this island would be secured in just 4 days. His men ate their traditional prelanding breakfast of steak and eggs and readied for battle. Landing craft …

The Last Banzai
The Japanese retreated to the Northern part of the island and waited for help from the Imperial Japanese Navy. When the IJN was soundly defeated, all hope was lost for the defenders. Orders were given to the remaining troops for …

A large number of Japanese soldiers had been cutoff and trapped near Nafutan Point when the US offensive pressed North. On this night, a number of these units break free with orders to rejoin the main army and cause as …

China Gal
On the second day of the invasion, D+1, Major Michael Ryan gathered what Marines and Engineers he could and prepared to sweep Green Beach of its defenders. Boosted by the timely arrival of the Shermans 'Cecille' and ‘China Gal', the …

Red Beach
The Japanese had worked on fortifying Betio Island for almost a year before the Marines arrived. Rear Admiral Keiji Shibazaki boasted to his troops that it would take ”one million men one hundred years” to conquer Tarawa. As the Marines …

No Hope But Glory
Pearl Harbor was just the beginning. The Japanese offensive spread throughout the Pacific. The American outpost on tiny Wake Island was in their path. Initially rebuffed on December 8th, the Japanese task force reinforced and layed siege to the tiny…
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