Old School Tactical: Ghost Front

Old School Tactical: Ghost Front

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Peiper’s Chariots
The attack is sprung and Kampfgruppe Peiper moves with great purpose to reach the River Meuse. The panzers and troops of the spearhead must brush aside any American forces and drive forward. The US Army is still in a state …

Daredevil Tankers
Arriving in Belgium without their tanks, the men of the 740th Tank Battalion scraped together what armor they could at a depot enroute to the front. The men cobbled together some bastard tanks and rushed forward to meet Kampfgruppe Peiper. …

Joyeux Noel
War does not take a holiday in the siege of Bastogne. The Germans are determined to snuff out Resistance. Panzers and Grenadiers push their way into the town. Help is on the way to relieve them, but the paratroopers must …

Cutoff and surrounded, the ’Battling Bastards of Bastogne’ will not surrender. The Germans look for a weak spot in the American perimeter. The Grenadiers have a couple of assault guns to support their push. As dawn breaks, troopers of the …

Stand at St. Vith
As the Ardennes offensive plunged forward, a defensive position developed in St. Vith by the Americans. Elements of many different units retreated to, or moved with purpose to the town and did their best to stop or slow the Germans. …

Dom Butgenbach
The ’Big Red One’ had been in constant combat since the D-Day landings. They were in the Ardennes area for rest and refit when the German offensive launched. These hardy veterans were rushed forward to plug any gaps in the …

Greif II
The alarm has been raised. US soldiers with armor backup move to eliminate the saboteurs in their lines. The German commandos have nowhere to run. They will make their final stand at these crossroads.

Greif I
Hitler’s commando, Otto Skorzeny, formed a volunteer unit of English speaking troops to infiltrate American positions. Wearing US uniforms, these soldiers were to sow confusion in the enemy ranks and create chaos. Here a unit of these troops approach…

Cat and Mouse
In the darkness and fog, some German Jagdpanzers and troops make it into town unopposed. Once discovered, a deadly fight erupts as they battle American riflemen with bazookas and some US armor. In the confining terrain, the battle turns into …

Knocking on the Door
Volksgrenadiers approach the village from the South. They bring a pair of Jagdpanzers and a Flakpanzer with them to blast out the defenders. Green units of the 99th Infantry Division are caught up in this surprise offensive. These troops must …

Lausdell Crossroads
Veteran units of the 2nd Infantry Division dig in at the crossroads. They seek to blunt the German juggernaut heading towards the twin villages of Rocherath and Krinkelt. They wait as the night and fog sets in. The German commander …
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