Old School Tactical: Volume 3 Pacific

Old School Tactical: Volume 3 Pacific

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Crossing the Driniumor
After capturing Aitape in April, large Japanese forces were cut off as they were withdrawing to the West. These forces, under the command of Lieutenant- General Hatazo Adachi, crossed the Driniumor River in July. The covering force East of the …

Shot For Shot
Once the airfields had been captured by the Americans, the battle for Biak became a slow, grinding affair. The terrain kept most engagements to a small scale. Squads and platoons fighting over small patches of land which meant nothing at …

Dying For Thirst
The island of Biak in Western New Guinea was very hot but very dry. It had few sources of fresh water, so any source would be worth fighting for. This small surface stream was one such source. The Japanese needed …

Silent and Swift
After a heartbreaking day at Suicide Creek, a weapons platoon pulls back and start digging in for the night. Seen by no one, a group of Japanese have moved silently across the river at dusk. With their long bayonets fixed, …

Suicide Creek
Moving out from Cape Glouchester, the Marines came upon a small creek that wasn’t on any map. It had no name. The Japanese soldiers were waiting for the Americans. Bunkers and entrenchments hid dangerously in the heavy jungle. After the …

Arawe Ambush
The 112th Cavalry Regiment was landed as an infantry unit at Arawe. Dismounted now, the troopers had little training as an infantry unit and no experience in jungle warfare. A small patrol was ambushed by veteran units of the Komori …

Ground and Pound
US forces continued to drive inland. They had to remove the threat of Japanese artillery which was still in range. Marines and tanks pushed through terrible terrain to drive out the enemy. After the initial surprise of the landings on …

In the Coconut Grove
Seeking to expand the beachhead around Cape Torokina, Marines and navy construction units were ambushed when moving into a coconut grove. The next morning, units of the 21st Marines and 3rd Tank Battalion barged into the grove. Once the fighting …

The Beachhead
After forcing their way through the Raiders on the Piva Trail, reinforced elements of the Iwasa Detachment move on the US beachhead at Cape Torokina. With their backs to the sea, the Marines aren’t planning on going anywhere.

Clear Them Out
The Marines didn’t budge and shut down the Japanese counterattack. But the threat remained to the beachhead. Switching over to attack, the Marines pushed on with orders to clear out any remaining enemy units.

The Piva Trail
After establishing a beachhead on Bougainville Island, the Marines had to protect it from a counterattack. And that attack would be coming by way of the Piva Trail. Colonel Edward Craig of the 9th Marines sent his tough Raiders inland …

Starvation Island
Nearing the end of the Guadalcanal campaign, Japanese forces on the island were on the brink of collapse. The IJA and IJN would evacuate and save as many as they could. To protect and buy time for the evacuation, fresh …

Edson’s Ridge
The Lunga Ridge was a grassy knoll that rose from the jungle, South of Henderson Field. It was a gateway to the airbase. Major General Kiyotake Kawaguchi marched his troops mercilessly through the jungle for days to reach this point. …

The Old Breed
The 1st Marine Division was stocked with many long serving Marines. Many had experience in Central American dust ups, but this was different. As the defensive perimeter was set up around Henderson airfield, US manpower was stretched thin. Too thin …

Alligator Creek
After landing and capturing Henderson Field, the spread out Marines prepared defenses on its perimeter. The Japanese were initially caught off guard by the landings in the Solomons, but the Imperial General Headquarters rushed to bring forces to…

First Clash
Elements of Colonel Kiyonao Ichiki’s 28th, Infantry Regiment were landed by destroyer East of the Marine perimeter on Guadalcanal. They set out immediately towards the enemy base. A Marine patrol encountered these new troops in their fresh uniforms…

Tulagi First
Prior to the landings on Guadalcanal, Marines hit the smaller islands of Tulagi and Gavutu-Tanambogo. The 1st Raider Battalion ran into stiffening enemy defenses on their second day on Tulagi. These tiny outposts belonged to the Imperial Japanese…

Leading up to Operation Watchtower, Marine Raiders carried out missions to gather intelligence and wreak havoc on Japanese lines of communication. At dawn, the Raiders deploy from their boats. Their orders, find and destroy the enemy radio tower.
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