Old School Tactical: Stalingrad

Old School Tactical: Stalingrad

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Death of the 6th Army
The mighty 6th Army is collapsing. Trapped inside the Stalingrad pocket, Paulus and his soldiers desperately hold on. But they are freezing, they are hungry, and they are running out of ammunition. Stalin demands revenge. The Russian armies squeeze…

13th Guards Sacrifice
The 13th Guards Division fought bravely and suffered tremendous losses after rushing into the burning city. Their sacrifice saved the 62nd Army from collapse. The German all out assault forces the command post of the 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment into …

The German assaults squeeze the 62nd Army against the Volga. The landing stages for the Russian troops and supplies will be in danger if the enemy reaches the riverbank. Chuikov scrapes together what reserves he can from the 6th Tank …

The Nail Factory
Elements of the German 7lst Infantry and 24th Panzer Divisions move forward to crush Resistance in the shattered buildings and workshops of the Nail Factory. Units of the 42nd Guards Rifle Regiment and armed factory workers will fight for every …

The 13th Guards Division was reaching its breaking point. In the early morning hours, elements of the 284th Rifle Division were ferried across the Volga to join the fight. The rugged Siberians of the ‘Tomsk’ Division were feared by the …

The war in Stalingrad evolved into a bitter, dirty fight in the rubble. The Germans called it the ‘Rattenkrieg’ or ‘War of the Rats’. Small groups of soldiers fought for only meters of precious space. The Russians carried out the …
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