Old School Tactical: Red Blitz

Old School Tactical: Red Blitz

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A Hard Bargain
This 2 day battle offers a glimpse of the many battles fought near Minsk. Units of the Russian 11 th Guards Army scrapping with units of the reinforcing 5th Panzer Division.

When Army Croup Center collapsed and cities capitulated, there were a many pockets of isolated Cerman soldiers left behind. They were called 'Ruckkampfers', and these survivors of the obliterated divisions…

The Trains Must Run
As enemy forces closed in on Minsk, it was imperative for the Germans to keep the rail lines open. Not only for supplies but more importantly to evacuate the wounded. Arriving to help was the 5th Panzer Division…

Slo Way Out
As a fortified city, or Fester Piatz, Bobruisk was to be defended at all costs as decreed by Hitler. These orders hamstrung the German commanders and trapped many of their soldiers…

Smash and Burn
As Vitebsk was a salient in the German lines it was one of the first cities overrun by the Russians in Operation Bagration. The Russian Fronts had overwhelming numbers and brought a mass of armor with them…

As Night Approaches
The Josef Stalin heavy tank became separated from its unit and bogged down in the marsh of the back woods. Its commander, the son of a Russian general, is privy to many of the Soviet plans and must avoid capture…

The Highway
The Moscow-Minsk highway was crucial to both sides in the summer of 44. Pushing through, the Russian armies would have a gateway to rapidly move West, trapping German forces along the way. The highway was defended by the fortified…
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