Panzer (GMT)

Panzer is a game of conventional ground-oriented combat set during World War II. It is designed to test the tactical skills of two or more players. As a tactical level game, the battles (scenarios) depict small unit actions. As such, any force can theoretically defeat any other force set at any time during the war. The Soviets actually won many small unit actions in 1941, as did the Germans in 1945. That is the advantage tactical games have over strategic games. The time-bias has a much smaller impact.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

Panzer: North Africa (2022)
Panzer: Expansion Set, #4 – France 1940 (2019)
Panzer: Expansion Set, #3 – Drive to the Rhine: The Second Front 1944-45 (2014)
Panzer: Expansion Set, #2 – The Final Forces on the Eastern Front 1941-44 (2012)
Panzer: Expansion Set, #1 – The Shape of Battle on the Eastern Front 1943-45 (2012)
Panzer: The Game of Small Unit Actions and Combined Arms Operations on the Eastern Front 1943-45 (2012)

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