Panzer (GMT): Exp. #3 Operations For The Drive To The Rhine - The Second Front

Panzer (GMT): Exp. #3 Operations For The Drive To The Rhine - The Second Front

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Glorious Goodwood
Following on the heels of Operations Perch, Epsom, Martlet, Windsor, and Charnwood, the staff of the Allied 21st Army Group developed the plans for the next major British assault, Operation Goodwood. Due to a shortage of infantry it would consist …

Out of the mist
The decisive battles around Arracourt commenced on 15 September 1944 when elements of the German 15th Panzer Grenadier Division dashed with the recon units of the US 2nd Cavalry Group, After initially withdrawing, the Germans again advanced near the…

Villers-Bocage Afternoon
Following SS Pz. Abt. IOI's decisive action against Point 213 and Villers-Bocage additional troops from 22nd Armoured Brigade arrived in Villers-Bocage. The 1/7th Queen's Royal Regiment, a lorry borne infantry battalion, took up defensive positions…

Villers-Bocage Morning
As the Allies expanded their bridgehead from Normandy, a combined British and US force thrust inland to secure the area in and around Caen. The US 1st Infantry Division gained ground against the beleaguered German 352nd Infantry Division thereby…

Among the Hedgerows
After the success of Operation Cobra. Patton's Third Army blew a hole through the German lines from Vire to Avranches. In predictable fashion, Hitler ordered a massive counterattack to cut off the lead American divisions along a 20 mile front. …

Hell on Wheels
During the initial stages of Operation Cobra, the panzer Lehr Division was effectively taken out of action after seeing its forces shrink by nearly 40% following massive damage from both medium and heavy bombers and tactical strikes from P47 fighter…

The Village
The Battle Of Singling remains to this day a case study in the challenges faced when an understrength force conducts an impromptu attack against a strongpoint while possessing only limited situational intelligence. In early December 1944. Task Force…

Operation Tonga
Operation Tonga was the codename assigned to the British 6th Airborne Division's actions as part of Operation Overlord. Tasked with a number of objectives, the division's paratroop and glider brigades all participated in the operation landing on the…

Higher Ground
The French city Of Caen was a vital objective of the Normandy landings on D-Day. Located in the British and Canadian sector, the plan was for the British 3rd Infantry Division to push through the German defenders and capture city …

Chance Encounter
The dense hedgerow terrain throughout the Mortain area played havoc with force deployment and resulted in a number of unexpected clashes as units from the German 7th Army and the US VII Corps both maneuvered for advantage. The twisting network …
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