Panzer (GMT): Miscellaneous Scenarios

Panzer (GMT): Miscellaneous Scenarios

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House of the Soviets
Prior to the battle of the Tannenburg Line, elements of Ill SS Panzer Corps meet elements of the Soviet 2nd Shock Army. The Germans are scouting defensible positions to cover their retreat westward, while the Soviets are hot on their …

Treads over Dedushka
For nearly two months during the fail of 1942, just over three dozen men and women of the Soviet army held the "House Of Soviets #4" from wave after wave of German assault. This building. apartment complex overlooking the Volga …

Battle of Kovel, Part 2
Continuing the actions of the German 4th Panzer Army around Kovel. Battle Of Kovel Part 2 reflects the attack upon the village itself. The German units that broke through to Kevel were quite successful. The follow on attack caught the …

Battle of Kovel, Part 1
In an effort to stem the tide of the never ending flow of Soviet reinforcements a bold move was planned to destroy the transportation hub at the village of Kovel near the Pripet Marshes. The task was assigned to elements …
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