Panzer (GMT): Exp. #1 The Shape Of Battle On The Eastern Front

Panzer (GMT): Exp. #1 The Shape Of Battle On The Eastern Front

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Land of the Giants
In the final months of the war, the battlefield became the "Land of the Giants" as King Tigers and IS-2S & 3s traded shots as the smaller prey fled for the cover of the small towns and villages. Unfortunately for …

Southern Exposure
As the mist cleared in the early morning Of 12 July, the 600 tanks and assault guns of the II SS Panzer Corps jumped off into what would become the largest tank battle of the war. The three SS Divisions …

The Turning Tide
After the German defeat at Kursk, the focus shifted south to the Dnepr River. There, the Germans constructed a fortified line dubbed the "Eastern Rampart". Boasting the Dnepr would flow backwards before the Soviets could overcome this position, the…

3rd Mechanized Corps Operations
By the close of the day on 9 July, the German 4th Panzer Army's XLVIII Panzer Corps reached the northernmost point of the offensive in the southern of the Kursk Salient. The next day found the German 3rd Panzer Division …

As the war was drawing to a close the Soviet Army raced to the gates of Berlin before the approaching Western Forces could snatch that prize from their grasp. The German Army, now nothing more than a paper force, threw …

Battle of Ponyri
In a critical battle of the Soviet Central Front, the German 9th Army dashed with the Soviet 2nd Tank Army at the junction of the Northern Kursk Salient. Elements of the German 9th Panzer Division, along with attached Elefants and …

3rd Mechanized Corps Operations
Bloodied in action the against the German Panzergrenadier Division 'Grossdeutschland' during the decisive Kursk offensive, the Soviet 3rd Mechanized Corps remained an element of the Soviet 1st Tank Army. When that unit the assumed the offensive…
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