Panzer (GMT): Exp. #2 The Final Forces On The Eastern Front

Panzer (GMT): Exp. #2 The Final Forces On The Eastern Front

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Operation Typhoon
Moscow was one of Germany's primary military objects in their invasion of the Soviet Union. It was probably driven more by a political imperative than the strategic measures it offered. Operation Typhoon was Germany's offensive to capture Moscow.…

The Cauldron
Urban warfare was the bane of all mechanized forces. The idea of slugging it out in close combat among the tight and twisting roads, rubble and endless buildings struck fear in hearts of all soldiers. Yet, it was critical as …

The Rhino's Horn
As part of Operation Bagration the elimination Of the Vitebsk salient was one of the key objectives. There forces of the German 3rd Panzer Army and the Soviet 5th Army clashed over the fortress city of Vitebsk During the battle, …

As the German 9th Army's XXIII Corps' 78th and 216th Infantry Divisions launched a diversionary attack along the eastern flank, at 0530 hours both the XLI and XLVII Panzer Corps moved forward with the main attack in the Podolyan-Alexandrovka sectors…

Battle of Brody Pt. 2
This continues the action between Panzer Group 1 and the Soviet 5th and 6th Armies at Brody. After passing through the first line of Soviet Forces, the Germans are attempting to secure a key bridgehead.

Battle of Brody Pt. 1
Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. Over 4.5 million troops) invaded the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 along a front over 2,900 km long. It marked the greatest invasion in the history …

Beginning of the End
After rolling over the Soviet 6th Tank Corps, the 3rd Panzer Division moved into a defensive position on the western flank of the Grossdeutsch/and Panzergrenadier Division. At the same time, the Soviet 1st Tank and 6th Guards Armies were advancing …
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