Lock n Load: Tactical

Welcome to the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system (LnLT). For over 20 years, the LnLT system has entertained gamers with its ease of play while having an attention to battlefi eld conditions and tactics. LnLT has set a new standard in Squad-level scenario-based gaming. Its innovative game mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veteran and new gamers alike.

LnLT is a fast and furious squad-level tactical game using a quick impulse system and great immersive graphics gives you a true feeling of being there. In LnLT you get squads, weapon teams, armored vehicles, fixed-wing aircraft, and, in the modern-era games, helicopters, and Jets. As a Tactical Squad system, special skills and leadership are all part of the base game. Single men such as Leaders, Snipers, Medics, Nurses, Advisors, Chaplains, and, of course, Heroes. Battles are so intense that stories can be written about them. It's all here in Lock 'n Load Tactical.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

LnLT: Pledge of Honor (2022)
LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific – For the Emperor expansion (2021)
LnLT: Heroes of the Bitter Harvest (2021)
LnLT: Heroes Against the Red Star – Red Gauntlet (2021)
LnLT: Battles to the Rhine (2021)
LnLT: Heroes of Grenada (2020)
LnLT: Battle Generator v2.0 (2020)
LnLT: A Feat of Arms (2019)
LnLT: Core Rules v5.0 (2018)
LnLT: Hell Frozen Over (2017)
LnLT: Heroes Against the Red Star (2017)
LnLT: Heroes in Defiance (2017)
LnLT: Solo (2017)
LnLT: Starter Kit (2017)
LnLT: Compendium Volume 4 Modern Era (2017)(2020)
LnLT: Compendium Volume 3 World War 2 Era (2017)(2020)
LnLT: Compendium Volume 2 Modern Era (2017)(2020)
LnLT: Heroes of Normandy – The Untold Stories Vol. 1 (2018)
LnLT: Heroes of Normandy – We Stand Alone: Battles of Easy Company (2018)
LnLT: Heroes of North Africa (2017)
LnLT: Compendium Volume 1 World War 2 Era (2016)(2020)
LnLT: Bear and the Jackal (2015)
LnLT: Days of Villainy (2015)
LnLT: Heroes of Normandy (2015)
LnLT: Heroes of the Falklands (2015)
LnLT: Heroes of the Motherland (2015)
LnLT: Heroes of the Nam (2015)
LnLT: Heroes of the Pacific (2015)
LnLT: Modern Era Core Rules (2015)
LnLT: World War II Era Core Rules Manual v4.1 (2015)

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