LnL Tactical: Heroes of the Nam

LnL Tactical: Heroes of the Nam

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Unexpected Visitors
When the fighting around Dong Ha erupted In the spring of 1968, the Marines needed help and called upon the Army to supply that help. An Army battalion arrived in the area and their first task was to clear the …

Undeniable Courage
Shortly after the landing at Landing Zone X-ray, Bravo Company of the 1/7 Cavalry became heavily engaged by NVA infantry to its front. The company commander, Lt Herren, ordered Lt. Herrick’s platoon to move up on the company’s right flank. …

Tread Heads
At first glance Vietnam did not seem a proper home for the tanks and APCs of the United States Army. The crowded jungle roads appeared to be perfect locations for Vietnamese ambushes, and the tanks, although fast, were not as …

The Village
As North Vietnam had planned, the Tet Offensive shocked the world. It had not, however, led to a general uprising in the South. Throughout February, Allied forces counterattacked Viet Cong enclaves, eliminating them one by one. Viet Cong losses were…

The Relief of Plei Me
The Opening move of the NVA’s offensive in the la Drang Valley was an assault on the U.S. Special Forces camp at Plei Me. The North Vietnamese believed that as soon as they attacked the camp the ABVN would send …

Streets of Sorrow
Hue was the third biggest city in South Vietnam, and had remained largely untouched by the war. The Tet Offensive changed that. The North Vietnamese infiltrated Hue with two regiments, and attacked on January 31, 1968. Initially the attack went …

Stay Behind
An infantry battalíon had been sweeping an area 12 km west of Tan An for several days with scattered resistance. Since they couldn't get the enemy to stand and fight, they were set to pull out and return to base. …

Sky Soldiers
On the morning of November 3rd, 1965, B Troop Rifles of the 1/9 responded to sightings of NVA soldiers southwest of the Plel Me special forces camp. After landing, the platoon proceeded north and overran the regimental headquarters and hospital …

Serious Firepower
The Marines spent three bloody days clearing the villages of Dai Do and Dinh To. The fighting was tough, and the Marines called for armor support for the actual attack on Dai Do. The NVA forces holding the town, however, …

River of Perfume
The fighting in Hue was some of the most bitter of the war. It was a mix of Vietnam and Stalingrad. South of the Perfume River Marines fought the Viet Cong block by block, house by house, and room by …

Prelude to Lang Vei
In late January, 1968, survivors of the 33rd Laotian Battalion streamed into the Special Forces camp at Lang Vei; their camp had been overrun by the North Vietnamese. A fight with the NVA wasn’t unusual, what was unusual was …

Assault on Ben Suc
In Operation Cedar Falls, the United States Army wanted to elminate the Viet Cong stronghold called the Iron Triangle. Army intelligence felt that the village of Ben Suc was the key to the Iron Triangle. Unfortunately, when the Army air …

Ap Bac
The ARVN mistakenly believed that a reinforced Viet Cong company was holed up in the small village of Ap Bac, 65 kilometers southwest of Saigon. In reality, however, there was more than a battalion of Viet Cong in the vicinity …

A Friend in Need
U.S. Army units moved into the A Shau Valley In the opening moves of what would culminate in Hamburger Hill. Here two platoons advance on a small village suspected of harboring a Viet Cong contingent. The VC knew the Americans …
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