LnL Tactical: Dark July 43

LnL Tactical: Dark July 43

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Midday's Counterattack
Just after 1:00 PM. on July 12th, the German 1st SS Panzergrenadier Division LAH was attacked from the east by a Soviet mixed infantry/tank force from the 29th Tank Corps, yet another attempt to halt the Nazi advance to Prokhorovka. …

Road to Prokhorovka
At 6:00 A.M. on the morning of July 12, the leading elements of the 1St SS Panzergrenadier Division LAH were gatheríng for an advance toward Prokhorovka. Meanwhile, remnants of the 26th Guards Airborne Regiment was preparing a last defense line…

Secure the Oktiabrskii State Farm
Fierce fighting had been raging all morning, and by 1:00 p.m. the Soviet forces had taken up well-defended positions at the Oktiabrskii State Farm. The LAH needed to capture the farm to secure the left flank of its advance towards Prokhorovka. The…

Clear the Ditches
At: 10:15 A.M. elements of the 1St SS Panzergrenadier Division LAH were ordered to advance and take the anti-tank ditches to the east of Hill 252.2. The attack was launched in an attempt to clear out the anti-tank ditches and the surrounding area to…

Assault on Hill 252.2
On July 10, 1943, after a long and violent fight, Hill 241.1 had finally been taken. Farther to the east, some units from the Aufklarung Abteilung had reached the outskirts of the Oktiabrskii State Farm and reported that the Soviets had set up a…

Front Porsche
On the north side of the Kursk salient, General Model's Ninth Army pushed south. A key objective was the town of Ponyri, and there the fighting raged. The city was contested so fiercely that veterans named it the Stalingrad of the Kursk salient. Not…
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