LnL Tactical: Battles to the Rhine

LnL Tactical: Battles to the Rhine

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Christmas Day Flurry
The German operation of Wacht am Rhine, also known as the Battle of the Bulge, had not gone as Hitler had envisioned. The vanguard of the 2nd Panzer Division got to within 4 km from the Meuse, where on December 24th, they were stopped by the US 2nd…

Aachen, Bloody Aachen
The ancient, picturesque city of Aachen had been incorporated into the German defensive positions of the Siegfried Lines. It held little military value; it was, however, an important symbol as it was the fi rst German city threatened by an enemy…

Blood Stained Bocage
As part of the effort to stop the Allied forces from capturing the city of Saint Lo, the Panzer Lehr Division had been rushed to the area. On one of the fi rst days in the area, the Panzer-Lehr launched a counterattack against elements of the…
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