Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit

The Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit (ASLSK) is an introductory version of the Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) system, designed to provide a more accessible entry point into the world of ASL. ASLSK is published by Multi-Man Publishing (MMP), the company responsible for continuing the development and publication of the ASL series.

The ASLSK aims to offer a simplified and streamlined version of ASL, making it more approachable for new players while still retaining the core mechanics and flavor of the original game. It includes simplified rules, scenarios, and components, making it easier for players to learn and grasp the fundamentals of ASL.

Key features of the ASLSK include:

  1. Simplified Rules: The ASLSK provides a subset of the rules found in the full ASL system, focusing on essential mechanics and concepts while omitting some of the more complex and detailed rules found in the original game.

  2. Training Scenarios: The ASLSK includes a series of introductory scenarios specifically designed to teach players the basic rules and tactics of ASL in a gradual and structured manner. These scenarios start with simple infantry engagements and gradually introduce more advanced concepts, such as armor and artillery.

  3. Reduced Components: The ASLSK includes fewer components compared to the full ASL system, with a smaller selection of maps, counters, and other materials. This helps simplify gameplay and reduces the learning curve for new players.

  4. Stand-Alone: While the ASLSK is compatible with the full ASL system, it is designed to be a stand-alone product, allowing players to enjoy the game without needing to invest in additional expansions or modules.

Overall, the ASLSK serves as an excellent entry point for players interested in exploring the world of ASL but intimidated by the complexity of the full system. It provides a more accessible and beginner-friendly experience while still capturing the essence of tactical squad-level combat that has made ASL a beloved classic among wargamers.

The rules are broken down across 4 main modules.

ASL Starter Kit 1, German, American and Russian forces, infantry, support weapons
ASL Starter Kit 2, German, Italian, British, Allied Minor, and American forces, ordnance
ASL Starter Kit 3, German, American, British and Russian forces, Tanks, armored cars
ASL Starter Kit 4, Japanese and US Marine Corps units, including vehicles and ordnance.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

1. ASL Starter Kit 1 Infantry (2004)
2. ASL Starter Kit 2 Artillery (2005)
3. ASL Starter Kit 3 Tanks (2006)
4. ASL Starter Kit 4 Japanese/Marine Corps (2019)
5. Decision at Elst (2014)
6. Beyond the Beaches: ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 (2009)
7. ASL: Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 (2009)
7a. ASL: Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 2nd Edition (2021) 
8. ASL: Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 (2020)
9. ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #2 (2021)
10. ASL: Starter Kit Expansion Pack #3 (2022) 

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