Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #2 Artillery

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #2 Artillery

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Legio Patria Nostra
After the fall of Rome, the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy (FEC) opened its Italian summer campaign on June 10th along a 25 km front. To carry out its mission of pushing the Germans in front of it north towards Sienna, General Juin set up a…

Hammer to the Teeth
The opening hours of the Ardennes offensive found forward U.S. infantry outposts probed and infiltrated by their German counterparts. River crossings and key road networks had to be seized to allow the panzer divisions to drive through Belgium. On…

88s at Zon
The mission of the 101st Airborne Division in Operation Market-Garden was to secure the 15 miles of highway stretching from Eindhoven north to Veghel. The Screaming Eagles faced almost no opposition until the paratroopers reached the northern…

Priority Target
The British, Australian, New Zealand, and Greek troops of “W Force” were retreating down the Balkans, slowing the Germans at every pass and strongpoint, heading toward a “mini-Dunkirk” evacuation on southern Greece. But an important bridge ahead was…

Over Open Sights
Despite numerous pleas from his field commanders, Hitler insisted that the main thrust of the Ardennes offensive not be diminished just to shore up the flanks. This General Brandenberger’s 7th Army, charged with protecting the southern flank as the…

A Long Way To Go
During the pre-dawn hours the U.S. 7th Army successfully landed at both Licata and Gela. Unaware of each others plans, the Italians and Germans began a series of uncoordinated attacks against the Americans with the intention of breaking through to…

Paper Army
Determined to present Hitler with a fait accompli in the Balkans, Mussolini launched another ill-advised, ill-planned and ill-informed campaign, this time from Albania into the mountains of Epirus, Pindus, and Macedonia, just in time for winter. The…

Ambitious Assault
Operation Husky got off to a terrible start as gale-force winds greeted the poorly-trained pilots flying in the paratroopers and glidermen of the British 1st Airborne Division and the American 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Instead of dropping…
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