Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #4 Pacific

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #4 Pacific

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American Devil
The Japanese 2nd Armored Division was ordered to help defend the Philippines, a daunting task due to its large area, multiple islands, and lack of adequate intelligence on American intent. General MacArthur chose to land on Luzon very near the spot…

A Sideshow Affair
Anguar Island, near Peleliu which the Marines assaulted on 15 September, was to be assaulted only upon assurance that the resistance on Peleliu was well in hand. Marine General Rupertus gave the required assurance a mere day after the landings. Thus,…

Stovepipe Funeral
As part of the invasion to capture the southern Marianas Islands, the 2nd Marine Division landed on the southwest coast of Saipan on 15 June. Lt. Gen. Yoshitsugu Saito chose not to expose the bulk of his troops to an American shoreline bombardment,…

The End of Their Rope
On 17 May, Merrill's Marauders, weary and sick from a 65 mile trek, attacked Myitkyina airfield along with elements of two Chinese infantry regiments. They quickly overran the airfield and the western sections of the town. Subsequent attacks,…

By the fourth day of fighting at Nhpum Ga, the Japanese had completely surrounded the 2nd Battalion of the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional) -- popularly known as "Merrill's Marauders". The 3rd Battalion's morning patrol from Hsamshingyang…

Bailey's Bridge
The Marines planned a three-pronged attack against the Japanese forces on the western bank of the Matanikau River. The 1st Raider Battalion would cross the river at a small footbridge upstream and attack from the south while elements of the 5th…

Take It Back
Colonel Edson had set up the 1st Paramarine Battalion on the east side of Lunga Ridge while he deployed his 1st Raider Battalion to the west. On the night of 12 September, leading elements of Major General Kiyotaki Kawaguchi's 35th Infantry Brigade…

Kawaguchi's Gamble
Colonel Merritt Edson's command, a composite battalion made up of U.S.M.C. Raiders and Paramarines, had just been ordered to occupy a "quiet area", an unnamed ridge overlooking the all-important Henderson Airfield. Much depleted from past operations,…
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