Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #3 Tanks

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #3 Tanks

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Stand For New Zealand
Securing Maleme airfield gave the Germans the initiative. Heavily reinforced, they began advancing eastwards towards Canea, while a sizeable force threatened the New Zealanders’ flank from Prison Valley. In an effort to stem the German advance in…

Last Ally, Last Victory
As the Red Army steamrolled towards Hungary, heavy German tank formations were increasingly rare. By the end of September, Cavalry-Mechanized Group Pliyev had crossed the border near Oradea, and was threatening the agricultural center of Debrecen. To…

Early Battles
The Germans, after a week of relatively easy victories, approached a small Lithuanian village amidst the forest. Army Group North was among the first Germans to encounter heavier Russian tanks. These monsters dwarfed the German AFVs, and it was…

Sherman Marches West
Operation Bagration, launched by the Soviets on June 23, was turning out to be highly successful. German reports noted that the Russians no longer attacked as in the early days with masses of infantry across a broad front but instead employed…

Monty's Gamble
The British perimeter outside the city of Arnhem was steadily shrinking. Four days after dropping north of the Rhine, the paratroops and glidermen of the 1st Airbourne Division were running critically short of supplies and men. The Germans were…

Another Summer's Day
To form a defensive zone ahead of the vulnerable beachheads, parts of the 82nd Airborne Division wasdropped during the night before the main landings. But poor coordination, friendly AA fire and bad weather all made the operation a very difficult…

Clash at Borisovka
The German offensive to retake Kharkov put the Russian Voronezh Front in disarray. Shortages of fuel and ammo hampered the Russians. The siutation got worse on March 13th when the Grossdeutschland Division attacked north of Kharkov along the seam…

Joseph 351
The German fort at Point de Corsen, a rocky promontory five miles north of the Graf Spee Battery that is one of the westernmost points on the French mainland, was garrisoned by a force defined by an American intelligence report as ’50 in number,…
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