Hold the Line

Hold the Line uses a popular proven system that showcases tactical battles of the American Revolution among others. Battles can be played in about an hour providing ample time for multiple games during an evening. Featuring an “Action Point” system, you have a limited number of orders to dictate to your troops each turn. You must decide where to attack, who to rally, where to move and who to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

Each turn players receive a fixed number of action points based on the historical leaders. They then roll a die which adds a random number of action points. During each of their turns they spend these action points to move, fire, close combat, or rally their units, all with the goal of eliminating enemy units and/or capturing terrain objectives leading them to victory.

A new morale system enhances the Hold the Line system even deeper while maintaining simplicity. Units are either green, veteran, or elite. During close combat a special morale die is rolled to determine if the units runs following close combat.

Scenario Locations

Games and Expansions:

Hold the Line: The American Civil War (2019)
Hold the Line: French & Indian War (2016)
Hold the Line: The American Revolution (2016)
Hold the Line: Highland Charge (2013)
Hold the Line: Fredrick's War (2013)

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